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Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 4th 2018

Wake up this morning quite excited. Breakfasted around 8am, the best we have experienced during our Cambodia travels so far. Eggs Benedict, delicious. By 9amwe are Tuk Tukking along and looking forward to our Big temple tour, today's driver having very passable English. Battling through the hectic Sunday Morning Market and all of it's madness, we soon find ourselves on quiet rural roads and sit back and enjoy observing local village life, complete with happy children, lazy dogs, even lazier cattle, roadside stalls selling silk scarves, coconut juice, palm sugar in jars and exquisite basket ware. First stop this morning is after roughly 40 km drive, taking one hour, through very flat but rural landscape to Banteay Srei. This temple is famous for its pink sandstone engrav... read more
Srah Srang Lake en route
Carvings in pink sandstone
Leo forgets to breathe in for this photo 😁

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 3rd 2018

Today is the first of our two dedicated Temple Days - otherwise why come to Siem Reap? We booked the short trip to Angkor Wat with our hotel by Tuk Tuk, half day USD20 excluding the passes at USD37 for one day, Or USD63pp for three days. As the temple possibilities are huge, we agree to get a three day pass. The media universally recommended the Sunrise tour, involving an 04.45am departure by Tuk-Tuk. We reluctantly agree, although Leo has deep reservations. We set the alarm and present ourselves at the front desk at 04.35am. There is a young desk clerk who asks our room no which we give , he supplies us with our pre-ordered stirofoam packed breakfast. All the other guests leave by their designated Tuk Tuk's, but not a driver for Room 101. ... read more
Camera twitchy, awaiting Sunrise
Leo's here!
Paula is here too!

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 2nd 2018

Paula is a little under the weather this morning, and our room safe conspires to frustrate us by running out of power. By the time this is resolved we are too late for our planned trip and decide to defer things until tomorrow and as the Sun is still shining that's not too bad an option. We claim prime positions around the pool and enjoy a leisurely morning . A guest from Ireland gets permission from the hotel to strum a guitar and entertain us, he has a lilting melodious voice and good guitar skills. It is 2 pm before we realise the day is moving on. After a snack brunch and a swim in the gorgeous pool, we change, refresh and take a leisurely walk along the river and arrive at the center of the ... read more
Leo's Sefie
Paula enjoying sunshine

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 1st 2018

We leave Battambang with no regrets, having thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this non-touristy City, and the unique experiences there. Even our attentive hosts who have no idea of cleanliness or Hotel management have been charming, and as a final gesture of goodwill, send us on our way with sandwiches for the journey ahead of our 7.40am pickup, a very nice touch, especially as we ate them half way to Siem Reap, out of boredom, only to find them delicious! But, we are ready to move on to ventures new, a 4 hour journey through some of the flattest and most boring Countryside we have seen here, through gloomy and downright chilly conditions finally bring us to Siem Reap. As if by magic, the skies are clear, sunny and very hot. A good start and a ... read more
Well-restored Restaurant, French Colonial style
Leo discovers Pub Street (El Dorado he says)
Sampling the local brew

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 31st 2018

Awakened by heavy rain, we worry our planned half-day trip by Tuk Tuk to Ek PhNom Temple may have to be aborted, however the sky brightens and we decide to risk it. Our driver is not Oeurm but a replacement, a friend called Somcat, apparently Oeurm had a more lucrative ride! As before, we head out of town via minor roads , following the river. After 20 minutes we meet a traffic jam and appear to join a procession of various vehicles whose passengers are all wearing white shirts/blouses etc. Somcat explains that today is the Buddhist Festival of Meak Bochea, one of the most holiest of the Khmer calendar. The name means 'Big Prayer', candlelit ceremonies follow the offerings of food and money, in order to gain merit. We could have bypassed the procession but ... read more
Procession to mark Meak Bochea Festival
Ek PhNom Temple
Leo with Lilies

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 30th 2018

Tuesday is a free day. After breakfast we take advantage of the Hotel's complimentary bicycles, which are in a surprisingly good condition. Our aim is to exit the City in a general Northerly direction and find some quiet rural pathways to absorb the peaceful and friendly environment. The weather seems to be following us, it is overcast and very humid (again). We set off, following the river, and as usual are impressed by the friendliness of the local people and children, if smiles were currency most Cambodians would be rich indeed. Paula comments that everywhere we travail, it feels like we are on a royal visit and likens the local reactions akin to a Charles and Camilla moment. Leo baulks at this suggestion, so she drops the idea like a hot cake! We cycle for about ... read more
Bicycle ride terminates here

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 29th 2018

Incidentally, Battambang was named, but mis-pronounced by the French, it is actually Bat/dam/bong, which is something to do with their mystical ruler, who was black and had a magical stick, whose name was Ta Dumbong, anyway read it up! We are not won over by our hotel's lack of cleanliness. The Manager and Staff (currently family run by local Khmer) are friendly but have very poor English. This morning we breakfast outside our room. The food is adequate, however, the setting is very enjoyable and lifts our spirits. Our Tuk Tuk driver, who's name is Oeurm (sounds like Ian), arrives promptly at 10 am as agreed. He is a local Khmer who's Father survived the Pol Pot genocide regime because he was a Carpenter, and basically the Khmer Rouge kept him alive to knock down priceless ... read more
Breakfast by the pool
French colonial buildings
Nat Market, built by French.  Expensive,  only for tourists and rich people.

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 28th 2018

The weather remains a problem, and again had overnight rain so, as much as we have enjoyed our little oasis in Otres Village we are hoping a change of district might improve the weather, which has limited our planned activities, once again. Our itinerary involves a return to PhNom Penh as a night stop, before moving on to Battambang a total distance of nearly 400 km so, that's about 9 hours by coach, therefore, a stop over is vital. Cambodia's highways run North- South as a rule, so travelers often have to double back to major cities to move around efficiently. As we enjoyed the atmosphere and restaurants of PP, this is no hardship. We say goodbye to our lovely hostess Domo, who really looked after us at Om Home, we board our coach that takes ... read more
Hello Kitty head rests for extra comfort
Our room for the next 4 nights
View from our room

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 26th 2018

Thursday is Leo's Lake Fishing Day.Having checked out the lake on the previous day, we knew we were not in for a huge catch but Leo was hopeful of a few fish. Not to be, the Guilie and Leo tried every conceivable fishing method to no avail. It was a peaceful interlude with plenty of sunshine and not too much humidity, but even when floating baits for surface rolling fish they merely nudged the bait. Other Ex Pat fishermen said the late rains had made the fish confused and off their feeding, saying that the lake and nearby river were akin to Hot Chocolate, Oh well, not even a fishy story to tell, of the one that got away. Ravenous late afternoon, as the venue had no food we go to a local Khmer restaurant for ... read more
Waiting for Pizza
Leo Fishing
The future of Otres 2

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 24th 2018

Our plans again frustrated by the weather we planned a beach day in Kep for Tuesday and decided a leisurely Tuk Tuk the best means. This form of transport works well, not nearly as close and personal as walking but slow-ish and fairly relaxing and you get to experience the sights and smells of rural Cambodia and we have to say, compared with Vietnam or even Thailand, lovely as the people are, their lack of Civic pride would put the Cypriots in the Green Party. Every village or small holding simply dump their rubbish in the nearest stream or roadside! A bit sad really. Anyway, we arrive in Kep and stroll the roughly 6kms to the ferry terminal and apart from some fantastic but derelict French Colonial homes there is little to see. We turn around ... read more
Crab icon of Kep, clouds forming
Not drinks, fuel for mopeds at 20 cents per liter.

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