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This trip has been absolutly incredible! I keep having amazing interactions and experiences and then I think ¨Wow, it really can´t get better than this¨ But then it does! My life feels like a whirlwind right now. So many amazing experiences and I am just trying to take it all in. I feel so lucky. I am actually doing it! I have planned for and anticipated this trip for so long. Now I am in the thick of it and already it has been so much more than I could have ever expected. I am so greatful to be here and to experience all that I have. I spent the past few days in the little town of Gracias, Honduras. It was a very nice little town. I particularly enjoied going to the market and eating ... read more
Aguas Termales
Aguas Termales

After Esteli I took a quick bus ride to Ocotal which is very close to the border between Nicaragua and Honduras. I stayed there for a night. While I was there I met a young woman who was from Ocotal and wanted to practice her english. She had learned her english from tourist and from music and her englishwas quite amazing. She has worked with both Lonely Planet and Moon Handbooks on thier Nicaraguan editions. She was very nice and graciously showed me around town to some different monuments and to the Parque Central, which is said to be the nicest in Nicaragua. The former Mayor of Ocotal was a botanist and created a very incredible and lush parque central. I left Ocotal on Thursay. I didn´t qiute know what to expect from the border crossing ... read more
Ocotal Cathedral
Comayagua Cathedral
Comayagua Cathedral

I arrived to Esteli Nicaragua yesterday in the early afternoon. After a few quick bus rides I found myself in the busteling city that lies just along the Pan-Am. It is a great town to explore the streets are narrow and filled with color of fruit stands, clothes for sale, and brightly painted tiendas of every kind. As I walked through the streets I soon came to the cathedral. It caught me off guard, it was so breath taking, the crand white cathedral standing tall over the parque central. Every town here has one a grand cathedral usually opposite the park but somehow in every town, every time you come upon the cathedral it is a marvelous sight. Today I headed south of town out towards the saltos. I walked out of town and along the ... read more
Esteli Cathedral
Walk to the Saltos
El Salto

I left from Managua to Terrabona around mid day and arrived into Terrabona around Seven at night. I got off the bus in the town where everyone know I am a stranger. I walk the half a block to the hospedaje and start to knock on the door. Before I get ther the boy across the street who I recognised from being there before shook his head at me. "There not there" he said. Okay that´s fine I can wait. "They are in Matagalpa" he says. Oh Shoot! I felt my heart rate rise a bit Matagalpa is about a five hour bus ride away! Maybe I would be waiting a long while! Maybe they wouldn´t be back tonight! Maybe they were on vacation!?! Shoot what am I going to do now. As I am thinking ... read more
Jordy and Bryan

I spent the last ten days in the small town of Terrabona. I decided to return to the community where we had stayed as a group. While many towns in Central America are jumping on the tourism bandwagon, Terrabona is content with its mule drawn wagons loaded with produce for sale. I find that it reminds me alot of what I imagine the old south to be like, where families sit out front under the eaves in the long hot hours of the day and kids run and play in the streets. It is a place where everyone seems to know eachother. A place where you can still get a soda in a glass bottle for 35 cents and kids save their coins to buy the 5 cent candy at the corner store. Where the main ... read more
Retreating from the Rains
Man on a Brown Horse

Today I am back in Managua after two days of travel. I left Cahuita early on Thursday on a bus headed for Managua. About half way there our bus broke down so we waited on the side of the road to try and catch a ride on the buses passing by. Each bus was only able to take a few people but by the third bus we were all on our way to San Jose again! The rest of the ride was a rather uneventful journey standing in the isle of a bus named Marcopolo. My traveling seems to go much like a game of marcopolo. I call out and I cet responses in all directions, which are both helpful and confusing. However, in the end I always seem to make it to my destination even ... read more

So after my grand adventure across the border I stayed in San Jose for a day recovering. I wandered around the markets of town and enjoyed some local cuisine. The next day I took the quick four hour bus ride to Cahuita. This beautiful quaint town is bubbling with Carribian culture. I have spent the past few days here relaxing on the beach, exploring the jungle of National Park which is a block from my cabina,and doing some much needed laundry. The slow pace of Cahuita has been a welcomed change. But the slower pace has not kept the adventure away. My most recent adventurous encounters have been with the animal kingdom. In my past two days I have come within four feet of a sleeping sloth, walked under a band of howler monkeys, chased off ... read more
Beach Time

After a light breakfast, a few quick emails, checking out of my hospedaje, 3 bus rides, one failed attempt at border crossing, one successful treck across the border, several lines, $7.50 in bus fares, a six dollar cab ride, and 12 hours I finally made it. I'll admit that this has been one of my most exhausting, warmest and coldest, but most of all longest day here so far. It was a great adventure though and I had many great encounters along the way. As I was leaving my hospedaje in the morning I returned the key to the woman who had checked me in. She rambles something off so quickly that I wasn't able to catch it all. Then she asked me if I had my passport. I though that she might needed to check ... read more
More Tranquillo
Tranquillo Dorm

So, today was really fun I had a leisurely morning with breakfast/lunch in the local mercado. It was my first full day completely on my own and I didn´t quite know what to expect. I decided to follow Lonley Planet directions to a Stone petroglyph just a ways out of the city. After walking a while on the road out of town I came to the conclution that Lonely Planet needs to work on their directions. I ended up on this muddy dirt road which whould have seemed really remote and desolate except that cars were passing me every few minutes. It seemed like all of the cars had surf boards hanging out ends. So I changed my plan and decided to follow the surfers! I walked and walked and walked. How far could this beach ... read more

Hola friends and family! So I know that I probably should have had this started before I left but that just wouldn´t be my style. Better late than never right! So, here goes... This is my summer 2008 Central America travels. As many of you know I started my trip off with a student group from Seattle University and we spent two weeks traveling around Nicaragua. Today the group left to return to Managua from the coastal town of San Juan Del Sur to return home to the states tomorrow. I on the other hand have stayed beehind because I plan to go to Costa Rica next and San Juan is much closer to the border than managua. I plan to stay here for a few days to have a little R and R. The beach ... read more

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