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17th April 2008

Too many Leslies, not enough rats! That was a big one towering over the little rats...........the temple looked pretty clean though. Can't wait for the next entry!
16th April 2008

Amazing. I'm only one degree of separation from that rat temple! Cool!!!!! db
9th April 2008

Hi Obviously experiencing lots of different things. The Scottish Elephant Polo Team are the reining champions, will be waiting for the Canadian Challenge!!!! Amused at the ad for Eaton Hotels at the end of your blog, you should have got them to sponsor your trip! Love to you both Michele (still horseless but think Elephant too big for back yard) xx
From Blog: Jaipur II
9th April 2008

I swear that
that elephant legs are SHAKIN!!!! And do I see Golf Clubs and the elephants butt??
From Blog: Jaipur II
4th April 2008

Love the pics.
enjoy all the pictures, keep sending them, I follow your journey with my atlas.Taj Mahal seems superb. love Mum.
3rd April 2008

Hey Les and Les, it looks like you are having a great time. We're working like crazy and stressed out, but whenever I need a break I just check out your blog and photos, they look great! See you soon, Ed
3rd April 2008

no comment really
Hey you two!! It sounds like you're having a blast of an adventure! I'm glad you're sharing it. Are you allowed inside the Taj? The desert should be interesting. Isn't that place you mentioned the border with Pakistan? Anyway, have more fun! Connie P.S. The snow has practically melted away, and now there's so much crud on the ground.
30th March 2008

Looks like you're having a sweet trip. Lucky you. And nice pics also.
From Blog: Chillin' in Goa.
30th March 2008

You are making the travel bug bite me very hard! The trip just seems to get better and better. Can't wait to hear the detailed stories when you are back. Try to remember them all! (Are you keeping a journal?) I hope it keeps getting better. -Kat
From Blog: Chillin' in Goa.
25th March 2008

hey LL..... the pictures are great. this is my first time on your blog. thanks for mentioning it on fb. love the spices. how's the food? looks like you are having so much fun! enjoy!
24th March 2008

how stunning
hey guys, glad the phone's working well :} thankyou so much for sharing your travel journal. India looks truly amazing. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics x x
From Blog: Mysore to Ooty.
23rd March 2008

Travels of India
the pics are fab, love the blogs....envious of the weather...I am in London and it is absolutely freezing - snow/sleet - not good!!! Good news - 31 March tickets go on sale for Everton v Chelsea....can't wait to see the 2 of you to hear your travelling tales!!
21st March 2008

WoW! Everything looks fantastic. Love looking at the pictures-can't wait to test the cooking!! XO
20th March 2008

Mum and Zed
Hi,nice pics, keep them comming,here for a change, it is snowing. Take care.Love Mum.
17th March 2008

Hey Les and Les, looks like you are having a great time. Les, maybe the elephant thought you were related. Don't complain too much about the heat there while we continue to get snow here! Love the photos, keep em coming. Travel safe. Kevin
17th March 2008

Looks like you're having a great time and seeing a lot of interesting sights. Have fun - enjoy the rest of your trip and keep sending photos and blogs, they're great!! Ed
17th March 2008

Which one
is the elephant? Pics look great..keep them coming..
17th March 2008

Your house if fine, your plants are fine, the mail is fine, our weather has been not so fine, glad to see you in shorts. Have fun, be safe. Leona
15th March 2008

Hey punjabbe tea picker sister.....keep the pictures coming.
14th March 2008

Hello from Mum
thank you for all the mail.I'm glad your having a good time,the weather has been awful.Went out with gisele nd George.Karine and Mark yesterday. Zed and I are well.keepyour mail comming .appreciated.Keep well. love Mum.
14th March 2008

I can see you're having a great time and thanks for the update. I thought you'd want to know the Hound Dogs are 1 and 0 after the first playoff game. The gang says HEY!xxooMG
14th March 2008

Thanks for the blog guys! The time I take to read your entries makes me travel arm chair style! I feel like I've taken time to relax too. It is always nice to discover the hidden corners of the world isn't it? How was the home cooked food? Continue the fun!
14th March 2008

Hello from Ajax
That is a dream come true.keep those pictures coming .Your Mom looks forward to your messages.Still announcing a bit of snow for the next few days,by the time you get home Spring will be here. Have fun.
From Blog: Arrived in Kochi
12th March 2008

Loving the pictures! Keep them coming!! Lucky you for leaving when you did and avoiding the huge amount of snow that was dumped on Toronto!
From Blog: Arrived in Kochi
10th March 2008

Yeah, well, we had snow. Biggest storm of the year. Bet you're sorry -- Looking forward to more pics. Cheers.
From Blog: Arrived in Kochi

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