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Melissa Rynkiewicz

I'm happy.

Ahhh, our last full day here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! It went pretty well—I woke up at 3am and got a bit sick, but then I went back to sleep and felt pretty decent when I woke up around 8:30am. My dad and I got ready and caught a cab downtown to do some last shopping, and it was awesome! Super hot, but we saw some new stores we’d never been in before. Such as: a mask store, a blown glass store, a pure sterling silver store, a leather store (not so good…they had cow skin/fur as their table covering.. legit, the whole back of the cow :’( ugh), and then the vendor booths. I got some awesome stuff today! A few gifts, and then this hand-painted tile with the Arc of Cabo on it; ... read more

Thursday! Soo…I just walked into the lobby and figured the internet would be back up. Guess what…it’s not. But I’m writing this post on Thursday…so I’m actually caught up for a change. So I woke up at 6 when my family was getting ready for fishing, then I woke again around 9, then slept on and off til 11. I was planning on going to the pool around 9am, but I still felt pretty awful. I had a mix of dizziness, a stabbing stomach pain, a backache, soreness from the horse, and just feeling gross once again. I ate the ham & cheese croissant that my family had gotten for me, and I took it easy and wandered down to the pool around 12pm. The weather was actually overcast for once, so it felt pretty good ... read more

Wednesday! Ohh my gosh, so much fun. We woke up around 9:30? 10? and my dad/sister headed to breakfast, while I stayed in because I wasn’t feeling too hot. From there, we went and sat around the pool for a few hours until 2. I hadn’t eaten all day, so I tried to eat a bit at the lunch buffet, but even a few mussels, plain rice, and fries was too much for me to eat. I started feeling really dizzy and my stomach ached, so I figured it was because of too much sun. We went horseback riding shortly after—the van picked us up at the hotel at 2:25, and after 2 more hotel stops and a one-hour drive through the mountains/deserts, we arrived at a real Mexican ranchero! It was soooo effin’ cool.. again, ... read more

I survived yet another day! Today was a super chill day…we woke up around 9am (Cabo time) and just sat around the pool for the day…until 6pm I think? It was super relaxing, but pretttty uneventful. The best thing about Cabo by far is the weather. The hotel is all open because it rarely rains here. Every day has been blue cloudless skies, breezy, and hot hot hot. It’s just straight up gorgeous. Soooo there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky today, and we just chilled out by the pool. All the male staff here caters to every wish of the female guests, and a few have been calling my sister and I “princesa”, so my dad and sister thought it’d be funny to tell a staff member that I like being called “princesa”. Awkward. ... read more where did I leave off....ahhhh snorkeling. Basically, the waves were huge and rocked us galore; people got sick; I laid down the entire time; and I didn't get my underwater pics. The experience was awesome while it lasted, but I can't wait to snorkel again in clear water that's *gasp* calm. BUT!!! On the way out to the first spot, the boat staff started shouting "Orca! Orca!" and I thought they were seeing dolphins? But it turns out there were a few Orca whales...aka killer whales...swimming! Whale-watching is only December-April, so it's kinda cool we were able to see the whales! At first it was just the fins, but then at one point, the whole first half of the whale was out of the water! I saw the black and white colors and its ... read more

What. A. Day. I only have about 15 minutes to write, since we got a reservation at one of those fancy restaurants here (Japanese steakhouse tonight!) at 8:45. It's currently 7:55 (Cabo time), and there is a GORGEOUS sunset that I can see straight from the lobby. So pretty...I'll need to capture it when I actually have a camera. Sooooo today. Geez. We woke up around 7:45 and got our snorkeling gear, grabbed a quick breakfast buffet (I got pretty much the same as the day before), then we caught a taxi and headed to the Hacienda Pier in the Marina de Cabo San Lucas...around the same area we were yesterday. We were heading out on a 5 hour snorkeling trip on a catamaran with 25 other people. The boat was huge and gorgeous! The staff ... read more

Sooo dinner was awesome! We went to a Mexican place on the resort grounds, and we were able to pick from a buffet for our first course (Salad Bar). I got a stuffed potato (cheese and bacon..mmm), burrito, pollo in a tortilla, salad, and fried banana. For my entree, I chose garlic shrimp with rice...also very good. We could choose our dessert from the menu too, so each member of my fam chose a different dessert and we split them. I ordered a coconut and papaya mousse, and it tasted like a marshmallow. So light and fluffy...mmm. My dad and sis got a sweet potato pie slice? And then a sweet cream pie? Custard thing? No idea, but it was all soo good. We finished dinner right as the sun was setting, so we went on ... read more

I survived the night!! We crammed my dad, sister, and I into 2 double beds, but I slept pretty well throughout the night. We woke up around 9-9:30am (Cabo time), after going to bed around 11:30pm (Cabo time). Weird time differences. We ended up switching rooms from 2109 to 2105-- the latter has one king bed and a couch that folds into a bed, so we figured that was a better deal. It's currently 5:30 (Cabo time), and we're heading to dinner around 6:30. We got a reservation at one of those fancy hotel restaurants today, so I'll be sure to update my life after I eat dinner and head out back here to the lobby.! We woke up and wandered in tshirts and such to the breakfast buffet. I'm not much of a breakfast ... read more

Soooo....where to begin! I survived! We woke up at 3am and showered, headed to BWI, and took off at 7:00. The weather was awesome with blue skies, but then we landed in Charlotte, NC and had overcast conditions. I got McD's at BWI...and the flight to NC was only an hour. But it was better than I expected! The NC airport was crazy big and cool, and thennn at 9:55 we took off to Cabo! The flight was 4 hours and we landed around 12, then didn't get off the plane until 12:45pm. Thank heavens for time differences! The airport was in the middle of the desert and mountains, and we had to walk off the plane was awesome! We waited in a crazy line for an hour or so for our immigrant approvals (??), ... read more

Packing and preparing for the trip! Sooooo pumped for a 3am wakeup and 7am flight out to NC, then 9-12pm flight out to Cabo (which will actually be 5 hours with the time difference). Haven't been on a plane in 10 years, nbd. Just freaking out a tiny bit...but so excited!!!... read more

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