Living in Terrabona

Published: July 3rd 2008
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Jordie and friend hanging out.
We spent a total of five nights in the little town of Terrabona. It was a really amazing experience because I felt like we really started to become a part of the community. We stayed at a new, family run Hospedaje in Terrabona and then traveled a ways to work each day in the community of Monte Grande. Even our first night in Terrabona once we got back from dinner there were a ton of kids waiting outside to play a game of futbol with us. We didnĀ“t even know them but they were so welcoming that it only took a short time for us to feel like we did know them. We learned the kids names and we met brothers and sisters and we played together late into the night. We got to know the owners of the hospedaje really well and at the end of our time there they threw us a despedido.

Sandra not only runs the hospedaje but also a small store out of one of their front rooms. Sandra's husband Alvaro, from what I gathered, is a type of herbologist that works on farms telling farmers what crops will work best for them to plant. Alvaro's work is based out of Ciudad Dario so Alvaro commutes everyday to work. They have two children Ariana and Alvaro. Ariana is in her last year of high school and they all hope that they will be able to afford for her to go to college. On the first few nights in Terrabona while we were playing with the kids Ariana would come outside to join us but she also had her homework with her. You could tell that she is a very hard worker and is very dedicated to her education. I had some great talks with Sandra and Ariana. They were both very pacient and helpful when my broken spanish threw stumbling block into the conversation. It was wonderful to talk with them and hear about their lives and their perspectives.

I find it very difficult to fully describe the experience that I had in Terrabona. I think that this will be one that pictures worth one thousand words will have to describe.

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Jordie and TatianaJordie and Tatiana
Jordie and Tatiana

Possibly the cutest brother and sister I have ever seen.
Las DivinasLas Divinas
Las Divinas

The latest pop wave to hit Nicaragua.
Dance LessonDance Lesson
Dance Lesson

Ariana teaching Alexa the Traditional Ncaraguan Dance.

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