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27th February 2013

I stand corrected... or at least I stand from time to time
Dear Wanderer, I'm glad we've got the Ani-podes out of the way, and that clearly through childlike excitement you just couldn't get to sleep as the irion bird rose into the sky. At least you will have had leg room, and most likely something else to eat rather than noodles! (The China Eastern experience for anyone else who reads this). I vagualy remember Singapore from about 19**, and so it seems that it hasn't changed in the (few) years I've been away. You should pause, if only for a moment to take in the view from the cable car at the top of the mountain, but perhaps the next iron bird will bugger off without you :-) Enjoy the second leg (strange term isn't it. Since when have aeroplanes hopped on their legs!) and if you don't get to sleep through more childlike excitement then at least you will be awake to peer out of the window and watch the great expanse of the outback pass effortlessly below you.
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25th February 2013

Boozed up and ready to go
So after days of meandering around the United States of England you have finally dragged your sorry arse back to clevedon. I hope the liver has calmed down, I'm sure I couldn't manage to punish mine as successfully as you and still be upright at the end of the session. Even so, a lovely time was had my all at Abingdon, especially Mandie, who was pretty chipper at breaskfast the next morning. We all have to let our hair down from time to time. Enjoy the meanderings around the Antipodes (does that include New Zealand... The Antipodes that is), and I shall enjoy meandering with you
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27th February 2013

Hey Rob
Many thanks to Abingdon and all its inhabitants for being such gracious hosts once again - always a pleasure and always a good purge session (for all involved I hope). "Antipodes" is of course a Greek word and translates literally as "anti-feet", referring to the "opposite" point (on the planet) to where one is standing. But, in general UK use, it has come to refer to both Oz & NZ: Educational this travel lark init? ;)
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20th December 2012

Here's hoping
Hope you make it back in time for Xmas!
16th December 2012

Feel like I'm up there with you...or maybe I wish I was
13th December 2012

Get well soon
Takis mou How are the toes, how's your stomach? Thank you for letting me know what is going on, I am praying for you to be well and back on your feet again sooner than soon. love Sarah.
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6th December 2012

Great stuff, glad to hear all is going to plan. Go easy on Jangbu, don't go too quickly :) Want to see some photos at some point mind... Gilksey
18th December 2012

Cheers Gilkesy - Jangbu had nothing to fear, trust me. Strong as an ox and calm as a monk.
6th December 2012

amy may has something to say
This is a message from Amy May: I love you.
18th December 2012

I love you too Amy May - thank you. Keep smiling :)
6th December 2012

ola kala?
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30th November 2012

Good Luck
What stunning views you will hepefully be geting ( weather permitting) I will be folloing your progress with great interest as "living" every step with you I look forward to a celebratory return beer or seven.
29th November 2012

it's cold out there...
Is this what you mean when you say porters and guide taking you up the mountain? LR.
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31st October 2011

This Simien shot is magic...considering it is a small angle of an amazing panorama...must have been rather pleasant up there.
13th October 2011

space flights reaching ever low prices...
This planet is running out of mountains for you Matt... Great your ready to go off on another tramping. Is that mountain the one with those big baboons... big teeth they have! Enjoy the fresh air, the dramatic scenery, and don\'t think of the return leg even before you left this grey country. Besides, ...the queues, smog, grey, dump weather will be right here waiting to welcome you back, amigo. Oh, don\'t forget about all those nice women, the great ale this island has, the whisky, footie and friends as well ! ;) Have fun! LR.
27th May 2011

Himalayas Nepal Magazine
Hi. Excellent blog! We are starting a 'My Blog' in our magazine for the July issue; plus, 'Reader Photo Gallery'. Blog 300/500 words, Bloggers photo, photos to go with blog (a selection - plus, for the Gallery!!). All those wishing to take part/selected, will get a complimentary years subscription to Himalayas Nepal! Travel across Nepal - (Bhutan, Tibet, Sikkim, Darjeeling). Also,brief Q & A: best place, best food, best accomodation, most spectacular sight, best event, if you could stay what would you do, worst moment, why go? I trust that you will find this interesting and we look forward to all sub-missions! Best Regards Jane Poretsis
27th March 2011

The world's gate
Hey Matt... if you wanted to feel that small you could have said something, I'm sure one of us would have come up with something good... ;) I wish you a good and enjoyable time on those parts of the world. Stay warm and reach the sky... See you in May for the Brighton tour and all the wonderful stories from this amazing trip. Ciao amigo, LR.
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28th February 2011

exercise? fitness?
What are you saying Matt?! A fitness regime? Are you really going to jeopardise the jobs of all those good folks of the local pubs in Bristol and thereabouts?! Shame on you! I hope you have a nice white board with all the fitness steps to follow and some kind of a sergeant major to kick your butt if you step out of line. Very high altitude is no joke, so good luck on your regime. Look forward to see how one plans a grand trip like this. Ciao, Luis.
29th December 2010

thanks Iwan
And it's a been a pleasure to share the adventure with you, even if it's only been in words :)
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29th December 2010

welcome back
and I would like to thank you for sharing have a fantastic new year regards iwan
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27th December 2010

Thought that might get your attention Rob
And you should see the field he lands the wee plane on - looks pretty tight to me - fenced all round and cattle hanging around which would make an awful mess...
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27th December 2010

3 A.M.
No jetlag on the way back home then?
From Blog: Mt Alfred
27th December 2010

That's it, I'm convinced... farming by aeroplane seems a pretty good idea to me... Just booking my ticket...
From Blog: Lake Dispute
25th December 2010

Hey Iwan - thanks - I have now completed the experiment and the phone will be going in the bin soon. Merry Xmas to you and Anne and little Daan - have a good one.
25th December 2010

Summer Christmas Day
Just to wish you the traditional greetings in a very non-traditional setting. Mark, Alex, Kass, Yioli, Rebecca, Martin, Margaret and I all invaded Sami and Panyiotis' flat for a grand turkey meal with traditional extras and even crackers and silver wrapped presents - although Mum and I gave none as we are keeping the Cyprus tradition of presents at New Year (mainly as Susie and family are in Greece, and Lenia (Pan's mum) is in UK in the snow. Trust the ankles heal enough for the next summit attack, though it seems to me you find plenty on the way up - better to travel hopefully than to arive, as they say. We've been in touch with all the rest of the family (even Gay via Minette's email) and so I had to send you family support on yon amazing mountains. Your gushing streams and your bubbling comments make us all very jealous - we've had sunshine all day here - I even got a bit sunburnt on a walk with Rebecca yesterday. Love form us all, Dad

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