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I had a wonderful first day at the office. The staff was very friendly and patient with my Spanish. Shortly after arriving we had an office meeting in the conference room where everyone introduced themselves. They then brought out a lovely cake to welcome me to the office. Next Enrique, the Coban Office Director, and Jorge, the Teams Coordinator then gave me an orientation to MTI’s work in Guatemala. Later in the day Jorge and I went into town to order the supplies that we would need for the upcoming group who will be building latrines. I spent the evening reading, chatting with other travelers in the Hostel, and watching the fireworks erupt over the city square. This morning we continued to make preparations for the upcoming group. Solidifying hotel arrangements and other fine details. Then ... read more

Wow that was one crazy day and a half of travel. I arrived at the airport in Guatemala City and was met by the Medical Teams International Guatemala Country director. From there we started the long drive of winding roads to Coban. Somehow in my head it was going to be a two-hour drive. Not bad, I go the hour and a half back and froth to Seattle all the time. Well this was kind of like going a back and forth and back again ☺. The sun had set and we were driving in and out of clouds in the mountainous region. (Not really mountains for those of you from the west coast, more like large hills) It started to rain as we entered the small valley that will be my home for the next ... read more

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Well my journey has begun. After a little over a month or so of some major changes I am finally on my way to Guatemala to start a new chapter. I thought that I would take this long layover opportunity to further explain what I believe that I will be doing in Guatemala. I do have to warn you that I did just get off of a red eye from Seattle so it may not be the most fluid description. I will be living and working in the town of Coban, Guatemala with the Portland based Not for Profit, Medical Teams International. I will be doing a variety of tasks working alongside the twelve Guatemalan staff in the office. Our work is spread out over 22 communities in the surrounding area. There will be work party ... read more

So my trip is winding to an end. It is sad but true. I am now in my hostel in Managua preparing for my flight back for the states which leaves in a little over twelve hours. After a very long journey through El Salvador and southern Honduras last week I returned Nicaragua to spend a few days in the colonial city of Leon. It is a marvelous city with a strong and vibrant pulse. The architecture again is truly amazing with cathedrals beyond that of the imagination. They stand so tall and hold such incredible history. After a few days in Leon I hooked up with a group of eight other solo travelers and we all headed out for some relaxation time on the beach. The lovely beach is a quick 45 minute bus ride ... read more
Cathedral in Leon
Leon Cathedral
Playa Roca

The next stop along my journey was a little town in El Salvador called Juayua. Unfortunately I was only able to spend a couple of days in El Salvador because I only had about a week and a half left and really wanted to spend a bit more time in Nicaragua. My time there was lovely. Juayua is a small town along the famed Ruta de las flores which runs through beautiful coffee country in northern El Salvador. The landscape was really quite incredible. I stayes at a lovely hostel in Juayua run by a young couple of musicians. It was a very comfortable space full of art and beauty. This sleepy little town was a big change from the bustle of Antigua and I really appericiated the change of pace.... read more

From the calm tranquility of Lanquin I ventured to the lively city of Antigua. It is a beautiful town with many layers. I ended up staying for about a week exploring the city and the incredible vast expanses of the local Mercado. I was in Antigua at the same time that I was getting reports from my family of their adventures and the PNW fair. The fair has always been one of my highlight of the summer. I love the energy and the sights and the smells. So, it was fitting that at the same time I am missing my hometown fair I find something that just might rival it. The Antigua market is huge and full of life. There is an ebb and flow of people amoung the tiny stalls and as you wind your ... read more
Antigua´s City Streets
Potters Paridise

Form Flores I journied to the small highland town of Lanquin. Once again I had only planned to stay a few days but the beauty and tranquility of my surroundings stretched my time there. I arrived to Lanquin at about four in the afternoon. I had heard from many people that the place to stay in Lanquin was the El Retiro Lodge and that as a result it often filled up quickly. I was worried that since we arrived so late there wouldn't be any space in the dorms and I was right. Thankfully I was able to grab one of the last hammocks of the night and the next day I was able to move into the dorm. Guatemala is definately more accoustom to hosting travelers than Honduras or Nicaragua and there is quite a ... read more
El Retiro Lodge
Pools of Semuc Champey
Pools of Semuc Champey

After a wonderful stay in Rio Dulce I headed down the Guatemalan tourist track to the little Isla de Flores. However, Flores itself is not the reason that tourist flock from near and far to the nortern reaches of Guatemala. Flores is convienently located a quick hour jungle drive away from one of the most incredible sites of ruins in the world. For this experience I gave in and bought the tikal sunrise tour package and I have to say that it was completely worth it!!! I woke in the still of the night gathered my pack and headed out to the street. The silence of the darkness filled the narrow cobblestone streets as the stars danced above. There was a quiet shuffel within the hostel as others pulled themselves from the fog of sleep. Then ... read more
Temple V
Top of the Temple
Misty Morning

Okay so I have gotten a bit behind on my blogging. whoops! I have just been all swept up in the amazing sights and adventures of Central America. But here goes, I am at a hostel with free internet so I am determined to get all caught up. I last posted about my time in Copan Ruinas, Honduras and from there I traveled to the northeast of Guatemala to the town of Rio Dulce. I had only planned to stay a day or two but the place was incredible so I just keep putting off leaving. I arrived in Rio Dulce by bus and then took a Lancha to my hotel which is across the cove and in through the Mangrove. It is an awesome little place in the jungle connected by boardwalks and surrounded by ... read more
Lofty Living
Canoeing Through the Mangroves

When I left for this trip, over a month ago, I really had no plans of what I was going to do when I got down here. I wanted to be free. I wanted to go with the flow and not be tied to a schedule. All I knew was that I had to be back in Managua by the end of August. However, for some reason it never crossed my mind that I would be exploring the ruins of ancient Mayan civilazations. Nice beaches, sure. Dense forest, of corse. But to see these grand temples built over two thousand years ago, that is something I hadn´t planned on. To view these amazing structures and imagine what it must have been like is truly incredible. Standing under the great temples built by Mayan kings thousands of ... read more
Ball Court

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