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Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot January 22nd 2018

Overnight we had torrential tropical rain and the roof of our converted barn/hotel being corregated steel, resounded to the impact all through the night. This put paid to our plans for a Boker National Park trek, revised plan originally was then to hire bicycles and cycle locally, but a short walk to Fish Island across the Kampot River, convinced us that the roads and track were all but impassable to two wheeled transport and the dark skies threatened more rain to come. Plan C, quick trip back to the hotel for more money and catch a bus to Kep. The bus was due to leave at 10am, we loaded onboard with a host of backpackers, who were mostly en route to Ho Chi Minh City (12 hour trip minimum). The bus was crowded and very hot. ... read more
Fish Island from Kampot
Near the White Lady Monument, Kep
Leo admiring the beach

Asia » Cambodia » Central January 21st 2018

Leaving our hotel at 6am we are greeted by Sock, he will be taking us to the railway station, our last journey with him. We have booked seats on the newly reinstated train service between PhNom Penh and Sihanoukville, which stops at Kampot, today's destination. For more than fourteen years there were no trains at all in Cambodia, so we are looking forward to this trip. The carriages are refurbished 1950s stock, (think UK train services for us children of the 1950/60s) with limited seats costing USD6pp and if you are lucky and book in advance, your car can travel with you, for the same price strapped onto the rear freight truck. It is not a fast service, taking over five hours, but as we leave the city behind, scruffy heavily polluted scrubland and ghetto style ... read more
Leo on Royal Cambodian Railways
Lauren's backpack travelling Cambodia
Rikitikitavi bedroom

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 20th 2018

Day 3 starts with glorious sunshine and a peek over our balcony confirms our suspicions, the health-conscious Cambodians are pumping away on the outdoor gym across the road. No expensive membership subs required! Feeling very lazy, we make our morning coffee and watch them for a while, then get down to the serious business of planning a leisurely final day on PhNom Penh. Of necessity we will stop over again next weekend for one night when we travel from Sihanoukville in the South West, to Battambang in the North West of Cambodia, however unlike some Capital Cities this has not been an endurance test. The people are polite, the streets not too dirty, and the food outlets very good. Added to the fact that our Hotel Cozyna is on the major tourist strip, allows us easy ... read more
French style central Post Office
Paula at the Central Watt

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 19th 2018

As arranged, we met our driver 'Sock' at 0830 hrs for our day's sightseeing, we were all early! We started with a short trip to the train station to book our seats for Sunday's journey to Kampot. For once, at the price we expected, USD6 each. Then the more sobering stuff, a 20 minute drive to the former Suburban High School nicknamed S21- also known as the Tuel Sleng Genocide Museum that Pol Pot and the Angkor (Organization) turned into a horrific torture chamber. Somewhere between 12,000 and 22,000 innocent Cambodians were tortured and killed, infants and old. The drama of those times are well documented and anyone who does not know about these terrible deeds can easily Google the basic facts on line. We make no excuses for not taking photos this morning, to do ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 18th 2018

After catching a much-needed night's sleep, we were woken by some lovely chanting melodic music, and when going out onto our balcony, the source was easily identifiable as a Yoga/Pilates style of morning exercise class. White, tunic-clad enthusiasts of all ages and gender getting their limbs lumbered on the riverside, in fact, the whole length of our visible vista showed a veritable outside gym, every type of machine in fervent use, and this at 6.30am with the sun barely risen. We almost felt the urge to join in ( only lasted a second though) and we settled to watch a perfect orange sunrise as the heat of the morning began to settle and whilst Leo slept , Paula drank coffee and enjoyed the morning bustle which is Sisowath. Today we plan to explore on foot, as ... read more
Exercise Class

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 18th 2018

What an epic journey - After waking at our home in Cyprus 4am and being unable to get back to sleep, it was shower, tea and on the road by 5.10am. After various modes of transport I.e. Truck/shuttle coach/aeroplane and finally taxi, we reached our hotel exactly 31 hours later. Only 13 hours of this was on airline transportation. Arriving at Pnom Penh tired and a little Jet Lagged we were disappointed to find that the "Give a small man a uniform syndrome", is alive and thriving here. Having pre arranged our E-Visas we presented them at immigration only to be shouted at and told off for not filling in additional Landing cards/visas on arrival - our fault, but the abuse was galling. To add insult to injury when we re presented ourselves, Leo was also ... read more
Balcony view by night

Asia » Cambodia » Central » Kampong Chhnang January 10th 2018

Wednesday 10th January, typing from home, which happens to be Cyprus. Testing this blog in readiness for next week's journey into Central Asia. More soon.... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Greece March 2nd 2017

Sunday 26th February This was a beach day - our last! Mr Sing's again for prawns/lunch. Early Night - Big travel Day tomorrow. Monday 27th February It rained overnight - waking Paula at 1.30am with the noise of it falling onto our terrace. Raced downstairs to retrieve our drying laundry & marveled at the sight - this was the first rainfall of our visit and was most welcome, accompanied as it was with rolling thunder, but no lightning, to Paula's relief. Well, today is packing day. Took car for a thorough wash and valet, and enjoying a good cup of coffee before returning the car to it's owner at 10am, as pre-arranged. We would have asked for a ride back to our house, but as the sun was now shining and dried all the roads, we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 25th 2017

Saturday 25th February Yes, We've skipped yesterday - mainly because we did beggar all! Friday was THE laziest day of all while we reflected upon what/where we've done/been and how we should spend our last 48 hours here in beautiful Southern Thailand. Saturday morning dawns, a bit humid, very hot and muggy, with a couple of distant thunder rumbles to indicate that the weather forcasters could be correct in their prediction of a thunderstorm and 4cm of rain. We would dearly love to witness a tropical thunderstorm - they are really something to behold! But no, all quietens down and the sun sneaks out. By 10.00am we are breakfasted and have a rough and cunning plan! Not having ventured North further than the Hua Hin Fishing Lodge, we decide upon a circuitous route - Pak Nam ... read more
Our Starting point
Ascending to the Mirror Rock
Wonder Woman Hits Buddhist society

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 24th 2017

Thursday 23rd February Yippee! Another Fishing Day! Up at 7am - on the road to Hua Hin by 8am, and 50 minutes later Having the lake to ourselves Leo chooses a spot and has his rod baited and already dipped in the lake. We are the first arrivals, and the silence is eerie. There are two lakes, an upper, and a lower. We are on the lower lake which primarily contains Carp and Catfish. Whilst Leo commences his fishing, Paula orders coffee, which is served served by the Lake from the Well-stocked Restaurant, and starts one of two books she will read whilst there. Fishing commences at 9am and continues to 6pm so a long day for Paula but apart from a noisy party of Baltic E European it is a peaceful time. Until the arrival ... read more
Indian Carp
Giant Siamese Carp
Giant Mekong Catfish

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