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2nd December 2013

Oh those lovely hot sunny days!
Lovely to read and see what you've been doing. Hope you are managing to keep warm in Austria!
23rd September 2013

Journey so far.
Fab pics and blog - looking forward to the Spanish entries!! Love to you both - Ma. xx
4th October 2013

Didn't realise I could respond to your comments (and not sure if I'm doing it right!) but thanks everyone for your lovely comments on the blog :) Kelly, Krakow was really beautiful and deff worth a visit but other than that we didn't go anywhere in Poland really though I would like to in future :) Prague was pretty ace too, think the castle is prob the best thing to see there except we didn't make it inside cuz I was poorly! XXX
17th September 2013

Wow. You are really having a good time in your travels. After reading your post, I noticed that you covered a lot of countries. Did you visit any beautiful places in Poland? I know that Prague has many beautiful buildings. Which one is your favourite in that city?
5th August 2013

Berlin & more
Lovely write-up and super pictures. Have a great time with the family in Spain. xxxx
30th July 2013

You do a good blog darling
See you next week x
16th June 2013

You lucky things! Croatia looks stunning and you both have the "outdoor look". Continue to have fun xxxx
From Blog: Croatia!
7th June 2013

from the umbrian couple
hi just read the lines talking us about us.nice words.thanks. let us know what about you, we were worrying about the bad weather and fancied you were in the nearby prag or germany or poland, where rivers flowed that dangerously out. wish you are safe and enyojing the tour wherever you are at the moment. kisses ciao remigio maria
From Blog: Food and friends
2nd June 2013

Dober Dan
My internet connection is intermittent but today I saw all your wonderful photos - lovely. Hope the weather has improved! Love Ma xx
From Blog: Dober Dan
26th May 2013

Great photos!
Hi Ash and Angie looks like your having a great time The photos are great! x Mum
From Blog: Dober Dan
25th April 2013

I will continue to say that I love your blog and i now want to go out and buy a pizza for my tea after reading this! hope you are having an amazing tiiiime! XXXXXX
From Blog: Muddy hell!
22nd April 2013

Green with envy
So glad you're having a fab time. Love hearing the updates and can't wait to catch up with you sometime in August. All my exams will be over by then and I'll be in the mood to celebrate. love you two and miss you loads. Pen x x x
From Blog: Italia!
22nd April 2013

Sounds great,I love Italy -watch out for moped riders in Rome they are crazy x mum
From Blog: Italia!
22nd April 2013

Ciao xx
So glad to hear your enjoying the all sounds great, keep the updates coming xxx
From Blog: Italia!
11th April 2013

Muddy hell to scenic heaven
Love reading your travelogue and so glad you are having such a great time. xx
From Blog: Muddy hell!
5th April 2013

Lovely snaps of your travels and good write up of each day's events. You're seeking out lots of caves to explore - watch out for the bats!! Can't wait for the next installment. Loads of love xxxx.
From Blog: Southward bound
25th March 2013

Awning looks good! Fancy not being able to pump up your tyre! Tons of snow here! x Mum
From Blog: Southward bound
16th March 2013

Lucky Lucky Girls
Ashley you look so much like your mum in some of those photos that if I had not met up with her and your pa for a drink last night (watching and listening to the lovely Lauren Wright in the Severn Vue Bar in Worcester), I would swear it was she who had gone travelling.. Am loving your Blog girls; keep it up, then turn it into a book before you sell the film rights when you get back.... :-) Love Dee J (young college friend of your mum!) xxx
From Blog: Snow way!!
15th March 2013

Hey u two,so glad u having a good time,you can keep the snow lol.Bet your eyes have been opened with how people behave but dont let that get u down you both are living the dream.Stay safe girls,been a good read so far xx
15th March 2013

"Epic" start! :-)
Your first days are sounding both awesome and testing but hey at least you're not in stoke! lol! your photos look like you're in the arctic! Glad you are both safe and enjoying your travels so far! I have signed up to this site so I get all your updates emailed as I think your journey will be very entertaining for me to read! Have fun ladies keep living the dream! :-) xxx
15th March 2013

Wow! What a great start! Can't do much about the weather but hopefully Spring is just around the corner! I've travelled the Loire Valley and seen those fantastic cave houses. Beware those pesky pick pockets in all European cities, like you said it's all managed by gangsters, so keep your bumbag close at all times! Stay safe and Enjoy xx S
From Blog: Snow way!!
15th March 2013

Snow Melt
Great blog Ashe & Ange and some really good photos of the places you've been to. You have met some low-life, but I bet the kindness of strangers will be one of your abiding memories of your epic travels. Loads of love Ma & Tel xx
From Blog: Snow way!!
14th March 2013

Omg look at all the snow you sound like you are having a fab time keep us posted
From Blog: Snow way!!
14th March 2013

Fab news!
Like are both very much in our thoughts! Glad you are safe and have survived shit weather and pickpockets! Pls stay safe and keep us posted! Love you both loads fanni and sazzle xxxxxxxxxx
From Blog: Snow way!!
14th March 2013

Yay xx
I was only saying today I wondered how you were getting on. So glad your big adventure is off to a flying start, keep us posted xxxx
From Blog: Snow way!!

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