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Elizabeth Joy Moore

"If you always do what you've always done...
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Leaving Flagstaff we crossed massive dams and barren dessert landscapes. Traveling from northern Arizona into Southwestern Utah, we landed in Zion National Park. Zion. How do you explain Zion? You don’t. You go see Zion. So I’ll do my best but you must visit this place. The Grand Canyon rocked my world, but I’ve never seen or known of anything like Zion. Imagine swirly, fast moving, deep water. Then imagine it frozen in time – not as ice, but as though you could stop a crashing wave for one moment and get a good look at its detail. You might notice the lines, where they are parallel and where they cross. You see round, rolling, globe like waves and sharp jagged ones. Maybe some look to be in unison and some fight and crash ... read more
Angel's Landing Chains
Angel's Landing Hike to its Peak
Entering the Narrows

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon April 30th 2012

Heading west through New Mexico toward Arizona, we decided to follow a highway sign to check out “The Petrified Forest National Park”. An excellent detour right off route 40. Matt and I imagined traveling across these lands for the first time and happening upon these wide dark canyons- you simply can’t tell they're there until you’re right upon them. A short drive in the park brings you through 13,000 years of history- petrogylphs and late Triassic fossils. At one stop we found an incredible landscape laden with stump after stump of colorful petrified wood. This ‘wood’ is now almost solid quartz, and weighing in at 168 pounds per cubic foot, it can only be cut with a diamond tipped saw. Insane, and hard to believe until you run your hands across it. Continuing on we arrived ... read more
Lizard on Petrified Wood
Sedona, AZ.
Rainbow at GC

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans April 23rd 2012

Passing through the coastal landscapes of Alabama and Mississippi, we arrived to New Orleans on a rainy afternoon after spending one night in a beautiful national park in western Florida where we found stark white beaches made of pure quartz that squeaked under our feet… apparently because of how fine ground the sand is. This was a first visit for both of us, and the most immediate thing we noticed was how much New Orleans looks and feels like a European city. Understandably so – first founded by the French in the early 18th century, New Orleans has kept its French flavor through the architecture and design of downtown, and among its many homes just outside the city. Brilliant. If you want the feel of European flare without actually traveling to Europe, visit New Orleans! It ... read more
In the Bayou
New Orleans
New Orleans

North America » United States » Florida » West Palm Beach April 15th 2012

So. A little hiatus in my travels since I last wrote. For those who don’t know, I paused in Maryland for a few good reasons: to build on my relationship with extended family and work for a bit in Outdoor Adventure at a small University. I now find myself back on the road with my friend Matt, and a similar focus as I had this previous fall - to discover more of our fine country. (I recognize this is a small amount of information to explain the last 5 months. For those that would like more detail feel free to ask.) Leaving Emmitsburg in April, we first stopped in Asheville, NC. A beautiful town set in the middle of the sharp, tall, lush green mountains of the Blue Ridge and the Great Smokey ranges. Here we ... read more
The Seekers
First campsite-Asheville, NC
Good local food in Asheville

North America » United States » New York November 11th 2011

Departing Boston... not so much fun. Three treacherous hours of snow driving is certainly one way to put a new car to the test. But walking the last few hundred yards through soft deep snow to arrive at a 'dance party' with High 5 crew and friends, was well worth it. I can't remember such a large snowstorm before Halloween. However it didn't deter children and adults alike from taking the chance to costume up the following day and march proudly through the streets of Peterborough. A couple of sunny days with a friend passing out candy, walking old snowy roads, sharing good food and in good company at her lovely home in southern NH, was definitely appreciated. Passing through Massachusetts (where I experienced the stereotype of Mass. drivers to be unfortunately true), I toured a ... read more
Halloween Hats
Camp Eli
Mile 23

North America » United States » New Hampshire October 30th 2011

Leaving a home. Leaving everything that I’ve come to believe was safe over the last four years... with the first snow, as if the weather spoke for me. Car packed, I stopped at a local apple orchard that I visited just a month ago, delighting in fresh tart apples and tasting samples of hard cider under a tent which now threatens to cave in on any daring customer. The sun, still low in the morning sky, was just enough to highlight the snowcapped apple trees and weaken the snow’s grip on the surrounding roofs. My journey begins. To where you ask? Who knows. Leaving this fresh snow and facing the southern landscape, I wonder what awaits and how I should feel about this sudden change. Freedom, fear, excitement, remorse? How about I find some morning grub... ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina February 4th 2009

I can skip over Nazca, the mysterious pre-Inca lines and a dis-heartening bus ride to Ica, because now I see it all as the path which led me to Huacachina. Again, I find a lack of words to describe a place which now only exists in my dreams, however Huacachina deserves mentioning, at the least. A short taxi ride from Ica and you enter the small village, where everybody knows each others business and they all seem grateful for every day that they spend in this marvelous oasis. A beautiful, however artificially made water whole is the center of this town, just as many 'Plaza de Armas´' are the center of most Peruvian city's. The tiny village of restaurants, small 'shack' shops, and hotels hug the Acacia and Palm surrounded oasis while giant dunes sit behind ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa January 31st 2009

Hola mis amigos, It has been a week since the trek yet the images from Machu Picchu still swirl through my head. I left you one week ago when we hopped a bus to Puno (Lake Titicaca) which took a beautiful ride through yellow flowered land and rolling snow capped mountains. Along the way we visited different artisan shops and small towns of different character. The most obvious difference was their churches. One catholic church dubbed the ´sistine chapel´of Peru also had other influences such as a giant Islamic star which was carved into the ceiling... a striking contrast. Another church was quite large, dark and seemingly abandoned which happened to mirror the feel of the town. I noticed the floors and walls were crumbling as I stepped in small pot holes, and any art work ... read more
Local Music
Los Uros

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail January 23rd 2009

The Inca trail certainly has its touristy moments, but fortunately that´s not what lasts in my memory. Nothing I write can clearly explain what those four days were like, but I´ll give it a try. Our group of 16 ´trekies´ took off monday at 6am to begin our four day journey. We consisted of 6 americans, 2 french canadians, 1 maritime canadian, 3 brits, and 4 aussies. We were definitely a group of gringos but from very different backgrounds and of very different ages, the youngest being 21 and the eldest, 57. The fascinating thing is that the team of porters guides and cooks from our company´Peru Treks´outnumbered us. We had 2 guides, 2 chefs and 20 porters (who carried the gear for each camp site). The team was insane and fantastic...i´ll explain later. After stopping ... read more
Flora Along Inca Trail
At 13,040 Feet!!

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco January 18th 2009

I can safely say I would never choose to repeat the same passage from Huancayo to Cusco that I did last week. Last tuesday afternoon the 3 of us left a teary eyed family to take a 9 hour car ride through the middle of Peru and arrive in Ayacucho by 8pm. Although choosing to travel by car instead of using a cheaper bus made the ride much safer and cut down on our traveling time, it was not a ride for the weak in stomach. However, we were able to stop anywhere along the way for food or photos. We tried different fruits which were sold by children standing along the road and saw many tiny villages full of both working and playing people (usually volleyball...it is huge here). We also had the excitement of ... read more
Day 1 of 3
The Roads...

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