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9th March 2008

Do you feel like you're on the Amazing Race? Great pictures guys, send more! Have fun!
From Blog: Arrived in Kochi
8th March 2008

snow storm! woo-hoo!
Have a great time you guys! They're forecasting a snowstorm for the weekend!! Lots of fun for Stuart though. Take care and stay safe!
6th March 2008

Yogi Mahesh Leslie!!!!! Does this mean we're going to see you doing yoga underneath your cedar tree? Well have fun you guys. Stay safe and eat lots! Looking forward to your next blog.-Connie
6th March 2008

Wow. India. The Leafs must really suck this year.
6th March 2008

Bon Voyage
Hey guys, safe journey and have the most brilliant time, love Michele xx
5th March 2008

Safe trip & Have fun!
looking forward to your next post.

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