Back in Omaha...the trip was wonderful. I not only had a chance to see my husband and spend time with him that was much over due, but I also met his family and saw many amazing sights in Africa. I am now anxious to return. =) LOVE YOU ABU =)

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam July 9th 2009

Where has the time gone???!!! It does not seem like it has been nearly a month. There was a lot to see, people to meet, and time to spend with Abu. =) Hopefully you have enjoyed the stories and photos we were able to share. I look forward to sharing more with you upon arrival in Omaha. For those of you elsewhere, hopefully we will catch up soon. Abu and I are going to enjoy the beautiful day here in Dar and spend some time with his family before catching my late night flight. I pray for a safe journey back and thank God for the time I had here. Love you all! ~Joce... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Morogoro July 6th 2009

We survived the Safari, as I know that many of you were probably wondering what the two of us were thinking being that we don’t care to be around other animals (dogs, cats, etc). =) I am so glad we did go and didn’t let that stop us-it was an experience I will definitely never forget. We left early in the morning for the drive (about 4 hours). As we were nearing Mikumi National Park there was wildlife along the road: zebras, giraffes, impalas, baboons, and elephants. We then checked into the hotel and headed out for the safari. There was so much land and so many animals! We ate lunch near the hippo pool-they are loud animals. This hippo pool has crocodiles which our driver said keeps the other wildlife away. We spotted a crocodile ... read more
Getting Ready to Check In
Genesis Hotel
Heading Out on Our Adventure

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam July 6th 2009

In the excitement of going on the Safari I forgot to mention that we went to Bagamoyo. This was a short afternoon trip but still interesting. The town is about an hour from Dar (as the locals refer to the city). There is a lot of history within the town and they have many tours to take. We went to the ruins which is where slaves had been kept before they were shipped elsewhere. We drove through Stonetown and stopped at the Catholic Church and Museum. I only have a few pictures as most of these places did not allow photos or they charged you for them. To gain more understanding we would have needed more time for each of the tours. Maybe something for a future trip.... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar July 1st 2009

Greetings from Dar Es Salaam~ There is so much to share as I have not been able to post for quite awhile. I made an attempt the past two days and have had trouble with the internet and the post fails. I am hoping that I have better luck and can share this and the photos with you. =) Abu and I have spent some time going around the city: running errands, showing me the different parts of town, and taking the nieces/nephews out for ice cream. This past weekend Abu and I traveled to Zanzibar by ferry. We were running to make the 7am departure and I am pretty sure we were the last two to board the ship. It took about 2 hours to get there. As soon as we were leaving the port ... read more
Sultan Palace (Slavery Time)
Little Hut
Joce's New Look

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam June 24th 2009

I am going to try and post a picture or two. I do not know how successful I will be. It is great to hear from all of you! Of course, Abu and I are thinking of you! We miss you! I have seen the beautiful coast of Dar Es Salaam but have yet to walk in the sand. I have been enjoying his mom's cooking and the various treats that Abu likes and says I must try while I am here. Chakula ni kitamu sana means the food is delicious. =)... read more
Some of the family

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam June 20th 2009

Greetings from Joce and Abu! We have been enjoying this past week and have wanted to post sooner but have not had the time in the evenings to get to the internet cafe. I met Abu's family and have had several meals there. The food is delicious (chakula ni kitamu sana). As you can see the kids have been trying to help me with swahili. They are also treating me to all the goodies they like the best. Abu and I just worked out at his gym-it is a very nice facility. It also felt good after the long flights! We are looking to travel to Zanzibar sometime this next week. It will be an hour and half trip to the island by ferry. We hope to write more this week as Abu now officially has ... read more

North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha June 8th 2009

In preparation to the trip I am using this as a test. I have one week until I will bein Tanzania! It is hard to believe that it is this close but a week still feels too long. ... read more

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