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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 29th 2013

Today was basically set up to be devoted to IBM Argentina. The morning was spent at their downtown office talking with the Director of Operations and the CFO. It was fascinating getting an out of country headquarter perspective on challenges they face with the difficulties given by the current government situation. They went through something similar in Venezuela so they did a lot of comparing to that in how they were working through these issues. After a brief lunch in their cafeteria, we headed to their Martinez location for a talk about accounting. An unspectacular discussion, but I did get to hand over the thank you gifts to the presenters. The bus ride home was spent with our groups in discussion and planning a presentation on our scenario. Our topic was to plan how our mid-sized ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 28th 2013

Wednesday started at Globant, a mid-sized IT company known for offering innovative services and solutions. In the past ten years the company was started and has grown to over 3,000 employees. Though headquartered here in Buenos Aires, the company has clients and offices all over the world. Some of their largest clients are in the US, like Google and Sears. The unique studio organization style allows a more casual atmosphere to promote collaboration. The company's success, especially despite the political and economic struggles, have made Globant a popular case study for many universities. The building and cultures have the air of Google especially with the casual lounge areas, glass conference rooms, and even a ball pit (like the kind you see at McDonald's Kid Fun Zones). On our way back to the hotel after the company ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 27th 2013

Today the focus was on cultural experiences for class. The bus took us to the city of San Isidro where we could see the river Rio de la Plata, the San Isidro cathedral, and the mall at the site of the old train line. On the way, the guide Gloria gave us all kinds of random information about Argentina. For example, the gaucho or'Argentina cowboy' didn't carry a gun but a big knife called a facon. Still today you can buy these knives-it is popular to bring your own to BBQs. Also the name for the city came from the Saint sailors brought with to keep them safe. The river near the city, Rio de la Plata, is the widest river in the world reaching 130 miles wide at its mouth. We also passed the President's ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 26th 2013

The day began at the US Embassy listening to a presentation from the business director on the challenges US companies face in trying to manage the Argentina markets. The latest industry that companies from the United States focus on is agriculture equipment and technologies. It had been very difficult for him to assist companies in planning for what they can do here due to the constantly changing policies in Argentina and the lack of structure or direction that they are going. He is looking forward to a new person in office in two years. Despite the import/export restrictions, the Argentine government like US companies to come here because they pay well, are honest, and train employees. However with the uncertainty due to the government, more often he is encouraging IS companies to set up in Uruguay ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 25th 2013

A typical Argentine breakfast buffet greeted the class this morning to give us the energy to tour the city. We loaded up into our two buses and began a guided tour. It began in Recoleta near the Floralis Generica and the law school. Education in Argentina is free for all residents unless you want to continue on for degrees beyond the BA. We drove by a number of things (streets, status, etc.) devoted to San Martin, a player in the freedom of Argentina from Spain. He also helped Chile to break free. Because of that, his most common statue is of him on a horse pointing toward the Andes mountains. Since Evita & Peron lived in this area, a large tribute to Evita is outside the Biblioteca Nacional. A large number of old wealthy homes are ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 24th 2013

To prepare for the exciting week ahead, I allowed myself to sleep in this morning. Fortunately it was fairly easy to do, especially once that bright streetlight outside my hostel window turned off. Once up, I grabbed a simple breakfast of croissants from the hostel kitchen. A fellow traveler started chatting with me thanks to my Iowa State T-shirt. He was from the St Paul, MN suburbs traveling around South America after grad school before returning for work this fall. He managed to hit quite a few countries in his month of travel but was looking forward to going home this coming Friday. He had quite a bit of extra cash for travel, so I bought some pesos off of him at the black market rate of 8.5 instead of having to deal with banks and ... read more
Church on the walk to Plaza Dorrego
Ecuador Festival
Galerias Pacifico

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 22nd 2013

My trip truly began on Thursday at Newark airport. Lauren Sohmer kindly dropped me off, warning me to be early to 1. Beat traffic and 2. Get through security. I am so thankful for her suggestion. After attempting to check in at the carry-on only kiosks, I unfortunately has to jump in the normal line due to the international flight requiring a passport check. Lucky for me I was early because just getting through the ticket line took an hour. I heard all kinds of people in line complaining about all the traffic they had to deal with. While we did hit some slow downs, we still made good time to the airport. I was glad we didn't leave too much later! Not everyone was so lucky. I overheard the man behind me in line talking ... read more
Evita Péron's Tomb
Evita's Fun Hats
Floralis Generica

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