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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hamilton August 16th 2006

We got 3rd!... and move on to the finals which are friday night. I don't have the pictures yet to prove it, which is why I've been holding off on this entry, but they are soon to come, and thought an update might be nice since I'm sure you were all dying to know how it went. ;) I took a video of it...quite hilarious, and quite honestly, I am shocked we did so well. The 2 teams that beat us were professional dancers from Auckland and Tauranga. If by 'professional' you are thinking.....hmmm, probably spinning on theirs heads and doing single handed hops and flips, well then.... you would be correct. And if I may state the obvious, I am not a professional. hah It was quite an interesting Hamilton outing, actually. We waited ... read more
another view
Looking East

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island August 7th 2006

Break out a map of New Zealand and check out 'Okahune', a small ski town at the foot of the breathtaking volcanoe 'Ruapehu' you see to the right. It took us 3 hours to drive down from Hamilton, passing many cows and even more sheep, (no kidding (Joan)...there are 4 million people in New Zealand: compared to 60 million sheep....too bad they haven't figured out a way to use them as some means of transportation...think about it...15 sheep for every single person, not to mention the comfy would destroy the car industry) Ruapehu was beautiful, and wet, as we climbed the steep banks to the dark riggid rocks that jet out, but only found one way down...on the bum of course. Mardi Gras took place in Okahune this weekend, so the slopes were packed, and ... read more
A Cliff's Edge
Steep slopes of Ruapehu
Color at waterfalls edge

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hamilton July 17th 2006

It's been quite a start that began with me as a dirty, homeless, hungry, naive, and distressed United States Citizen, but has upgraded me to the status of a clean, fully fed, slightly more educated, temporary daughter of one of the Universities librarians and her husband, from New Zealand. For those of you who have not gotten the story, my travel and arrival days in short, consisted of: no sleep due to loud 16 year old Americans sitting behind me (that were traveling to Australia to drink, none the less), no entertainment due to having the only broken video machinery on the entire plane, lost luggage on arrival, a lost ride to Hamilton due to Quantas mis-informing them I had not made my flight, discovering less than acceptable living arrangements on arrival to Hamilton, and finding ... read more
Helen and I
New Zealand Landscape

It's funny that we tend to appreciate where we are more, when we know we are leaving, or have left and come back. I've spent my last few days in NH trying to visit those spots and see those sights that have come to be my favorites, or that have been 'spots of refuge' for me in the last 2 years. So, yes.... I know this incredible tree is dead, but there is something beautiful in a dead tree. You can see all the detail that the leaves or flowers have been hiding for so many years. Enjoy the grand summer that New England offers. Now, taking off across land and much water towards a New Zealand destination, I realize that because of a time change, Saturday, July 8th will not exist for me...crazy. eh, who ... read more

North America July 7th 2006

Visited Countries Map ... read more

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