Day 5: Mountains, Stoplights and Marines (Switzerland)

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June 8th 2013
Published: July 12th 2013
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Swiss MountainsSwiss MountainsSwiss Mountains

Swiss Mountains and Lake Como
Woke up with my first hangover of the tour and took a minute to remember the events of last night. Went downstairs for breakfast and sat down with Christine. I will describe Christine as quiet, shy and very nice. It would take awhile but she would eventually be my favourite person from the tour. After breakfast it was time to load the bus for Switzerland. I had never been to Switzerland before so I was very excited.

It would be an 8 hour drive to Lauterbrunn, Switzerland so it was our longest ride of the tour. First time we were all on the bus and every seat was taken. We had a get to know you activity after the first bus stop. Most of us slept off the hangovers from the night before (common theme). Kate advised us she would play the same song (Feel so close to you by Calvin Harris) so that we would know when our next stop was. By the end of the tour we wired to wakeup when we heard that song. Seatmate for this leg was Christine and she was quiet, Doing crosswords for a lot of the drive but I did talk to

Schutzenbach Backpackers & Camping in Lauterbrunnen
her for a bit as well.

After first stop we had the customary going to the front of the bus and talking about ourselves. We had to answer 1. Our Name, 2. A bit about of ourselves 3. What we did as a living, 4. Who we would take to dinner if we could have anyone, 5. What we were looking forward to the most. Halfway through the bus Kate added the Stoplights as well. Which means if you are available on the bus so Redlight means NO, Yellow means MAYBE and Green means YES. It was not required but most people answered all the questions. I told people I was not much of a partier but I was called out as a liar by Shannon because she knew the events of the night before. I learned a lot of good information about people on the bus. As it turned out 25 people on the bus were with travelling with someone and 23 people were travelling alone like myself. We had 2 married couples (Greg, Megan Schuller)(Australia) ,(Paul, Alana)(New Zealand) and 1 dating couple (Jon, Jacqueline) (New Zealand).

Lunch was provided by Topdeck and was salad, fruit and

Megan Compston, Romy, Caitilin
bread. Dozed off but woke in time to see Swiss mountains for the first time. I was impressed by the beauty of Switzerland and it really was postcard quality views. Strangely I did not buy postcards while in Switzerland. Alright so than reached our destination Schutzenbach Backpackers & Camping in Lauterbrunnen. Lauterbrunnen means many falls and there were 3 waterfalls overlooking our camp grounds. We stayed in these cabins and the rooms were actually pretty good. Roommates in this one were MJ and Ken and myself. It would have been 4 people in the room but I mixed up the 4th guys name so we had a spare bed because of it.

Also at the camp were other Topdeck groups and some marines there for some survival training. To me it actually appeared they spent the time flexing their muscles and packing and unpacking their equipment.

Dinner was provided by Topdeck and was our first by the Topdeck chefs. The food from the chefs was always good and I had no trouble with it. Seated at my table were Sherri (Australia), Nardine (Australia), Jemma (Australia), Emma (Australia), Sam (Australia) and Ken. Sherry and Nardine are best friends travelling together and are both Egyptians whose families immigrated to Australia. I will describe both as lovely and fierce ladies. Jemma and Emma were best friends from a young age. Both of them were young, 20 years old and were going skydiving the next day. I talked to them a bit about it and I was impressed by how calm they were about it since they were going to jump out of a helicopter the tomorrow morning.

After dinner I grabbed a drink with some people outside reception. There was actually a bar on site at this camp so it saved everyone a lot of trouble of going into town to drink. After last night's drinking I had decided to go easy on the alcohol for the next few days. The bar was nice thought and a lot of people stayed there late into the night. I left early in the evening so I missed the marines making an appearance as well. I heard various tales of their behavior but the consistent one is that they attempted to talk some of the ladies to go back to their tents with them. Unfortunately for them there were no takers 😉

Tomorrow I would have a train ride up to Jungrau (Young Lady) mountain and 4 people were going skydiving from a helicopter. I had considered skydiving but ultimately chose to paraglide in Austria later in the tour.


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