Ashley Pedersen


Ashley Pedersen

We've handed in our notices, moved lodgers into our homes, stocked up on solar powered fairy lights and are hitting the road for 12 months to see what the rest of europe has to offer 😊

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro November 10th 2013

Oopsy, haven’t written in a while, not since the end of July and now we’re well into October (actually November by the time I finished writing this) time flies when you’re having fun! Our year is well over halfway through and we’re not ready to be thinking about coming home yet, as we are enjoying ourselves far too much! When I last wrote we were just about to leave Germany after spending some time in the beautiful South Germany countryside. We headed into France via the Black Forest then the Dijon area before arriving at La Roque Gageac in the Dordogne, roughly at the same time as the heat wave. You’ve not experienced 40 degree heat until you’ve experienced it living in a tin can with no electricity (so no fan or cold drinks/able to keep ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria July 30th 2013

We’ve had a busy month! We arrived in Hungary hopeful like the weather, after all the rain and the problems with flooding, the weather forecast was better and we were ready for the next part of our adventure! We headed first towards Lake Balaton the largest lake in central Europe, but after the luxury of the Croatia sea the murky water and over priced tourist paraphernalia left us disappointed so we decided to head to Budapest. A lot of campsites and camperstops have a price list near the entry, so we know what we are getting in to before we go inside and we have become quite wary of the ones that don’t because often enough they will just try and get as much money out of you as possible. When we arrived at our campsite ... read more
bombed out gas chamber

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 12th 2013

Hello! So the boat ride we were looking forward to when I last posted ended up being a total waste of time. It was around the Brijuni national park islands, which were pretty enough but the whole thing was totally boring and we didn’t get very close. I was driving so couldn’t help Ange polish off the litre of wine provided and had to stick to council pop instead!The sun was out for the duration though so it could have been worse, and at least Ange enjoyed herself! We decided we wanted to actually go on an island and make our own tour after the disappointing boat ride and headed for Krk which is the joint largest Adriatic island with its neighbour Cres. Totally easy to get to via a handy (and obviously costly) bridge and ... read more
croatia2 091
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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled May 25th 2013

Dober Dan/Bog/Ciao J After several lush sunny days by the pool in Ravenna we drove away from the beautiful sunshine and into torrential rain in Venice! The campsite we ended up at was fab, just a 15 minute bus ride from Venice and full of backpackers from places like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America. We had a couple of amusing nights at the bar with them, us unashamedly ignoring the skinny 40 something drunken ex-pat who kept shouting ‘I’m FROM Europe’ and starting fights with 20 year old guys from Australia. I’ve never really come across anyone when they’re actually back packing before though several friends have gone and I’ve always been quite jealous and thought it sounded fun. I always assumed two things however; one is that they actually had backpacks and not wheely ... read more
venice 008
venice 014
venice 021

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Foligno May 14th 2013

Hi! We’re currently just outside Ravenna in a dead posh campsite; its been a while since we stayed in a proper campsite that has things like showers and toilets and we needed one because we haven’t done any washing for over three weeks! We ran out of underwear a week or so ago and ended up washing clothes (as well as ourselves) in the trusty bucket. If I was writing hitch-hikers guide to Europe (as apposed to the galaxy) it would be a bucket not a towel that was my number 1 accessory and it has served us well. We just stopped at the first campsite we came across and its lovely, has a posh (and open) pool bar, restaurant, shop, fruit n veg market thing, clean showers with hot running water; I’m in heaven! It ... read more
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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca April 22nd 2013

Ciao! We’ve been in Italy for two weeks now and are living on a diet of pizza, risotto, pasta and ice cream (and our first BBQ of the trip!) which is gorgeous but I imagine will show on the scales! Italy seems to be much faster passed than France, still with the long lunches where everything closes down from 12-4, bigger waist lines and scarier roads! We thought that French drivers were a bit mental….but all is forgiven! A lot of the roads here seem to have lost their markings, their edges, and the resulting free for all can be interesting especially as everyone’s in a rush (but then the shops do close at midday!). The language thing is harder too, as even though before we left I would have said I couldn’t speak a word ... read more

Europe April 7th 2013

Tuesday 26.3.13 Very eventful day in Aramits. Started off perfect, though its rained constantly on and off over the past few days, the morning seem to be pretty clear and we made the most of it by trawling up a very steep hill (mountain) to walk back down it again into some gorges! Was very pretty and saw lots of nice waterfalls and caves in lakes, and drank lots and lots of very fresh mountain water. With hindsight we could have easily anticipated the situation we now found ourselves in as we had chosen to camp on a grass pitch, on a deserted site, that backed onto a bloated river, where it was raining a lot! When we got back, tired and ready for a brew we started backing into our spot, in our fully loaded ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux March 25th 2013

FRIDAY 15th March Finally some sun! Today we cycled along the Loire river about 10k to a little town where people make pottery in caves (and apple cake!). The cycle route was amazing winding from the river through old cave dwellings from the middle ages and across vine yards with incredible views. About 6-7km in though I decided my back tyre needed inflating a little...and promptly let out the rest of the air! Ok so I couldn't work out the pump at all and was a bit worried about walking home pushing the bike but luckily Ange is a complete genius and saved the day :) We cycled home with bread and wine in the basket and the sun on our face's....a perfect day! SATURDAY Feeling confident from our expedition yesterday we cycled to the Ackerman ... read more
Cycle path Loire1
Cycle path Loire2
Cycling Loire

Europe » France » Île-de-France March 14th 2013

Friday 8:3:13 Finally on our way!! We've spent a week getting the van sorted (thanks dad!) waiting for credit cards and travel ex cards to come through and going out for drinks and toooo much yummy food with friends and family-even managed to squeeze in a few days in Carlilsle with the lovely Penny and Family :D Took our little cat to live in Brighton for the year with my gorgous couisins Gilly and Ewan and spent the night at Anges dad's too nervous and excited to sleep! The fog around Brighton/Dover did little to dampen our excitement though when we finally (after forgetting where on the bloody ferry the van was) drove off at Calais into yet more fog...and rain...we were thankful that we had researched a campsite for the first night so that we ... read more
on our way to dover!

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