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6th December 2010

Glim Lights
They just don't try hard enough these days. I've landed on Glim lighhts. They could have put a few barrels filled with kerosene along the runway and thrown in a match:-)
6th December 2010

End slavery
We chain ourselves for those few moments of freedom, where the freedom comes in many forms.
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6th December 2010

Finally caught up
It was but a chance conversation with Annie that led me to the blog. She asked if I had been following the adventure, and then the tale unfolded, and I either missed or couldn't find the link to the blog. Never mind, better late than n ever, and now I've got one or two entries to read it'll keep me busy:-)
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4th December 2010

so much talent
Hey Matt, have you ever thought of taking your Kea calls to "Britain's got Talent" show? I would like to hear those... please record them. ;) Great stuff Sir, glad you are once again enjoying the sights of your beloved mountains. Make sure you are sitting down when you get that emotional, as with age balance is important in such moments. Once again you are making us all (or at least me) jealous with your tramping trips. I travel through your blog entries... keep it going ol'boy! LR.
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28th November 2010

US airports...
Hello Sir, yes US immigration officers, US courtesy gratuity, makes me feel abused every time also... having said this if you have not allready next time, think about mount whitney it is truly amazing Yosemite etc...
28th November 2010

To make up for it at least England's second innings achieved 309-1
27th November 2010

wishing you a safe trip
Takis mou Happy to hear you are on your way! love Sarah.
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