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In Monte Grande we worked side by side with the people. It was really cool because El Porvinir ensures that the community is really in charge of the community project. So we were able to follow their lead and do whatever they needed for their community. You just create such an amazing bond working side by side with someone even thought there is a language barrier. We would be working for a while and then they would invite us into their homes and introduce their family. They just made us feel really at home. I even got to ride a horse to one of the work sites. It was amazing. It was a small community but we were really made to feel a part of that community. Again I think that pictures here will be best. ... read more
On the Top
Monkeying Around

We spent a total of five nights in the little town of Terrabona. It was a really amazing experience because I felt like we really started to become a part of the community. We stayed at a new, family run Hospedaje in Terrabona and then traveled a ways to work each day in the community of Monte Grande. Even our first night in Terrabona once we got back from dinner there were a ton of kids waiting outside to play a game of futbol with us. We didn´t even know them but they were so welcoming that it only took a short time for us to feel like we did know them. We learned the kids names and we met brothers and sisters and we played together late into the night. We got to know the ... read more

We arrived into Managua on tuesday afternoon and were picked up by the El Porvinir staff. We spent the first few days touring around Managua a bit and learning more about the history anf the culture. Jimmy, who is one of the trip coordinators with El Porvinir and also our translator, is like an incyclopedia. He is very knowledgeable and it was great to be able to have him around to give us his perspective. We also started to get to know each other better as a group. But the really great part was leaving on Wednesday afternoon for the small city of Terrabona. ... read more
Fall of  Somosa

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 16th 2008

After my short four day break at home I am in Seattle once again taking off for my summer adventure! I am very excited about the unknowns ahead. I am ready for the freedom and the discoveries to be made. But what I am not excited for is the red eye flight down there. I know that I certainly won´t be sleeping on that fight. How could I! Sleeping through the journey, it would be like sleeping while the cake is in the oven. Who wants to miss those smells and the incredible anticipation!!! So I might be draging a bit when I get there but I think that it will all be worth it.... read more
On the Plane

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