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Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha February 17th 2018

Saturday, we are mixing up the days, we thought yesterday was Thursday, but in fact Friday. Definitely Saturday today though. Up early, breakfasted and determined to get amongst the hills and mountains for our Jungle trek (without guide). Cooler day so far, and with an early start hope to do a 3 hour round trip to some spectacular caves in these limestone Karsts. With the aid of hobomaps, we roughly plan our intended route. Although humidity low, the Sun soon starts to bite. Luckily, we reach the jungle after only 30 minutes. We had passed a lookout point enroute but declined the near vertical bamboo ladders rising probably 700 ft , moving on the same track, the Jungle is dense and well shaded but the path is well trodden and here that is important, because you ... read more
Cave and viewpoiint that  we declined
In the jungle
Jungle trek

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang February 16th 2018

Thursday morning, lest we forget. Wake early after a great night's sleep, turn over and have an extra 10 minutes,only to wake at 9 am to realise breakfast service stops at half past. One thing we do, when travelling, if breakfast is included in our hotel deal, we feast, it fires us up for the whole day. Trip advisor reviews of breakfast here, not good, but as long as copious amounts of tea/coffee and a slice of toast, we're good to go. Breakfast is much better than expected, but as we are late the food a little cool. Choosing a table overlooking the river, stunning views of the huge Limstone Karsts surrounding us, we start to eat, but are immediately engaged by a lone German Lady called Heather, who is a seasoned traveller. Nice Lady, so ... read more
Cycling to the lake
Stunning views
Great tracks

Asia » Laos » North » Vieng Phouka February 15th 2018

Last night we spent Valentines evening in a very good Laotian restaurant Khop Chai Deo, the place was crammed but the service was quick efficient and tasted great , thoroughly recommended . We pack and breakfast in order to meet our 0930 pick up by Minivan for the 3 hour trip to Vang Vieng. We chose the minivan over the VIP bus as it is faster and better equipped and as per advice on Trip Advisor, the Bus is no better than a public bus and very slow. So for 15,000 kip each more, we thought worth the investment. (Total: £3) By 10.00 hrs and no minibus we start to worry. We ask Hotel receptionist to call the Bus company, and are assured it is enroute so we sit back and enjoy the sunshine. By 10.15 ... read more
Valentines dinner
View from hotel terrace

Asia » Laos » West February 14th 2018

Tuesday After a great night's sleep we are up,ready, and out on the streets of Vientiane by 9am. Most of the sites we want to visit are within comfortable walking distance, we say 'most', more about that later. First point of interest, the Victory Gate (Patuxai), an oriental version of the Arc de Triomphe, constructed in 1964 from cement pilfered from the Americans, originally intended for an airfield. It was built to honour the lives lost during the Laos civil war. But, due to continuing struggles with the Americans, never quite finished. Impressive none the less and for an entrance fee of 30 pence, you can walk to the top on crumbling but wide staircases. Paula conquers her fears and makes it to the very pinnacle via a narrow spiral staircase and we are rewarded with ... read more
At the very top of Patuxai
Amazing views down Lane Xang Avenue
More views

Asia » Laos » North » Vieng Phouka February 12th 2018

We pass on the invitation to join the Geordie Boys for sport and beer at the bar at the end of our road and instead enjoy a Japanese quiet meal, on Street 9W, one of the main thoroughfares of Savannakhet, followed by a drink on our hotel terrace and a reasonably early night. 9pm and we're in our (windowless) room playing Fleetwood Mac's 'The Dance' music video until 10.30pm when tiredness overcame us. Monday morning arrives with a bang! Lots of our fellow guests are up early and on the move, such is the nature of travelling. As the walls of our restored retro building are paper thin, we are awake far earlier than planned. Our hosts really are a hopeless bunch, they only speak Lai and have no hotel or customer skills whatsoever . The ... read more
Oh no another Wat
My Son's scooter, perhaps?
Vientiane ane

Asia » Laos » West » Muang Houn February 11th 2018

Saturday afternoon, we leave Pakse feeling we have made the most of our time here. Taking a photo of our airport transfer vehicle, a beautifully painted Tuk-Tuk, not that flash truck pictured next to it! A quirky 20minutes run, which we shared with a French couple whose destination was Vientiane, same plane, different destination. Very small airport, all formalities completed within minutes and we're up and landed in Savannakhet in 35 minutes, both agreeing that it is our shortest ever flight. On arrival, the weather is sunny and very warm. Not having booked onward travel to downtown Savannakhet, we take up an offer from a little old toothless guy, holding the hand of a young boy, no older than 5yrs, the most unlikely-looking taxi touts, but touts they were indeed. Asking for a cheeky 70,000 kip ... read more
Tuk Tuk waiting outside our hotel for airport transfer
Cute Pakse Airport
Sun setting on our hotel terrace

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse February 9th 2018

Being the journeymen we are, we sign up for another Wat Tour; What's that you say another Wat? Yes, apparently this became a world heritage site in 2008 and was built in 10th century when this area was under Khmer rule. It is a much revered site by Laotians, older than Angkor Wat. It sits at the foot of the holy mountain called Phou Kao and was identified in ancient time with the Linga, the phallic symbol of Shiva, a Hindu God. We are assured by several visitors we have talked to that it is well worth the visit. After breakfast, we take our VIP mini bus for the about 1 hours drive to Champasak, which takes us over the Mekong via the Japanese Friendship bridge and then along the Chinese toll road which is straight ... read more
Mature Frangipani trees
Calm before the hike

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse February 8th 2018

Anticipating a full day tour by VIP MiniBus, provider Pakse Travel, we are up, breakfasted and outside our hotel by 7.40am. There are 5 of us being picked up for the same tour, an English couple from London, Julie and Alan, and a German lady called Renata, a Scandinavian girl called Sally and a guy whose name we can't recall. So we're all on first name terms and off to a great start. Before long our 12 seater is full to bursting point and a rather strange French lady ends up next to our driver. She turns out to be a pain in the proverbial, but that's another story. Yesterday we changed our travel plans for our onward trip to Savannakhet, mainly because we didn't fancy a 7 hour public bus trip, so opted for a ... read more
Tad Fane - should Leo use the zip Wire?
Tad Fane
Coffee bean roasting oven

Asia » Laos » South February 7th 2018

Rising leisurely for our 2 pm flight to Laos we enjoy a lazy morning and after a splendid breakfast we get a Tuk Tuk for the 20 minute ride to the New International airport. We are to check in at the Garden Terminal, nbr 1. On arrival we are understandably a little disappointed, as from the outside it looks very traditional in design but the departures gates prior to check in are very sparse and utilitarian, not quite living up to it's promise. Nonetheless, the airport staff and immigration personnel are friendly and efficient. Our small 80 seater prop-Jet is comfortable, and for a short flight 50 minutes the Cabin Crew manage to serve Coffee and a filled Brioche roll. We barely have time to fill in our landing cards and Visa forms before landing with ... read more
Watching Sunset over the mighty Mekong
Sun setting
Popular eating place

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 5th 2018

Leisurely day today, no deadlines. We wake early but linger in our room, going down to breakfast at 0900 for our eagerly anticipated Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florantine. Never happened. After around 20 minutes and a whole pot of tea later, the waitress eventually came to our table to explain, "Sorry they are finished" presuming it must be due to a lack of ingredients, we say OK, just Poached eggs. 20 minutes go by, other guests arrive, order and are served. We have kept our patience splendidly and are rewarded with honesty. The waitress explains, "Sorry Sir and Madam, nbr 2 Chef try, cannot poach Eggs" suggests we try something else. Hiding our mirth, we say scrambled with bacon would be fine. Finally it arrives and it is very nice ,supplemented with the Buffet additions that ... read more
Any fishing nearby?
Hard work, but beautiful landscape

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