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Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 24th 2017

Wednesday 22nd February Woke after a fitful sleep. Temperatures feel a lot hotter than normal, with humidity levels also increased. Not much of an agenda today, we are on our wind-down for Monday's journey back to Cyprus. We do, however, need to visit the Bangkok Bank for some pocket-money. Tomorrow we are off fishing again to Hua Hin, and we have also booked a special Sea Bass Dinner locally here in Khao Khalek. The Bank is on the high street in Pak Nam Pran, a mere mile away, so we ditch the car and opt for bicycles. The breeze we create as we ride along is hot and dry, and also today, there is a noticeable head wind, so an easy decision not to do a 12-miler like yesterday. Banking done, we return via the beach ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 22nd 2017

Tuesday 21st February Another glorious Day and we push ourselves to get active! So, we were off by 10.30am for a 6 mile cycle ride from Pak Nam Pran all the way past Khao Kalok headland, stopping for a couple of quick photos, then past Khao Kalok Temple & Wat, more photos, then a two mile dash to the end of the road, quite literally it ends at a creek with a few little fishing boats. Quick turnaround and a fast pace back towards home. As we cycled past a little beach shack we noticed several cars parked, which looked odd as there are miles of empty beach and empty beach-road, and just this! So, curiosity aroused we turned, dismounted and checked it out. It turned out to be a wonderful little coffee house brewing an ... read more
our transport
pausing at Khao Kalok Temple

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 21st 2017

Monday 20th February Very Hot & Humid today. We are enjoying Sunshine Radio music, tea, croissants and decide upon an even lazier day than yesterday. Pop along to local store, visiting Pak Nam Pran Fishing Village to retake pictures of the stinky racks of squid. This is the largest catch we've seen since the Monsoon, when all small boats were advised to stay in port. We note that Homestays here can be rented for 100baht per day (£11) for a very authentic stay, but we prefer our modern accommodation. Then it's home and upstairs onto the terrace! And we read, read, read, and laze.............................. until a cattle herder brings his beasts right past the house. The cows are placid, but he has to whack the bull several times to get him along the road, he keeps ... read more
More smelly squid
Pak Nam Pran Fishing Village
Homestay £11 per night for authentic Thai House

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 21st 2017

Sunday 19th February We are starting to feel our time here slipping away, so rather than planning new trips/places to explore, we decide to wind down and hopefully slow things down. Our first thoughts about having a lazy day leads to to the beach! We head for Sai Noi and know for sure that today we will have a swim. The sea is clear and calm, so that's what we do - we wallow all afternoon, each reading another book apiece. It must be official 'Beach Vendors' Day - never seen quite such an array of clothing and food on offer - it felt as if we were being interrupted every 5 minutes grrrr.......... After a few hours of basking/swimming/napping and reading, we head home and stop by Mr Sing's Bar. Leo decides to break his ... read more
You can have a massage in here!

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 19th 2017

Saturday 18th February This morning Leo suggests we visit a local park - sounds nice, will it have lakes, ducks, perhaps lilies & carp with nice little seats to relax on after a good stroll? We had decided to clean our little house from top to bottom, do all our laundry, with bedding & towels etc etc. We do need to remind ourselves that we are supposed to 'live here, like home' but we have been a little 'relaxed' about things domestic. So, yes, an afternoon at the Park sounds ideal. It's name is Rajaphakti Park and has a very grand entrance. We have passed it a few times en route to Hua hin, so knew exactly how to find it. We're a little surprised to note an army prescence, who waved us in, then again ... read more
The concourse
Newly planted Silk Cotton tree

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 17th 2017

Friday 17th February We have a plan for the day. However, upon rising, Paula reviews her Facebook messages and learns that her younger Sister-in-Law Karen, has lost her battle with Ovarian and Bowel cancer, at the tender age of 50yrs - very sad news, if not totally unexpected, but a cruel, cruel, painful, prolonged way to die. So, heartfelt condolence messages sent to family in the UK as first priority. Our plan then today is to visit the Pa La-U water falls, which is in the Kaeng Krachan National Park, situated on the Border with Myanmar. According to the blurb, the Park has many species of Birds, Animals and Insects, including Elephant, Leopard , Gibbon, Gaur, all sorts of Snakes and Insects, but the Waterfall is especially noted for It's Butterflies and River Carp. There are ... read more
Lunch on arrival
Warning!  Best translation from Thai to English
Butterflies under the bridge

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 17th 2017

Thursday 16th February Today it's hit the beach day. Our favourite is called Sai Noi, an easy and scenic 20 minute drive through pineapple territory. We toasted happily for three hours, avoided the sea as still a bit choppy after the recent monsoon, not wanting to be swimming alongside the ever-present threat of Jellyfish. Not many people took the plunge either. We were unfortunate to have a couple of Danish tourists take up the adjoining sun-loungers, who chatted loudly to all of their Countrymen throughout our time there, so not particularly peaceful. We got stuck into our current books, and read happily until we turned a nice pinkish colour, then decided to pack up and drive a further ten minutes to check out the neighbouring fishing village/beach of Khao Tao, glimpsed briefly on the day Leo ... read more
Fishing Fleet whose catch include the tasty morsels offered

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 17th 2017

Wednesday 15th February Today was to be a Hiking Day - so Paula drove us around 40 minutes South, to the Headquarters of the Sam Roi National Park, where, according to the website, was staffed with English-speaking Guides/Rangers and plentiful maps of this 93 sq kms area of grasslands, waterways, caves etc. We paid our 400baht entrance fees, received our meagre map. Nice Thai Receptionist with no English informed us - 'paths broken, you can no do!' You can see Porcupine Cave, Khao Deung (careful with pronunciation here) View Point, easy 1 hour walk, and that's it! We set off with aforesaid map, first stoppping point was Porcupine Cave, a short hike up loose smooth rocks, but quite impressive semi-open with stalactites/mites etc. So far so good, until Leo was in the lead a started the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 14th 2017

Valentine's Day and we are off to Hua Hin Fishing Lodge again, what a romantic way to spend our day. An easy 45minute drive, then we're settled, rod in hand for Leo, book for Paula. Takes a while for Leo's first catchable Siamese Giant Carp and it is a whopper! Took about 15 minutes to land him our helper guessed at around 20kgs and the physical effort required leaves Leo taking a few minutes before re-casting. Thus we spend a most enjoyable morning, bathed in sunlight, shade provided by trees, birdsong all around us. Around noon we decide to try the owner's award-winning Full English Breakfast. OMG. We both declared it was almost the best ever. It was huge and we fed the Lodge's resident dog with a remaining sausage and bacon that we simply couldn't ... read more
Waiting for first catch of the day
Here she is!
Time for Breakfast

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand February 13th 2017

We had decided despite the breezes and rough sea to spend the day on the beach but the tide and surf was so high we opt for cycling around the area. Aptly our first port of call is the fishing dock as we want to photograph the vast amounts of squid and small fish we had spotted drying in the open on rustic wooden racks a few days earlier. But because of the rough seas they had remained in port and no fish or squid on show. However this made conditions ideal for the enthusiastic Kite-Surfers, so we spend an enjoyable hour watching them as they twist, turn and fly through the choppy sea. This area of Thailand is a magnet for this sport we hear, attracting World-Wide competitions. There are a vast array of large ... read more

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