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10th October 2011

medical brigade
What a great thing you are doing! It reminds me of my peace corps days in Brazil in the early 1970s. I, too, worked in a clinic, handed out meds, traveled around giving vaccinations etc and I helped start a maternity hospital in our small community. Great memories!
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3rd October 2011

Hi Jenn!
Glad to see you're doing well and having lots of adventures. Thanks for sharing them with us on your blog. It's truly exciting to see the good work you and your teams are doing. Love you, Aunt Vickie
From Blog: Medical Brigade
25th August 2011

Gym not required
So it is obvious that the daily life of the villages will keep you in great shape!
From Blog: B-H Ratio
25th August 2011

Hey Jen, I can't tell you how proud of you I am. The work/service you are doing is so admirable and at the same most rewarding. I'm sure the gifts of service you give to the residents and communities of Guatemala will be remembered and appreciated for many years to come. Bravo! Is there anything you need down there? If so let me know and the best way to ship it and I'll do my best to get to you ASAP. Have a wonderful year Sweetheart. Love, Dad
20th August 2011

Thanks for sharing your amazing experience in words and pictures. It is fun to live your adventures with you. Guatemala looks beautiful and the people sound very friendly and welcoming. Keep us posted!
8th August 2011

You are starting off on a run. The pictures are lovely. I hope you find a place to live as lovely as the hostel. Hannah sends greetings.
From Blog: La Feria
5th August 2011

House Hunters International
Wow are living the dream! I can't wait to see where you end up living and find it both comforting and amusing that they feel the need to take such good care of you! The community meal sounds great and I know that is the first of many rewards to come your way...keep up the good work and enjoy next week!
30th August 2008

Your Trip
Great adventure you had this summer. I am glad to inform you I read each episode you posted here and brough lots of memories from my travels in these countries. I bet you will come back home feeling like the time stoped in your home town while you were gone. Have a fun fall season and good luck to you.
From Blog: El Fin
25th August 2008

your trip
Glad you did Antigua and El Salvador. Antigua has a great historical value as it was the capital of the Central America region right after independance before each central american country went on their own. So I think it is a must if you are in the area. I find El Salvador pretty similar to Nicaragua if you ask me, for some reason I find the people of these two countries very very friendly too. I couldnt tell differences from one to another. Guate and Honduras and Costa Rica are little different. Please be safe, good luck to you and keep posting.
From Blog: Joys of Juayua
16th August 2008

Ready to Retiro!
Hello Jen, What a beautiful place you've discovered in Lanquin. I'm ready to retire and spend some relaxing time in the hammock and in the pools, too. Your descriptions are wonderful. You should write a travel guide. Take care and keep blogging. TeAmo, Tia Vickie
From Blog: Lazy Lanquin
16th August 2008

Yes it is true Rio Dulce was amazing and exotic. Rio Dulce is very high up on my list of favorite places that I have visited. And yes there is part of me that is very excited to come home. I am surely going to miss the amazing surroundings and the slowed pace of life here but I miss the summer days of the Northwest too. I am also looking forward to not living out of a suit case for a little while! I hope that you are having a good summer. I'll see you soon!
16th August 2008

Wow Jen, Rio Dulce looks awesome!! I love your hostel and LOVE the picture of your dugout travelling through the mangroves. It all looks so very exotic! Enjoy the rest of your trip. I'm wondering if you're starting to look forward to coming home. See you soon.
13th August 2008

your trip
If you are in Guatemala you cant not miss Antigua. It is a Most seen city so you should be planning on go there and the sorrounding areas. Fron Antigua you need to head to El Salvador spend couple of days in Santa Ana and around areas go to San Salvador and some towns around before heading home. If you are planning on come home from Costa Rica you can take a ticabus from San Salvador to Costa Rica or you can just switch your fly and leave from El Salvador's Airport. Good luck to you be safe and take care. Adios
24th July 2008

Wish I was there
Oh oh oh What beautiful falls and forest! Wish I was there to feel the cool water. It's 100+ here and so hot! What a nice slow pace of life you are having and enjoying. Keep safe, Love, Gran
23rd July 2008

fun in the sun
You look and sound like you are having so much fun! I love the pictures and your descriptions are amazing. I can close my eyes and imagine what life must be like there. The waterfall experience looks so incredible. Have fun!!!
23rd July 2008

simple life
I totally get why you are attracted to the people of this village, especially the kids. Your pictures are great and you are obviously having a great time with them. I love the stories of the community and how they welcomed you in with open arms. I hope you continue to find open and honest people that allow you to experience life through their culture. The food sounds yummy too!
13th July 2008

Hi Jen, How was your stay in Costa Rica? Did you travel around much there and were you able to hook up with Melissa and her group there? Now that you are back in Nica do you plan to stay around Managua or are there more long bus rides planned? Sounds like some serious beach time is in order. I'm guessing you're getting a pretty good tan by now. While reading your blog my mouth began to water when you wrote about the food there, it sounds wonderful. Did you get any photos in Costa Rica? We all missed you on the 4th. Mal did set off 2 big blasts in your honor. Next year she is going to be part of the Event Staff!! Jen I think of you every day and wish you safe and happy travels. Love, Dad
9th July 2008

I Just Can't Wait to be King!!
That was no easy feat either. To set the timer on my camera and get up there before it went off took some lion like reflexes!!!
From Blog: Fun in the Sun
9th July 2008

you crack me up!
Only you would turn that stump into Pride Log! It is so fitting for you and you have me cracking up. I think I'll watch the Lion King tonight!
From Blog: Fun in the Sun
8th July 2008

Each country has its own vibe that is difficult to describe. There are definitely many differences and many similarities. Since I was in Costa Rica four years ago and it is a bit more expensive I donĀ“t think that I will be spending as much time here. You can see some of the differences between Managua and San Jose. San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is a more developed big city with hotels and malls. Costa Rica has a more developed tourist economy and that is often reflected in its cities. I enjoy getting of the beaten path and for that I have found Nicaragua more suitable.
From Blog: Fun in the Sun
8th July 2008

Most of the towns have internet cafes and many of the hostels do as well. However in the small village that I was in in the beginning of the trip there was no internet. It kind of depends on how much of a tourist spot it is.
8th July 2008

Yeah I met a few people at the hostel for the few hours that I was there. I met one girl from London, one from Italy, and two from Canada. It is good to talk with them about where they have been and what they have enjoyed. When I was in San Jose I strolled around downtown and went to the market it was a great place to people watch and experience the bustle of the city.
7th July 2008

about your trip
So I have been reading your blog since you were in Nicaragua. Sounds like good places to visit if you like the natural views. But how would you compare Nicaragua and Costa Rica? are they very different or are they quite the same? Please write more and post more pictures is alway fun to see the stuff you are seeing there. Be safe and Adios.
From Blog: Fun in the Sun
7th July 2008

Hi Jen! I love reading about what you are doing down there! It sounds like you are having a great time- make sure to soak up some sun for me! Love Cousin Sarah
From Blog: Fun in the Sun
6th July 2008

Hola Sobrina!
Que paso? Como estas? Que aventura maravillosa! OK, that exhausts my brain. Back to Ingles. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Muchas gracias for sharing your adventures with us. Can't wait for the next installment. Do the small towns have internet cafes? Cuidado y buena suerte, Jen! Te amo, Vickie and the Tesmers P.S. Feliz Cumpleanos a su MaMa, Marty!

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