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9th February 2012

Wonderful !
Thanks for these beautiful pictures ! In September 2011, I also went in Egypt ! Great souvenir for me too... Kisses.
26th April 2011
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14th December 2010

I didn't intend to misrepresent your city. I think that we have a different meanings of the word "mall". In North America it means, shopping centre. Again, I appologise for any confusion.
3rd August 2010

A very good photographs in asia , india , gujarat , ahemdabad
21st May 2010

fake info
what u are calling mall in baroda is just shopping center.and where u wrote central square is a pond where there is big statue of lord shiva is situated in center.also baroda has many malls and central square is one of them.
13th April 2010

City of History
Great blog about my lovely city:) If you want to explore more just visit;
11th February 2010

Carolyn and I have just been looking at your blogs on her computer (mine has been out of commission for several weeks. Looks like you are having a fabulous time - your photos are fabulous! Love, Lynn and Carolyn
From Blog: Fantasy Islands.
5th February 2010

From Blog: Fantasy Islands.
2nd February 2010

Thanks for the pictures you must be having a wonderful time I told Charlie that you were on a holiday. When will you be back in Toronto. Bruce
From Blog: Fantasy Islands.
2nd February 2010

nice !
From Blog: Fantasy Islands.
2nd February 2010

These are great photos! Keep 'em coming! Glad to see both of you are enjoying yourselves.
From Blog: Fantasy Islands.
28th January 2010

I'm still subscribed from your India trip from years ago... good to see you're both traveling again (PS you dont know me, I am a random)
From Blog: SE Asia - 2010
28th January 2010

looks like you're both having a great time - we're envious . . . have fun the rest of the way and be careful
25th January 2010

Love the blog
Love the pictures and descriptions! Looks like you guys are having a fantastic time! Miss ya!
25th January 2010

Great pictures
Great to hear from you and know that you are having such a good time. The pictures are amazing!! Send more W
From Blog: SE Asia - 2010
25th January 2010

Looks like another amazing trip. Everything is so vibrant. Look forward to hearing and seeing more. Travel safe. Kevin
25th January 2010

Les do they have any cold beers there ?
25th January 2010

thank you
20th March 2009

it,s Amazing.
hai Really i want to say Thank's for U,lbecause U updated good and Wonderful photos of Kerela. the sunset photos are really good. and im the fan of kerela cultural activities.
30th May 2008

Looks great, love the pictures
From Blog: Home Again.
26th May 2008

Your photos are stunningly good. Fabulous job!
From Blog: Home Again.
23rd May 2008

Great photos guys! Makes me want to travel.
From Blog: Home Again.
24th April 2008

when shopping
hey Les, since yoi have said that there are great spots for shopping where are you storing all these goodies, as yoi are back packing mos tof this trip?
23rd April 2008

good stuff!
hey Les, been enjoying the blogs. love that McMotorcycle pic!
From Blog: Mumbai and out.
21st April 2008

Safety reminder
So finally I am getting rivals when it comes to traveling! Your pictures are very nice; I should buy a camera one of these days! Now that you are 6 weeks into traveling weird and wonderful places is the time when travelers get comfortable and lower their guard? So a little reminder for a safe journey! Keep the travelers checks, the passports and the money in an extra safe place. It’s a wonderful world out there but a bit of extra caution never hurts. Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon.

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