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15th May 2020

A friend of mine obtained a swamp kauri slab...
which he made into a table top. As you say, the result was stunning...almost like a tiger eye in shimmering golds.
29th February 2020

Great Reading
Enjoy reading....stay away for the Corona's...I bought 3 boxes (30) of N95's about 1 month ago...for friends and family....wish I hadn't traded my AR=15s away.
8th October 2019

Washingtonpost lifestyle travel in morocco 44 hours of lingering in a small village leaves a big impression
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12th September 2018

I remember Gracie. The back yard/park area along the marsh looked like a swimming pool. The roof of the field house that was being used as a shelter blew off. But I don't remember Jody Reynolds. Good luck with this one, whatever it does.
5th May 2018

Smell of money
Every time we smelled the fertilizer plant, Daddy would say, "Nevermin, that's the smell of money."
3rd May 2018

Looking forward
So looking forward to your comments about being back in the Charleston area! Sounds like you are moved in and things are good! Tell everyone hello!
3rd May 2018

Good for you
Maybe carthetic. I grew up in a small town in north Alabama. Don’t know if I could go back there.
5th October 2017
All decked out for panga ride

I obviously didn't get the hat memo. Nice pics!
5th October 2017

peaceful abode
Oh wow. I have been waiting for this post. Also amazing to be around animals that have no fear of humans. I remember being charged by a very large sea lion after he showed his teeth and hissed while we were swimming in SF Bay. Very scary. But to have one be calm and playful must be truly magic.
24th August 2016

Enjoying the Blog
Enjoying the blog....did you book a tour or plan it your self?
5th October 2017

We booked it through Natural Habitat Adventures, and I highly recommend them.
24th June 2016

It's been a pleasure to follow your travels...
and your personal observations of your fathers footsteps across Europe in WWII. I look forward to your next trip!
11th June 2016

Col Adden
Great interview about Col Adden's experiences. Had no idea he was wounded. I forget many of those Citadel people have similar stories
12th June 2016

Don't know if you remember the Tucker boys, but their father was prominent in the Bulge. The small museum in La Gleize had his picture prominently displayed when we were there before. Going there again tomorrow
8th June 2016

Buddy, ya'll should check these out if you have time: Verdun Ossuary, Douaumont Ossuary. Sedlec Bone Church Ossuary. This should be required viewing of all world leaders just to remind them of the real cost of a shooting war.
8th June 2016

significance of coins
I'm sure you know this, but I recently learned the significance of coins on military headstones; A coin left on a headstone is a message to the deceased soldier's family that someone else paid respect. A penny means you visited. A nickel means you and the deceased trained at boot camp together. A dime means you served with him/her in some way. A quarter means you were with the soldier when he/she was killed.
9th June 2016

I had seen that somewhere, but had forgotten the hierarchy. Don't know how the Purple Hearts got on the Niland graves
6th June 2016

"Where do we get such men?"
Buddy, looks cold there. We had a silent moment this AM. Jackie just happened to be home and like many today - remained astounded at the courage of wading ashore. Under the heading of small world -- James Rudder junior was my CO and a damn good soldier. He didn't like the army and was getting out as soon as his time was up. He was a Capt.
9th June 2016

Did not know his son had gone into the Army
6th June 2016

It is a little cool, and pretty cloudy and foggy so far.
6th June 2016

Thanks. Have fun and thanks for the information and picures.
4th June 2016
Flooded Seine

Bienvenue a Paris!
Have a great time! I'm interested to hear if the news agencies here have exaggerated the effects of the flooding. Although from the looks of that photo of the Seine, it appears to be pretty bad. 😢
4th June 2016
Flooded Seine

It does not appear to be affecting non-river activities, but river cruises are closed (can't get under the bridges) etc

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