MONDAY. (pt. 1)

Published: August 17th 2010
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What. A. Day. I only have about 15 minutes to write, since we got a reservation at one of those fancy restaurants here (Japanese steakhouse tonight!) at 8:45. It's currently 7:55 (Cabo time), and there is a GORGEOUS sunset that I can see straight from the lobby. So pretty...I'll need to capture it when I actually have a camera.

Sooooo today. Geez. We woke up around 7:45 and got our snorkeling gear, grabbed a quick breakfast buffet (I got pretty much the same as the day before), then we caught a taxi and headed to the Hacienda Pier in the Marina de Cabo San Lucas...around the same area we were yesterday. We were heading out on a 5 hour snorkeling trip on a catamaran with 25 other people. The boat was huge and gorgeous! The staff was sooo incredibly nice...they checked up on us the whole day and were so caring and friendly. The trip however....was nuts.

We drove out past those famous rocks, so I got some awesome pics of the Lover's Beach (famous for being a beach between 2 giant rocks, and when it storms, the waves from the Sea of Cortez on one side and the waves from the Pacific Ocean on the other side almost meet...sorta like kissing?), as well as the Eye of the Pacific, andddd the famous Arch of Cabo. The rock with the whole in it...yep. The drive out to the first stop (Chileno Bay) was 1 hour 20 minutes. I'm pretty good with motion sickness prevention and all...but an hour in, I started feeling kinda weird.

The water's usually calm, but you know how in OC, when it storms and such, the waves go nuts? It's been overcast in the mornings here in Cabo, so just the overcast weather causes the waves to roll. Well....the swells and waves in general here are HUGE. Cabo is located both on the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, and both have waves...I should've known. The swells were between 10-20 feet while we were out on the water...and it got worse as the day went on.

We bought our own snorkeling gear, so the staff showed us the basics, and we climbed down into the water...and it was awesome! The water was in no way was so rocky and up and down...crazy. I figured it'd be flat and calm...but no. We were in 25-30 ft deep water, and the water isn't crystal clear here. It's a big foggy down at the very bottom, but I could still see the coral and scuba divers at the bottom. The fish though!! They come right up to you and at times, I was in a school of fish. They were blue with yellow stripes, angelfish, random blue fish, it was awesome. We had about an hour in the water, and after 15 minutes, I started feeling weird again. We had on life vests around our waists and put our faces in the water, but the waves were about 3-5 feet, so they kept rocking us and pulling us out of the water, so my view would go from the bottom of the ocean, to the surface, to the sky, etc. It made me feel really sick, so eventually I climbed up to the boat and got rinsed off.

I started feeling soooo nauseous. I'm not usually seasick, but a rocky ride there, a rocky anchor, and a rocky snorkeling experience did it in for me...and the rest of the 25 passengers. I climbed up to the bench and took off my gear and laid down, figuring I'd probably end up puking. Everyone else seemed fine, but a few people were laying down too. I was dizzy and cold and chills-ish and just .... it was awful. I still feel a bit nauseous just thinking about it. We anchored at 2 different spots, the second being Santa Maria, but we were 15 feet deep and a bit closer to the beach.

We weren't allowed to go near the rocks or the beach, but yeah. I didn't break the waterproof camera in for our first dive because I wanted to go freely and not worry about losing it and having it sink. However....since I felt so nauseous, I didn't even budge for the 2nd snorkel-anchor thing. underwater snorkeling pics 😞 I'm rather bummed about it, but the best I could've gotten would've been of the fish. It sucks, but I seriously felt so bad. No one jumped in for the 2nd snorkeling round except for one person. I just laid on the bench right after I climbed up from my first snorkel....until we docked. Even sitting up and trying to drink water made me feel sick. I got some sun, but turns out my sister got sick in the bathroom and some guy got sick over the side of the boat. Everyone was feeling not a good day for snorkeling. The waves were too was just scary.

AGHHHH I gotta go back to the room and walk down to dinner now, but I have a bunch more to say! I'll continue part 2 afterwards, maybe around 10pm Cabo time.

Peace out for now!


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