Jamie Attridge & Neil Beaton


Jamie Attridge & Neil Beaton

Two guys from the North of Scotland, busking it up in Europe for a few months.

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Rough Route

This is the general route we will be taking round Europe. There will of course be many other places we will travel to along the way. These might include Bordeaux, Madrid, and Milan but we are trying to keep this trip as flexible as possible.

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam August 25th 2009

Guten Tag! Another ridiculously long gap between our blogs, for that we apoligise. Neil's been too busy tring to make friends due to getting bored of Jamie! Sorry seemed to have slipped into writing in the 4th person there....back in the 1st! At the moment we're chilling in Berlin's Mitte district, more about Berlin if you use that little roller thing on your mouse on scroll down. If this doesn't work, or you don't have one then use the down arrow. If you dont have a down arrow then you probably don't have a keyboard or computer so how the hell are you reading this?!?! This long and arduous blog adventure begins in Slovenia's first city of Ljubljana. If, like us, you have no clue how to pronounce this then here it is phonetically.....Loob-ree-ana. This relatively ... read more
Lake Bled
Road trip traffic jam
Getting plantpotted!

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split August 5th 2009

Ciao Bella! To quote Fatboy slim (who we will be seeing in a week) "You´ve come along way baby" ...... and we have! To quote Jack Johnson we are "Sitting, waiting, wishing" in Sloviania´s capital Ljubljana, "Writing to reach you" to quote Travis. Right, Rome . . . . . Roman Forum, Check.... Colloseum, Check.... Ice Cream, Check.... St Peters, Check..... Sistine Chapel, Check.... Pizza, Check.... Spanish Steps, Check.... Trevi Fountain, Check..... Traditional Italian food, Check.... Pantheon, Check..... Cara, Check.... BOOM! After our sight seeing extravaganza in Rome we jumped onto ferry no.2 and made like a bannana and Split. Croatia´s coatal capital, Split includes a mountainous backdrop, a rocky coastline and a UNESCO protected walled old town. While browsing the many tat market stalls of Split, we happened upon an old, old snorkel seller. She ... read more
Jamie & Cara in Rome
Neil, Chris & Golum
Split snorkelling

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 20th 2009

OLE! Sorry for the long delay between blogs! We've been far too busy/lazy to get it done, but finally here it is.... As we write this episode we are sitting on a Calmac ferry to Rome. As normal, more about Rome next time. We last spoke to you when we arrived, quite randomly in Portugal. This came about from us leaving it too late to book accommodation in Madrid, so we headed to the nearest place we had heard of and that had a hostel available. This dogleg of the journey took us to the Black & White hostel in Portugals second city; Porto. A picturesque city situated on the banks of the River Douro, Porto proved to be a relaxing place before hitting the craziness of Madrid. The highlight of Porto was finally managing to ... read more
Neil & Gaudi
A feast in Hospitalet
Us, out of focus on a ferry!

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián July 5th 2009

Yo! Amigos One of the great things about this adventure is it's flexability. Although never in the original plan we have somehow ended up writing this to you from Portugal! More details on our random Porto excursion next blog. Last time we updated you we had crossed borders into Espagne and reached the seaside city of San Sebastian. There are so many superlatives to describe this place and we'll just give you some of the highlights broken down in the note format: The Hostel Ocean view was the name of our hostel and it really did what it said on the tin! Amazing views over Zurriola; the surf beach, and the balcony was the perfect place to catch the sunset. Walking into the hostel was like setting foot on the set of Point Break! Run by ... read more
San Seb skater
Sunset from Ocean View
Santiago's cathedral

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle June 26th 2009

Ola chicas!! When we last spoke to you we had just arrived in Tours. Not much to mention about Tours, just a quaint town straddling the Loire river, deep in Chateau country. Despite its small size we still managed to busk twice and make a reasonable €40. After another dead on train journey courtesy of SNCF we arrived on the West coast into the town of La Rochelle. This bustling seaside town boasts the Atlantic's largest Yachting port, home to over 3,500 boats. It´s watery entrance is guarded by three imposing towers dating back to a while ago. Our 1st few days were spent lazing on the beach and getting towered off our faces! Ok! Lesson number one for all you budding travelling troubadours out there. . . . . . nothing happens until you busk! ... read more
The La Rochelle towers
Our campsite
Playing Fitzpatrick's

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 15th 2009

Bonjour mon ami! Well we've moved on from the crazyness of Parisien life to the altogether more chilled vibe of the Loire Valley, staying in Tours, the hub of the region (more about Tours in next weeks issue). Since you last heard from us we've travelled many miles, seen many things and its only week one! The journey to Paris passed without drama & our 1st day was spent catching the major sights. Foolishly we took our instruments & walked on a massive circle round Paris, taking in The Louvre, The Arc d'Triomph & The Eiffel tower. Our sore feet were worsened by constant Paris drizzle, good Scottish weather!! One of the main inspirations behind this journey was to play our instruments, make people smile & hopefully make some hard cent. So when the sunshine hit ... read more
Us & the tower
Neil & Djeuhdjoah
Rockin Paris

Right....well....here's the first post for all you Kilt Rock Sound System Fans out there.... As we type we're in the final stages of pre-tour preparation. Just arrived back to Glasgow via another classic bus journey courtesy of the disasterous citylink, we're hoping for better public transport on the continent! Our previous week was spent up on Skye rehearsing, or so we thought.....Yeah well we had all the good intentions of learning tunes, making up sets and getting to know each other... ...We started off well on Tuesday by making up three sets to hit the Parisien stadium crowds with. The problem was we were blessed with the hottest weather on Skye's records turning the rest of the day into a BBQ, football and al fresco swim sesh (when our chauffeur, Cara arrived). The next few days ... read more
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