Topdeck European Wonder 2013

a trip by Huot Iv
From: June 4th 2013
Until: June 19th 2013

I first learned about Topdeck/Contiki/Busabout during a stay in a Madrid hostel in 2012. I do a lot travelling already but usually I travel alone. This would be the first time I ever travelled on a bus tour anywhere. I started planning for this trip back in February of 2013. I spoke to a number of people who had taken Topdeck/Contiki/Busabout tours and I settled on Topdeck because it seemed to be less party oriented than Contiki but more structured than Busabout. I wanted to see the sites and would probably avoid getting hammered each night. I chose the European Wonder tour because it hit all the countries I wanted to visit and it was a good length trip at 2 weeks. I attempted to persuade some friends to join me. As I said I usually travel alone but the thought of facing 47 strangers was a bit nerve racking. Unfortunately the large time and financial commitment for this trip kept anyone from joining me. I spent a lot of time on Topdeck Meet site talking to my fellow travelers. I was pleased to find out a lot of them were travelling alone as well so I would not be the only one. I scheduled my flight so I would be in London the day before the tour started and would have a chance to chat with my fellow bus mates. I was surprisingly calm until the day arrived and I thought was I really doing this. I am fairly shy and introverted person and now I would be with the same people for 2 whole weeks in a confined space. Too late to back out now as I sat waiting at the curb for my ride to the airport.
Trip Length: 2 weeks
Blog Entries: 17
Photos: 93
Words: 17972

Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
June 4th 2013 Day 1: Time to face the music (day of my flight) North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto
June 5th 2013 Day 2: Arrival in London and first impressions Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London
June 6th 2013 Day 3: Here we go tour starting Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London
June 7th 2013 Day 4: It's the city you love that waits for you, Paris Europe » France » Île-de-France
June 8th 2013 Day 5: Mountains, Stoplights and Marines (Switzerland) Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen
June 9th 2013 Day 6: Top of the Mountain, In the Jungle and a sad ending Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen
June 10th 2013 Day 7: Lots of vomit, Leaning Towers and a Good Deed Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence
June 11th 2013 Day 8: Firenze, Gelato and Bloody Steaks Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence
June 12th 2013 Day 9: The Eternal City and Our Search For The Truth Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome
June 13th 2013 Day 10: Vatican City and the day I got us lost :( Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City
June 14th 2013 Day 11: Day in Venice Gondola, Lots of Presents but no Lace Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice
June 15th 2013 Day 12: Austria, The 2nd highest I got on this tour (Paragliding) Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Kirchberg in Tyrol
June 16th 2013 Day 13: Dachau Concentration Camp Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau
June 16th 2013 Day 13: Germany and a Tale of True Love in a Castle Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach
June 17th 2013 (Warning Adult Content) Day 14: Boring day: Cuckoos, Beers, Cheese, Clogs and what happened at a Sex Show Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam
June 18th 2013 Day 15: Biking and Boating and a Big Shoe (What more can you want) Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam
June 19th 2013 Day 16: Goodbye My Friends, I Can Still Feel You Here. It's Not The End ........ Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London
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