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7th December 2014

Not to be sneezed at
Sorry you're sick man. Good call hitting up a doc right away though. Maybe a bad call climbing a mountain immediately... But yeah it really is "good old Amoxycillin" right! Hope your December picks up from here.
From Blog: NZ Arrivals
5th December 2014

Oraio Takis mou
From Blog: Heathrow again
5th December 2014

on tge way to bankok with you
Hi Moth 'The Grind' is a bit like being on drugs (not that I'd know really). I keep on turning up in the expectation of a high, but very soon realise that I'm on a bad trip. (Not bankok) Enjoy the freedom and don't feel to bad about the planet. It will kick us of when it's had enough, just like the dinosaurs :-)
From Blog: Heathrow again
4th December 2014

ah, what a wonderful life...
Have a super time in NZ, and keep writing whenever you can, mainly when you feel like it or have the need to entertain us with stories of sheep and mountains. Wish I could escape for a month, but... it's not for all. Good to see you at the weekend, and glad to know you are free from work obligations for the next few weeks. Anyway, just to send you well wishes of a good trip and a whole new range of exciting adventures. Don't get too close to the sheep as they take a keen interest in solo male travelers. Ahh... if you are stopping in Bangkok, don't be fooled by the "ping-pong" shows... they are well outdated, they have evolved and now it's "tennis" shows! Ciao amigo, LR.
From Blog: Heathrow again
7th March 2014

Frenetic wanderer has waned
Welcome home kemo sahbi Will the wandering ever cease? See you soon
From Blog: "Home" again
6th March 2014

Sometimes a taster is what you need
At least you know what to expect in souh America now. You might be tempted fora longer sojourn... or maybe not. Hope the flight home works well. See you soon (with photos)
5th March 2014

Who kept up with whom
Sounds like a gruelling pace, and something you wrote with your job in mind. Are you sure it was a holiday? Trial of endurance if you ask me! Now was it you keeping up with Fiona or Fiona keeping up with you? I think you might have been the one who was slightly on the drag there Tak. I hope that there wasn't so much 'living life' that you forgot to take pictures! Get a thicker thermarest mat with a bed attached to it :-) Enjoy the last days of your holiday, and start looking for a date in your diary for Abingdon Cottage.
From Blog: Still alive
5th March 2014

Fantastic. Do I assume correctly the weather has been good to you? I hope the Patagonian wind blew you inside out, as no trip to Torres del Paine is complete without it. Hope your pics are stunning and you will share them in due course.
From Blog: Still alive
4th March 2014

Glad to hear all is well. Seems like a lot of travel of the less pleasant kind for a smaller ratio of mountain porn. Best go for longer next time eh?
From Blog: Still alive
23rd February 2014

Was the last part of your journey by Dakota (DC3). If so I want some :-) Did you meet up with Fiona. I saw it on the plan but you didn't mention whether it happened? Good bus? Manic driver? overtaking on blind bends? Didn't anything happen on the bus ride. Cow in the road. People in the road; on top of the bus maybe :-)
From Blog: PN
22nd February 2014

Should have travelled business class
That's the reason you feel that you're at the end of the world. Cattle class makes you feel .... like cattle :-)
From Blog: Punta Arenas
20th February 2014

Have an AWESOME time! Looking forward to some killer pics.
17th February 2014

It's not for your pleasure
You don't go on these jamborees for your own good you know. It's for the other wasteral groupies who want pictures, pictures, pictures and live through your adventures. Now stop whingeing and get on with it :-)
20th February 2014

Yes Sir!
Under orders from Sir Wendes so best get on with the packing and get on that there road (well, rail actually) :)
16th February 2014

Torres del Paine
I am blogging Patagonia at the moment with unique adventures as we went in and out of Argentina and Chile in a 4WD. Gotta say Torres del Paine is the most beautiful place on Earth. if you have fine weather you will agree with me. Enjoy.
16th February 2014

Reverse following me again Dave? ;-)
Thanks Dave - looking forward to being amongst the towers. Glad you're having a grand adventure out there - go safe :)
26th March 2013

Faithful follower
Your faithful follower wishes you a wonderful trip home (define home) and good service on the way.. (Did you fly business)
From Blog: AKL > SIN > LHR
26th March 2013

No chance. It's as cold as an eskimo's pimple. Pop in for a warm up when passing.
From Blog: > CHC > AKL
26th March 2013

Worn out
So you've knackered yourself, for pleasure:-) and now home to recover for another year or so... You're getting too old Tak. The body is wearing out!
From Blog: Mt Sebastopol
27th March 2013

Hey Rob
You're not wrong Myth - many a true word etc etc
From Blog: Mt Sebastopol
26th March 2013

Lard up the ankle
You've got two ankles, so either dispense with one or plaster a load of lard or bear grease on the duff one:-) We should soon be back to the bee saga then ;-)
From Blog: Brewster Hut
22nd March 2013

Cunning ankle
Seems that the ankle became crook at just the right time, forcing a convenient pit stop with a tinny and t.v.
From Blog: Rest day: Wanaka
22nd March 2013

Tangled webs
Nice cobweb... Do you speak Israeli? It seems you must have already learned Kiwi:-)
22nd March 2013

Well honed experience
A contemporary Peter Hillary (1954) so DB must be just about trained in for the task in hand.
22nd March 2013

Hey Rob
You're not wrong - DB is semi-retired now but can still out-climb me on any hill I fear :)

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