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Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya May 12th 2015

This was the boys earliest morning so far, I had them booked to take the 8:45am Shuttle from our hostel to the train station to catch our 9:20am bus to Mishima Station to grab a train to Nagoya. We arrived with plenty of time to grab breakfast from the station (they got hot dogs!) and catch the bus. At Mishima Station where we were able to catch a bullet train to Nagoya just a few minutes after we arrived. We had a couple hour ride ahead of us so we got some lunch and snacks for the trip and settled into our seats. As we arrived in Nagoya, we had to figure out what we were going to do with our limited time because we were only there one night. Due to a Typhoon hitting the ... read more

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Mt Fuji May 11th 2015

I managed to get the boys up and moving early this morning. We wanted to spend some time at the sumo wresting tournament before we had to head over to Mt Fuji. With all of our clothes drying in the closed laundry area, the earliest we could get moving was 8am after the area opened back up (lucky for the guys or I'd have had us out of there sooner). I was impressed that we were up and checked out of the hostel by 8:30am and on our way to the train station. Things were going a little too well, though, so something had to happen. As we got to the platform to board the train Fred realized he had forgotten his black bag. Tyler and I waited for him at the station as he ran ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 10th 2015

Exhausted from their late night excursions, the boys slept in. I utilized this time to catch up on writing and doing some laundry so we all had underwear for the next leg of our trip. The easiest way to write by blog has been using the computers at each of the hostels, but even those pose their challenges. The keyboards at them are different from home. While they have the normal alphabet they also have alternate letters for the Japanese language and a bunch of extra keys to fit them all on there. That means the space bar, backspace, and many others are not the same location as normal. Forgive my typing then if some random Hirigana {Japanese written language} ends up in it. When the guys finally woke up around 11am, we all headed out ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 9th 2015

The boys wanted to sleep in, so I took the train to Ikebukuro on my own. I wandered around the area until I found Otome Road. This area is known for it's manga/anime focus for girls. I found a 9 story store that had floor after floor of manga comics, knickknacks based on the stories, and anime. I was in heaven! It took me an hour to explore all the floors and then another half an hour to narrow down what I wanted to buy! If things had been in English, I'm not sure I would have been able to carry home all the things I wanted to buy. Somehow I managed to leave with one small bag. After doing a little more exploring of the area, I headed to meet the guys in Marunouchi at ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 8th 2015

During my quick late night review of our plans for today, I realized we were supposed to have ordered tickets from a local convenient store (Lawson) for the Ghibli Museum since we had planned to visit there this morning. Luckily there was one by another touristy spot we planned on visiting so we stopped by to get tickets on our way to Yoyogi Park. After a couple failed attempts using the only in Japanese machine, we realized there was no available times on the days we were in Tokyo to go. Giving up on that plan, we headed to the park. This huge park's name stands for Imperial Garden and is managed by the imperial family. It was a very tranquil place but there were a number of homeless men with tents assembled on the side ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 7th 2015

Understanding that we may be fighting rush hour train traffic, Fred and I decided to test our fate by heading off to the Ginza area of Tokyo to explore the Tsukiji Fish Market. This is where the local restaurants come each morning take part in fish auctions. Tourists aren't even allowed in until after 9am. Since that is the case, Fred and I arrived right after 9am. This gave us a chance to see everything finishing up and many vendors still had a lot of fish, oysters, shrimp, etc. out on display or were cleaning up. The place smelled of fish and I tried not to think about what was in the water my shoes were splashing up on me because the sight of the place made it worth it! It was fascinating to see all ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 6th 2015

Painfully our alarms went off at 3:30am. We made it to the airport, checked our bags, and went through customs with enough time to grab breakfast. In an effort to stay authentic, I ordered a Teh-O (Kopitium tea with only sugar) along with my apple turnover and Fred had a beef soup with his Kopi-C. We did see a funny restaurant in the airport- instead of Church's Chicken, they have Texas Chicken! Fred exchanged our left over Singaporean dollars at the airport exchange office so he had a starting cash point for Japan. Since it didn't work out perfectly, we were able to grab some chocolaty snacks for the flight. With 6 1/2 hours at my disposal, I utilized the flight to develop Tokyo itineraries and catch up on journal entries. With a quick pass through ... read more

Asia » Singapore May 5th 2015

Like most mornings, I began my day blogging. Since Fred and I made plans to get breakfast at a Kopitium (Singapore's special coffee shops), I chose to tide myself over with a pleasant can of mango juice. While I expected the cool refreshing taste, I did not realize that it contained chunks of mango in it. A great surprise to start off my morning and made me wish it was available in the United States. I think I may be looking for an Asian grocery store back home - which may be a bit tricky living in Texas. Fred and I started the morning at Ya Kun Koya Toast, the Kopitium recommended by the Taiwanese girl we road back to Chinatown with after the night safari. It was not quite up to par with the Toast ... read more

Asia » Singapore May 4th 2015

Fred and my hostel roomies must be from somewhere here in southern Asia, because they didn't want the air conditioning on last night. I woke up hot, sweaty and ready to get out of the hostel moving. A fantastic shower later to cool me off and wash away the grime of the past day did a lot to make me feel human again. To start our morning right, Fred and I headed across the street to the mall to try out one of the Kopitiams (local Singaporean coffee shops) called Toast Box. The shop had a number of different type of toast with spread options or you could get a traditional Asia dish with noodles and meat. I grabbed some toast with a spread name I didn't recognize. The spread was super salty and was some ... read more

Asia » Singapore May 3rd 2015

Fred and my goal for today was to get up early to fit in as much as possible. Over 40,000 steps later, I would say we were successful. My hour off clock helped by waking me an hour earlier than I intended. After a fantastic shower to wash off the travel smell, a tasty toast and fruit breakfast, and packing up, we took the metro over to the next hostel which was in a more central location. There was only a minor hiccup in getting there, because one street over was a second location of the hostel with the same name and our Google map took us there first. Eventually, we made it then dropped off our bags and began our exploration of Singapore. We started in Chinatown since our hostel is in that neighborhood. Being ... read more

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