North America » United States » Wisconsin » Kenosha April 12th 2011

4/6/2011 - The first official ride of the season and the weather was a balmy 53 degrees. No chaps or heavy gloves. All I wore was a jacket, jeans, and thin summer gloves. I just planned on getting the three closest towns, but it was so nice to be back on the bike again, I wasn't ready to turn around. After getting Paddock Lake, Silver Lake, and Twin Lakes, I ventured over the border into Illinois to get Spring Grove. It's less than 10 miles away, no big deal. At the fork in the road, I opted to go east and got Fox Lake instead. Realizing it was getting late, I headed back. It was a bit nippy at this point. The hand warmers on the bike weren't helping. By the time I got back, I ... read more
Paddock Lake, WI
Silver Lake, WI
Twin Lakes, WI

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Kenosha February 20th 2011

This year's motorcycle plans is shapely up nicely. I am participating in two riding tours. This first one is just like last year's Titanic Tour except that the theme is "An Affair with Water." I have to find towns that have some form of water in the town name. Some examples are: Watertown, Green Bay, Silver Lake, and Spring Grove. For those of you who were following last year, I ended up with a total of 82 towns and finished 29th out of 106. Not bad considering the goal was just to get 50. The first place finisher got 600! I am also participating in the Tour of Honor to remember those who have served. The goal is to visit 7 pre-selected memorials in each of the 8 states on the tour. I'll be riding in ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Shawano August 20th 2010

7/19/2010 - 7/25/2010. Day 1 - Immediately following the Spook Cave trip, I was off to the north with my husband for a week's vacation. We are staying at mom and dad's place which is a nice little piece of pure relaxation. A river surrounding the property, a fire pit, and plenty of mosquitos to suck us dry, the house is a perfect place to hang out for a few days. We left Monday morning and took the highway to get some fast miles behind us. With the city behind us, we got off the interstate and headed north on the Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive. Riding past the lakes and enjoying the smell of the pine trees, we found our way to Parnell Tower and hiked up the gazillion stairs for hazy view of the countryside. ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa August 15th 2010

July 17-18th. Girls Weekend! My friend Ingrid thought of the idea to go camping at Spook Cave located in McGregor, Iowa which is about 10 miles east from Prairie Du Chien, WI. I visited there before and did a cave tour, but never stayed the night. 5 ladies are in attendance for this overnight expedition: Ingrid, Penny, Lisa, Patty, and myself. We all met at Ingrid's place in Elmhurst, IL which is about an hour ride for me. We get on our way with Ingrid leading the pack. We follow North Avenue with another group of motorcycles in front of us. As we ride this great road, I watch the tons and bergs fly by me. No stopping this time, but I'll be back. We made it to the Mississippi River and rode the Great River ... read more
View of Mississippi River
View of Mississippi River 2
The Group

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Cedarburg August 15th 2010

July 10, 2010. Hubby and I set off to the near north to grab some more tons and bergs. The highlight of the trip was Cedarburg where we stopped to sample some wines and ate lunch. We ate at Maxwell's and had fabulous burgers with special seasoned fries. Very yummy! There was some rain in the area, but we managed to miss it. All we found were some wet roads. I bagged Hamilton, Cedarburg, Grafton, Port Washington, Newburg, Trenton, Allenton, and Huilsburg. 180 miles. ... read more
Hamilton 42
Cedarburg 43JPG
Port Washington 45

North America » United States » Illinois » Barrington July 31st 2010

June 19th. I just rode through the Barrington area to collect some "tons". Does anyone know if Barrington Woods counts as a town? Total mileage - 145. ... read more
Port Barrington 36
Lake Barrington 37
North Barrington 38

North America » United States » Iowa » Dubuque July 29th 2010

June 11-13th. Another 3-day weekend! For this trip, I ride with my friend Ingrid to her friends' place in Guttenberg located in Iowa. We are both doing the contest so it was a perfect opportunity to get some tons and bergs along the way. The plan was to ride to Iowa on Friday, go canoeing on Saturday, and ride back on Sunday. The trip didn't exactly go as planned, but it was most certainly an adventure. We met in Beloit, WI and headed west. Our first stop was Darlington. This town was a milestone for me because it is #25. Yeah! I get a shirt for my efforts. Livingston was next, followed by Bloomington. We crossed the Mississippi in Praire Du Chien and got Clayton, Farmersburg, Clayton Center, and finally Guttenberg in Iowa. We made it ... read more
Darlington 25
Livingston 26
Bloomington 27

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Shawano July 14th 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - 5/28-5/29. Who hoo! Took the Friday off from work to enjoy a wonderful 4 day weekend. Hubby and I are going up north for an overnight getaway at mom and dad's place. Since we are sleeping in a tent, we had to load up the bikes with all the essentials for a camping trip: tent, camping pad, sleeping bags, and flash light. There wasn't any room at the inn. The traffic going out was thick going through the city, but finally thinned out as we reached no man's land. Oostburg was the first burg of the day and a nice place for lunch. Stopped at the local pizza joint for a quick bite to eat. After Oostburg, we found Newton, Hayton, Chilton, and Anston. No luck on Charlesburg. Finally made it to ... read more
Oostburg  17
Newton 18
Hayton 19

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Watertown July 12th 2010

5/23/2010 - I call this route "Around the Lakes" because there are quite a few nice size lakes in this area. I love the Kettle Moraine Area. My grandpa would take me ice fishing on Pewaukee Lake when I was a little and boating in the summer. In high school, I would run on the trails with the cross country team. As an adult, I enjoy the scenary on rides with lots of trees and surprising curves. When I'm in the area, I always hike up Lapham Peak observation tower. A beautiful view of Pewaukee Lake and beyond. On this trip, I travel alone. I passed through New Berlin to stop by Renegade's Classic to check out some motorcycle stuff. Since I got a new bike, I'm looking for a windshield or tank bag. I need ... read more
Merton 14
Grellton 15
Farmington 16

5/22/2010 - On this trip, I ventured out on my own. I actually like to ride alone as it gives me the freedom to take my time and make any pit stop I want. If I get lost or circle around the same area a few times looking for the all important sign, no one can complain. I head down Sheridan road and enjoy all the beautiful homes along Sheridan & Green Bay. Evanston was the first stop. The next place was Morton Grove. I missed the town sign and ended up finding the post office after a lap around the neighborhood. My next stop was Arlington Heights. I found the town sign, but again on a busy road and no where to pull over. I programmed the GPS and off to the post office I ... read more
Evanston 10
Morton Grove 11
Arlington Heights 12

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