(Warning Adult Content) Day 14: Boring day: Cuckoos, Beers, Cheese, Clogs and what happened at a Sex Show

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June 17th 2013
Published: July 10th 2013
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Moulin RougeMoulin RougeMoulin Rouge

Events here will never be spoken of again
We were heading to Amsterdam that morning so we left early and made our way to town where we had a cuckoo clock and beer stein demonstration. Wanted to get a Beer Stein but 280 Euros was too much for me. We had a bit of time in the little German town which had been flooded a few weeks earlier. I ended up buying a teddy bear as a gift.

The drive to Amsterdam took the rest of the morning and into the afternoon and for the first time on the tour we stopped and ate at Mac urs (Macdonald's). I took the opportunity to grab a few happy meal toys as gifts. Kate told us about Amsterdam which she had been to many times now and warned us the nickname was Amsterdamage both for the cost and the fact we would exit in much rougher shape than we entered (Accurate). Amsterdam was a town founded as a DAM on the river Amster and was built on a great deal of land recovered from the sea.

First stop was a Cheese and Clog demonstration. I actually liked petting the dog and cows they had in the yard outside of
Cheese demonstrationCheese demonstrationCheese demonstration

We were all riveted
the building. Cheese demonstration was very fragrant and some people had some trouble with the smell of it. We actually got to sample some cheese as well. I was trying to avoid dairy that day so I passed and we went on to the clog demonstration. The guy demonstrating the clogs was very funny and I almost certain was very high. He asked people where they were from and always had a funny statement afterwards. I was low on cash at that point so I ended buying only keychain clogs.

The last place we slept at was called Stayokay Amsterdam. It was an actual hostel this time and roommates for the last time were Ken, MJ, Gillon, Stephen and David. Standard bunk beds you would find at any hostel but enough to sleep in. Big event for the night was the Sex Show which would take place at the Moulin Rouge in the red light district.

We took the coach into Amsterdam and Mike dropped us off at Amsterdam Centraal station. Following the duck hands we made it to Dam Square where Kate released us for an hour or so for dinner. My group ended up at an

They are suppose to be very comfortable
Argentine steakhouse, big mistake. The food was ok but they charged us 6 Euros for 1 litre of water in a bottle they obviously reused. Avoid Argentine Steakhouses when you are in Amsterdam. After that we made it back to Dam Square and Kate walked us to the sex show. She told people who were not going in to meet us there afterwards.

Finally we entered the Moulin Rouge and our group was large enough to take up most seats. I took a seat near the front and I had the feeling I would be called up on stage. These sex shows do call up volunteers from the audience and with only a few guys in the audience there wasn't a lot of choice. Ken sitting near me was nervous as well and apparently wanted to make a break for it. We wouldn't let him go and to make sure he came back from the bathroom we kept his wallet, keys etc.

Finally the show started and it was a surreal time. First woman lit a candle and placed it in her Vagina and did some various acts. Next one was our first volunteer Gillon. He went up
How I saw the worldHow I saw the worldHow I saw the world

after a space cake
on the stage and the naked woman started pulling out this tape out of her vagina and wrapping his hands and the rest of his body with it. He was coherent enough to decline to put it in his mouth. People who slapped his hands afterward said EWWW afterwards. Next one up was David and he had to sit in a chair as the tall naked woman removed his shirt and danced around him. Pretty tame stuff until she had him lay down and than with a marker in her Vagina wrote BAD BOY on his chest. It was very legible as well so I was impressed. Next act had no volunteer thankfully. It was the hardest part of the show as it involved a man and woman having sex. I will say it was just weird being in a room with your new friends and watch 2 people have sex. After that I thought I was safe because I had not been called up yet and the show was over.

I was wrong thought as there was one more act. The woman went around and danced around before she called up her first volunteer which was ME. I
My Arch NemesisMy Arch NemesisMy Arch Nemesis

I so wanted to fix this computer problem
went on stage and wondered what was going to happened to me. Thankfully I was not the only one called up and they called up Ken, Andrew, Paul, Ashleigh, Katie, and Jacqueline. Than the fun started and the guys had to simulate various sexual positions with the woman. While the 3 ladies from our group had to simulate various stripper acts around a pole and the stage. It was actually impressive and in a less guarded moment I told one of them they had probably a second career there. 2nd part involved the woman hitting us in the face with her breast which was enormous. Thankfully she took off my glasses before she did this and I will say it hurt. Last part of the show involved a banana and it required us to eat a banana off various parts of her body. Mine was underneath her Enormous breast and it was a bit of work to get it out. Ken had the hardest one as she placed the banana in her vagina and he had to dive for it. We left the stage to loud applause and I will say it was a fun time and I will not
Space CakeSpace CakeSpace Cake

Good advice on this but I will add that you should not take with alcohol and do not take this while you are alone
repeat it and glad there is no photo evidence of this show.

We left the Moulin Rouge and met up with the rest of the group and Kate took us around to see the ladies in the window. It was interesting to see the women I had only seen in pictures before. Most people ended up in a bar/club while my group Patrina, Zakiyya, Christine, Stephen, Sam, Kelly, Rachael and myself went to a Shisha bar. I had never tried Shisha bar and was glad to find out it didn't have a lot of tobacco. I am going to be 100 percent honest in this posting about the events of that night so here goes.

Since I was in Amsterdam I decided to try a space cake which was a small cake filled with marijuana. I had been drinking that night and after eating 3/4 of the cake I was completely out of it. There was this computer problem on a TV and I kept trying to fix it until the group had the waitress turn off the TV to stop distracting me. I also enjoyed the Shisha pipe which fills your mouth with smoke filled flavor. We had apple and mint and apple and grape that night. We hung around until shortly before midnight and decided to take the tram back. I was glad I had 5 ladies to get me home because I doubt I would have made it on my own. We made our way to the central station to find our tram was not there. We apparently got bad directions so we split a cab to get home. I was actually unsure of my room# but knew approximately where it was and Sam was good enough to walk me to where I thought the door was and try out my key. Victory as it was the correct door and I promptly stumbled to my bed and fell asleep. So first night in Amsterdam and I was the highest I had ever been on the tour. Just before I fell asleep I realized tomorrow would be our last full day on the tour.


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