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7th July 2009

Would have loved to have been in the vehicle with you two when you found the flat tire - Love the photos and the story -
From Blog: Mikumi Safari
6th July 2009

I feel like I'm on Safari!
Thanks for sharing your exciting adventures and great pics . . . it's almost like being there . . . minus the croc and lion danger! What an amazing experience to see so many wild creatures. You better get back here safely!
From Blog: Mikumi Safari
6th July 2009

Those pictures are incredible! Thanks for the detailed update too...I've been dying to hear about your adventures and travels! You guys look great! By the way....running to catch the boat?!?! That doesn't sound like you at all! I was laughing while reading that! I bet that drove you crazy! Hehe. Are the nieces and nephews able to speak much English? How's the Swahili coming?!?! Hehe. Say hi to everyone for me!! Catherine
From Blog: Zanzibar
24th June 2009

hey from Nebraska
Joce and Abu - Great photo's - I hope you are taking many while you are there - of course you know that Johnny has been using an online translator to figure out your first posting. Love you and miss you!
24th June 2009

Hi to you both!! I am so glad this worked for me! Sounds like you are having a great time. Take tons of pictures, please! Tell us all about the food - I am very interested (you know how much I love food). :) We miss you!! Becky and Larry both say hello. Can't wait to hear about more of your adventures!
22nd June 2009

Joel's birthday party
We had a great time at your place on Sunday for Joel's birthday. The food was excellent as always. Mom's new bar-b-que grill worked like a charm with Dad and Josh manning the cooking detail. Everyone seemed to have great time. Jalen especially enjoyed singing and blowing out the candles, of course. :-) Alicia came with Joel and I had a chance to talk with her a bit more. Josh seems to be doing Great. Jess was working and Jason and Brandy were out of town for a wedding. (Brandy's cousin in Albion) Anne also missed the shindig because of work. I have lots more to talk about but will do it next time. :-) Love to you and Abu. Have fun and know that I'm thinking of you often. xoxoxoxo Auntie ~
21st June 2009

If you are going to Zanzibar say hi to Babar for me! (Please tell me you know about Babar the elephant!!) Hehe. Have fun and hi to everyone!
21st June 2009

Have a great time!
Hey you two . . . I am so glad everything has been going well for you. What an incredible time. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures! Live it up in Africa . . . we'll be thinking of you! (And living vicariously through you too!)
21st June 2009

Enjoy Zanzibar
It was so nice seeing a post on your blog. It sounds like you are having a great time. Please tell Abu and his family hi for me and send them my love. We spent Saturday (20th) at the Ashland lake house and the food, company and conversation was great. It was a bit overcast which was kept it quite enjoyable weather-wise. I hope you are enjoying every little bit of your time in Tanzania. What is chakula ni kitamu sana? I'm sure it is good and I might even like it since you did. (You know I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food.) :-) Have a wonderful time in Zanzibar and we're looking forward to seeing Abu soon. Miss you sweetheart. And you know I love you LOTS!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo Auntie ~
20th June 2009

Happy travels!
We are so happy you made it safely to Tanzania and are happily reunited with Abu! It must be fantastic to meet his family and experience the beauty of his homeland. Enjoy, enjoy and safe travels to both of you! All our love - J and J
10th June 2009

We miss you already. I can't believe you're not here. Can't wait till you're back. (practicing for next week)

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