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Hello blog gegs

We are a couple of loved up rogues on the first syage of our worldly journey into the unknown pastures of south America.
We have a Passion for love happiness and the company of laughter.
Bring on the fun, the bewilderment and sheer energy from the world we so luckily live in!
Here's our dreamy journey in words.
Georgi and Webbs

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Khong November 24th 2012

Hello readers, Georgi here, This blog is to update you on our journey into the upper most parts of Thailand. A place of beauty, encapturing sights, and one of the last known hippy freelands out there. In the north, life is not governed by tourist police and pad thai vendors. No. It is floating on a river of satisfaction, flowing free and easy. The lack of ping pong shows, and umskur ridden walk ways allows one to observe the beauties, rather than just avoiding the nasties. Dont get me wrong, i love Bangkok, in all its rush hour glory, but the ability to seek silence when you need it, and a party when you feel like it, is a luxury only felt in the higher realms of Thailand. We stayed in Giant guesthouse 2 in Chiang ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay November 12th 2012

webby here. So we'd left our english hideout for the asian landsers of wonders and blessings. Via cairo. A nice steady flight, seeming to fly by, excuse the pun. we arrived in the heady and hectic ci of Bangkok. A short taxi drive and we arrived in Song Chakram, a quick walk from the infamous and sticky, sweaty pad thai ridden streets of Koh san. Jonny and adele arrived that eve, just after G and I had had a quick mooch, quick ale and a bite to eat. This allowed for us to go straight on the beer as they arrived, or rather we hunted them down! A few beers and some more grubs past, this is where my evening ended, as sensibly (for once) i went for a kip, feeling the booze and jet lag ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail October 30th 2012

Hello dear readers, Georgi here Apologies about the huge blog gap, but we shall try and remember what we did in those last few days of our latino haze... Following our mountain adventures, we decided to chill out in cusco before our grand finale - the inca trail to macchu picchu. Cusco is tourist town 4000! Socks and sandals, mcdonalds wrappers (in andys pockets) lamas on everything saleable, and a flotsom of languages sailing through the clean mountain air. It was nice, but after experiencing the true beauties and hidden treasures of this continent, it was slightly overwhelming to be stampeded by a 20 strong group of skandanavian tourists, being lead by a rather stressed looking guide waving a 'we love cusco' flag franticly, and hoping to God the more senile members didnt get lost and ... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota September 14th 2012

Webby here...Apart from our trip down G bar nostalgia lane, catagena was not that great as G describes "a Carribean Blackpool without the candy floss", more like crack pool, judging by the vagrants that wander the shore lines. With this tingling in our minds, we left the murky shores and cast iron statues behind, much like the slaves that were freed there all those years ago and set sail (via a bus) to pastures newer, and greener, and as we were to find out, colder...Bogota, the Colombian capital was to be our destination, a hive of activity, fuelled with peace rally's, markets, cheap food and accommodation and McDonald's, which has still escaped my grasp despite my longing for a quarter pounder, they even tease me with an advert, played constantly on the television out here, it ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima September 2nd 2012

Hi peeps. This ones going to be a biggy, as we've been a bit lazy and not updated you since we were in copacabana, Bolivia. We are now in northern Colombia sippin a couple of Aguila, and listening to some g bar hits, which our current hostel host is banging out. So back to travel fun, following lake titticaca, we headed over to Peru in order to skip hop and jump right up to Colombia. This however turned out to be a little difficult, as our attempt to leave Bolivia failed hugely as we mounted the wrong bus and went back on ourselves. Oops. Not our fault of course, some crazy guy with beautifully long shiny hair took our bags in a huge hurry, and when I asked if this was the bus for puna in ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Isla del Sol August 25th 2012

The journey to lake titticaca was as pleasant as can be.. We arrived at copacabana, a small town that sits on the Bolivian coast.Its a bohemian wonderland with an array of taxi boats all begging you for your custom, the particular custom being to bounce you over to the isle de sol. Now, when most people think of the isle de sol, they think of the indegionous people who live on the island, the sacraficial henge, the religious importance it has, and the beautiful surroundings.. My first thoughts were.. boss place to go camping :) and in my exuberance to finally get the tent out thought the island would be a popular place for such excursions, but after arriving at the north port of the island and walking up hill for 2 hours with 20 kg ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque August 18th 2012

Hello, webby here, it's been a while since we last posted something, if my hazy memory serves it was to do with a wobbly bus journey to la Paz! Much has happened since then, again bus journeys feature greatly, far to much for my liking! We liked la Paz, it was fun, I ate lots of meat, a veggie regresstion, waswasnice and fun, I had a huge wry rare steak, G had soup... Our temptation for low lying oxygen rich air was too much to avoidao we headed for the low lying Bolivian rainforest rich pastures of rurrenbaque! We bussed up again in La Paz in search of ray mears style jungle fun, the road there was beautiful, beyond words, the scenery lush green, luminescent undergrowth, birds soaring and circling, rivers eeking their way through the ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 2nd 2012

In a desperate state of despair, we had to leave Potosi. Although pleasant in many ways, one could loose the will to live as boredom sets in heavily just 4 hours after arriving. Potosi is famous for its silver mines, but if you don't fancy taking a mine tour (which both of us did not, after having visited several of the beasts in our country by force of academic conditioning) there is naff all else to do! Andys list of 'fun' things to do in potosi: 1. Befriend stray dogs. One such dog, which I named jeff and G named toffee, so as an amalgamation of the two names the vagrant flea bag was christened joffee! Joffee was a pleasant wee beast, after we befriended him he became very protective, overly protective to be honest and ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni July 29th 2012

And here's all of us thinking andy was thin.. You wait till your 5,890 m above sea level. Tieing your shoelaces turns into a small marathon. And don't even get me started on stairs! In the latest part of our trip we have covered the attacama desert from San pedro, through the Andes into southern Bolivia. Current position: the party town of potosi, they don't need bars they just loose all their morals out on the streets. Cracking lot! We went up mountains. ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago July 19th 2012

So, we arrived safe and sound, and after trying to negotiate with Andy that he should carry all the bags everywhere because he loves me. I lost. Put on my rucksack and departed Santiago airport. First thoughts were "Wow.. this place looks like Spain" but on further observation, and once the Andes were in full view, the only thing Spanish were the road signs. There is something truly magical about the Andes, even when you look out to them, and your view is slightly obstructed by an oversized 80s looking highrise. The skies are blue, the air is fresh, but the Andes are giving off a rather festive glow, as they are sprinkled with snow (NOT heavy clouds, which was my first guess without my glasses on) Arriving at our first hostel was not as dreamy ... read more

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