John Kinley


John Kinley

North America » United States » Tennessee April 18th 2021

We had taken a trip north to help Dad with his taxes in late March. As was expected, there was snow on our last day there. But after a pleasant week, we headed back to Alabama and time to mow the grass and straighten up and clean up from winter (such as it was there.) Then we heard from dear friends Carol and Ned Gatzke in WI. There were going to be in Ohio to see family and friends; would we be there. Dang! We had just left. So we made plans on meeting somewhere half way for a few days of camping. We eventually settled on the Land Between the Lakes region of Kentucky/Tennessee. We headed north while they would be heading in the general direction of home in WI, just meandering a bit more ... read more
Confederate guns protecting Ft. Donelson
View downriver at Dover, TN
Campsite at Piney Camp, LBL

North America » United States » Virginia » Fredericksburg August 29th 2018

Our daughter has had a yearning for years to visit Ireland. She has had a picture from Ireland, huge poster a Christmas present from her brother, hanging in her living room for years, got it when she was in high school. So when she announced that she and Kris were saving to go, we were excited for her. After graduation from her tough MBA program this spring, the trip would be the perfect reward. Then she asked if we would come and house sit (in our old house, still not sold, and now being rented to the kids.) Of course we said Yes. Oh, and take care of the 70 lb chocolate lab, Sophie. And the two outside cats. So we knew the priorities--animals then house. We contacted our camping friends Dave and Bonnie Lodge and ... read more
Careful packing
Approaching Dulles
Instructions from momma

North America » United States » Florida » Jacksonville July 8th 2018

We were looking forward to our trip to FL. Not because we needed to get where it was warm; summer in Florida is NOT the smartest time to visit. But we were going to take our oldest grandson, Drew, camping in the RV. So we readied the coach, and took off early one morning to head south. We opted to go the same route we had used in winter, down I-59, around Birmingham to I-65 and then around Montgomery to US-231 and to Fort Rucker, AL to spend the night at the military campground there. Great drive, good roads, and reservations for one night in the woods at a well developed campsite. For one night stays, the cat does not get to roam and so I walked him on a leash several times so he could ... read more
Pre-slide poser
Xander splashing in
Keeping cool in the pool

North America » United States » Ohio » Chagrin Falls September 4th 2017

We visited Ohio in April and posted pictures of the snow. We figured, going back over Labor Day...couldn't possibly have bad weather...right? Actually, the weather there was fine...a bit cooler than expected, but delightful. However, the Florida hurricane kept us checking on family and friends who were in the path and worried until we heard all had survived and were fine. This was our fourth trip up this year. As mentioned in a previous blog, Mom had a stroke in late December and after a brief hospital stay, was in a rehab/nursing facility right on the grounds of the retirement community where they lived in Chagrin Falls. Unfortunately, she did not respond well to the rehab and with increasing issues from dementia, it became obvious she would not be going back to the apartment to live; ... read more
Dinner with Kati, Joyce and Joe
4th of July in Chagrin Falls
The Falls

North America » United States » Alabama » Crossville July 30th 2017

Wow...BOTH kids and grandkids came to visit for a week. It was exciting, fun-filled, exhausting, rewarding, and ought to be repeated at least semi-annually. Kim had finished her summer classes for her MBA and had a 4 week break. Her visit had been in the works for a while and she wanted to be here for Trish's birthday (Aug 2). Josh wanted to bring the boys to visit, go to Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, and catch fireflies. He told us this spring he hoped to come at the end of July. Finally, both kids talked to each other, worked out details, and Kim, Kris, and Sophie (chocolate lab) arrived Sunday, July 30. Lots of excitement, dog running around fields, suitcases up to guest room, hugs, dog finding other doggie friends from across street, and stretches. Then ... read more
Inside picnic lunch
River life in a swamp
Discussing the fish with Daddy

North America » United States » Ohio » Chagrin Falls April 5th 2017

My father is downsizing and moving to a smaller apartment, still in the retirement complex. We wanted to help so planned to get there early to help pack, move and get him settled in. We didn't get away until early afternoon on the first day and got just north of Knoxville where we found a Walmart and settled in for the night. A write-up in a review said it was "quiet" and "far from the road". Must have been a different spot; it was noisy, we had over a dozen 18-wheelers pull in for the night, and we had rain and heavy winds. Not restful. So next morning we got up in the dark and headed through the mountains in rain, fog, wind and taffic, mostly trucks. We arrived Thursday late afternoon, set up, then drove ... read more
Iron Mike
Jacksonville Equestrian Center

Thursday was our day to visit Shilo and after a restful night, we got up early, and started out. The GPS in the car routed us a back road to the battlefield. I don’t mean a state route instead of an interstate; no, it took us on back gravel roads that looked like Gen. Johnston could have travelled on 150 years ago! Interesting ride past sod farms, dirt paths to the river, and swamps with roads barely above the water. I have been reading a lot on the Civil War. We’ve visited most of the major battlefields in the East. Shilo was the first BIG battle in the west. In 1862 Grant started south and after defeating the Confederates at Forts Donelson and Henry, brought his armies up the Tennessee to Pittsburgh Landing, just 20 miles ... read more
Southern cannon firing into the Hornet's Nest
Shilo Church
Unknown dead

Every spring we unwinterize the RV and after putting in some clothes, load it up with food and take off for a weekend or longer but near home to ensure we haven’t forgotten anything and we will be ready to take off for longer trips. This “shakedown” is always a fun time, a bit fretful lest we forgot something or worse, forget how to do something. That’s why we stay close to home, so we aren’t caught out far away cursing our ignorance. This year we got the coach ready and had water on board, hot water heater primed (don’t want to burn the tank out by not having water in it!) and checked the tires professionally for air and condition. We loaded the staples, put in a few clothes, and added a new electric heater. ... read more
Ancestor's in the wall
Fitting the wall to the landscape
Obstacles on the way home

North America » United States » Alabama » Crossville November 18th 2016

This blog is usually about trips we take. Today's post is about one we would like YOU to visit us in Alabama. When we bought the house 5 years ago, it had a lovely half court basketball pad out front. I'm a bit too old; the grandsons are a bit too young. So we had the idea to convert it to an RV pad for visiting friends. It's taken some time (and money) but we finally got it completed just before Thanksgiving. Delco Services (Don Lang contracting) did the work and like a true craftsman, he measures 3 or four times prior to starting. I watched him use two bent metal wands to walk the electric line from the pole to the house and then mark the water line from the road to the house. ... read more
Ditch witch for electric line to house
One worker, four supervisors and it's NOT a government contract!
Electric box with 20, 30, 50 amp capacity

North America » United States » Virginia » Fredericksburg October 11th 2016

Right after Columbus Day, we left AL and headed north to see family and friends. Our first visit would be with friends Kurt and Annette in NC. We had last seen them this spring in FL and since then we both had endured problems with our RVs and had to have them repaired. Annette had undergone surgery for back issues and we really wanted to see how they were doing and visit them in northern North Carolina. So we followed our usual path through Chattanooga and Knoxville and north on I-40. But instead of continuing on I-81 to VA, we headed east on I-40 towards Asheville, NC. We'd been over that road a number of years ago, but apparently we were a) younger or b) had forgotten what is was like. It's a lovely road, lots ... read more
Dog Park in Fredericksburg
Camping at Fort AP Hill
Mushrooms by the campsite

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