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July 19th 2012
Published: July 19th 2012
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So, we arrived safe and sound, and after trying to negotiate with Andy that he should carry all the bags everywhere because he loves me. I lost. Put on my rucksack and departed Santiago airport.

First thoughts were "Wow.. this place looks like Spain" but on further observation, and once the Andes were in full view, the only thing Spanish were the road signs.

There is something truly magical about the Andes, even when you look out to them, and your view is slightly obstructed by an oversized 80s looking highrise. The skies are blue, the air is fresh, but the Andes are giving off a rather festive glow, as they are sprinkled with snow (NOT heavy clouds, which was my first guess without my glasses on)

Arriving at our first hostel was not as dreamy as our beautiful scenery, as our taxi driver had absolutely no idea where he was going, and tried to convince me i had made up a road name, which of course i hadnt. Plus, if i was to make up a road name, it would be alot more adventurous than "Brasil" surely.. Unicorn way atleast..

Eventually however!! we made it, and no wonder we couldnt find it.. it was camoflauged like most of the city in epic graffitti, with the smallest house number scrawled into a crany in the corner. "goodbye angry taxi man! Hello boss temporary house"

Nuevo Horizonte is the name of our hostel, i have no idea what it means, but it has been epic fun staying here!! We have made friends with an array of South American eccentrics, who have welcomed us with bizarre handshakes and Cerveza!!! Our defo favourite has been Faz, a graffitti artist, hiphop loving cool guy from the Santiago ghetto, who we would like to bring home if passport and luggage control wasnt so god damn strict these days!! So so! We shall have to settle for mere photos and a penpal status.

Getting around Santiago with our trusty local map has been interesting.. As the maps here are more of a bodged treasure hunt of sorts. In that they have absolutely no idea where theyre going themselves!! Webby is convinced they have been printed upside down, but i think that would be giving them too much credit!

After many Uturns however.. we have managed to suss out the underground, and float around some beautiful parks. One of which you werent allowed to step on the grass, which confused me greatly. Another was a picturesque beauty, (sadly surrounded by a themepark) called the park of Tibet, which i think specialised in Gringo bullying, as a toddler continuously mauled me with a ball (im convinced webby was in on it too!)

And this be our journey so far..

Apologies for the lack of ludicrous tales of debauchery, but please note we have been away a mere 3 days..

This evening we travel North, on a rather sketchy looking bus to the magical Attacama desert in Belize, San Pedro. I have literally just read the reviews of the hostel i have booked for us, and the highest rating is a whopping 34%..Wish us luck!

Chao for now xxx


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