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2nd March 2014

How are you, Hana?
Hi Hana. Been wondering how you are.... Are you still in Manila?
7th March 2014

highly appreciated!
hi tita lili! saw your tweet. i'm doing well, just returned to manila last night after 3.5 months in bohol -- for unicef's earthquake response. as much as i like the pace of life there, i love being home, i just realized that. maybe burn out. anyway, i'm back! how have you been? are you here sa 'pinas? let's meet up some time, if and when you're free.
22nd November 2013

This is my second visit in Basco. I saw those pics now in reality.. Awesome place..cool breeze.. good local people..great trip..
26th September 2013

Surfing Polillio and Jomalig Islands
Just came back from the Islands of Polillio and Jomalig. Spent a week out there searching for new surf spots. What I found, was a surfers paradise good for all levels of surfing. Sand breaks. Reef breaks. Gentle waves. Challenging waves. Waves everywhere. I cant wait to go back.
14th July 2013

when tears don't roll down
nice one!! bravo!! never knew that some of my words have given you strength to move on. ;) i was a bit teary reading this (maybe i have missed my ethiopian life too) but as i picture you saying these things and know how much you have learned, my smiles stopped my tears from rolling down. the world has so much to offer so we could become a better person that we ought to be.
8th July 2013

A beautiful experience
I never realized how you have appreciated your year-long stay in Assossa. I'm so amazed at your acceptance of a very different life from what you have been used to. When I read your story, I felt so blessed to have known you and at the same time, happy that someone appreciated the life, the people, the whole country, including the bad and the hard (like not getting all the food you want, traveling by bus all over the place and enjoying it, being by yourself in that far-away place, etc. etc...) Hope you come back again and continue giving of yourself.........
21st June 2013

19th June 2013
innocence is bliss

a tiny pebble could still create big ripples when thrown nicely into the water
Wonderful blog Hana...oh to be able to throw pebbles as you have done in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a jewel of Africa...you are a jewel of Ethiopia...may your pebbles thrown cause waves.
19th June 2013

Hani it is greet
when i read about your stay in ethiopia as well as in Assosa i feel different things that tuch me b/c you face alot here and also you know about Ethiopia greater than me ...i admire you Hana
19th June 2013

Not giving money to kids on the street (That's how they learn to beg. Please help them in another way.) --> I totally agree. Thanks for sharing your experience. Welcome home! x
18th June 2013

Life changes you...and as you said, you become a better you.
Tears filled my eyes as I read your story. You've grown and had innumerable experiences that will follow you for a lifetime. Thank goodness you had the strength and desire to take that first step. Your ripples will be felt for years to come. Life leads you where you need to go. Love to know what your next steps are. Hope our paths cross in the future. We'd love to meet you.
17th April 2013

I have enjoyed reading this and seeing pics. What an amazing experience - you capture it well and I get a sense of what it's like - bit of a roller coaster but compelling!! Sue
8th March 2013

You've piqued my interest in traveling to this part of the world
A good blog will make people imagine traveling along with you with interest and you have accomplished that. Love your back packer notes. Love your writing style.
8th March 2013

Great story
You can make a difference.
8th March 2013

The roads of Nepal need lots of work
Having been in Nepal recently we were shocked at the poor condition of the roads. We are not new to travel. We have a friend who has lived there for 30 years and he says the infrastructure is crumbling. Years of graft has stolen the money needed to repair the roads. We read an article where the Minister of Roads and transportation was interviewed to say that the roads are dangerous and hazardous...no kidding. He promised to have ALL of them fixed in one month. Ha! Not gonna happen in ten years. We enjoyed the beauty of Pokhara but an hour out of town Dave fell, hurt his back and broke some ribs. This prevented us from going on our two hikes. We had to improvise.
8th March 2013

Sorry you didn't get to see a Sadhu
Sorry you struggled with financial issues on the trip.
8th March 2013

One day we will get there
Enjoying your blogs.
8th March 2013

We love train travel
But you have not made this one sound so appealing...... our meds worked for the altitude while we were in Nepal and in Peru. Sounds like you had to suffer with several symptoms. With travel anything can happen and that is what makes it interesting.
8th March 2013

Simmering with excitement
Our philosophy is similar to yours in that it is a shrinking world. Go to all the far away places now while we still want to and can walk. At some point we won't want to deal with jet lag and squatty potties. We can see our country at that point (although) we've been to all 50 states. The point is ...go far and go often.
8th March 2013

Amazing photos
Thank you for taking the hike so we could see these photos.
8th March 2013

Beauty in the Philippines
We only had 3 weeks in the Philippines so we did not get to this part of the country. Maybe next time. You've done a nice job describing your visit.
8th March 2013

What a great story Hana
Dave and I were supposed to go to Tibet on this trip and our itinerary sounded very much like what your trip consisted of but as the time neared the Chinese government changed the rules and we were not given a visa. Hopefully in the future we will have this experience.
8th March 2013

Hello Hana,
We've been traveling and are just settling down so I've finally had time to read this blog. How fantastic!! You are doing such good work. You've taken some amazing photos and captured the essence of these people. Hope your days are busy and you are happy...most days. Thanks for caring about others.
26th November 2012
scars are symbol of beauty for the Berta people

Truly beautiful.
This is one of my favorite portraits from this blog. She looks so happy and the light just makes her face shine. Yes, she is truly beautiful. Great job!

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