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July 29th 2012
Published: July 29th 2012
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And here's all of us thinking andy was thin.. You wait till your 5,890 m above sea level.

Tieing your shoelaces turns into a small marathon. And don't even get me started on stairs!

In the latest part of our trip we have covered the attacama desert from San pedro, through the Andes into southern Bolivia. Current position: the party town of potosi, they don't need bars they just loose all their morals out on the streets. Cracking lot!

We went up mountains. <-- webbys contribution

You'll have to wait for some pics I'm afraid, but we've seen some 'wee ya pants' good stuff. Sunsets in an array of pinks, purples and corals. The kind of shots you've seen on planet earth, and wanted to become bezzies with David Attenborough just so you could see them up close. All except the de capatated flamingo I caught sight of whilst strolling along the Laguna colarada. (red Laguna)

Sometimes the desert got cold. <-- webbys contribution

Thank you for your contribution webby, yes the desert was bloody freezing. Which confused the hell out me. How is one supposed to get a sun tan when the only skin on show is the end of your nose, and occasionally a finger.

So far we've commandeered a couple of icelandics, a pair of Bavarian beer guzzlers of the feminine variety, and franky loco a Spanish spectacular who's been keeping brasil lit for the last year with a constant wave of off the wall boat parties.

I like the warmth an alpaca blanket delivers. <-- webbys contribution

Lamas are funny looking. If you ever feel sad, get your ass to lama pastures and all your troubles will fade away. Also, Bolivian adverts don't make sense. I was watching one yesterday which starred a boy of about 4 running around with a fully grown moustache that any movember enthusiast would be proud of. It turns out the advert was about a doll that did no. 2's. And on that note I shall leave you.

Love to you all

Our next stop is la Paz, so if you don't hear from me. Webbys sold me to an inmate at San pedro prison for an anti sickness tablet. Bless him and his altitude dramatics hehe!!

Peace! X


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