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13th November 2023

I'm enjoying following your trip as it brings back many memories...
Kalaloch Lodge is one of our favorite stays with our walk along the beach exploring tidal pools for starfish.
6th September 2023

Transylvania is in Lexington
Transylvania University is in Lexington, Kentucky, not Louisville.
19th July 2022

You forgot C.S. Lewis...
in the list of Oxford well known authors.
19th July 2022

You are right. I should have included him in the list, although I did mention him later. It is difficult to do justice to all the greats of Oxford.
18th June 2022

Another great blog full of interesting history and characters.
I'm presently reading "The Last Viking" by Don Hollway, which is about King Harold III "Hardrada" of Norway. Fifteen year old Harold was badly injured in the Battle of Stiklestad where thirty five year old half brother King/Saint Olaf II was killed. I walked the St. Olavsleden Pilgrim trail from Stiklestad to the Nidaros Cathedral in 2017. Harold escaped eastward together with Rognvald Brusason, Earl of Orkney ending up in Novograd, the Swedish viking capital of what would become Russia, where King Yaroslav "The Wise" ruled. He then served as the leader of the Varangian Guard of the Byzantine Emperors. He eventually returned to Norway where he then turned his eyes and army on Northumbria...winning at Fulford and dying at Stamford Bridge. It is a good read!
12th June 2022

Thanks for providing so much detail...
from geology to history.
12th June 2022

Be very careful
about what you think me for :) !!!
7th March 2021

Giants indeed!
Thanks for sharing this story of such bravery.
7th March 2021

Thank you
Wonderful, Buddy. Words are typically inadequate to honor the valor of these patriots, but you have masterfully captured their service to our country. Thank you for crafting and sharing this story.
26th November 2020

Thank you for creating and sharing this literary gem!
31st October 2020

This from my older sister
Really enjoyed this trip down memory lane. My recollection is that the grocery store was an IGA, not Kroger, but I may be confusing it with Bill's sister's first husband working at IGA. It was definitely in the middle of town at the time. Wonder if IGA sold their location in Middlesboro when they decided to open one in Harrogate. Our other TV experience was going to the Connors every Sunday afternoon for pot luck (usually whatever was left over from Sunday lunch) and watching Disney. Another thing I remember was taking Betsy home for Christmas. Two students, Betsy and Helen, were almost part of the family; we paid them a minimal amount for almost anything Mother could think of just to let them earn a bit as neither of them had any support from home. One Christmas Betsy was planning to spend the holidays at school because she had no means of getting home and Daddy wouldn't hear of it and decided to take her home. As we were leaving, it started to snow and he grabbled the tire chains and put them in the truck. About an hour down the road it was snowing so hard he decided he needed the chains and pulled to the side of the road to put them on. He insisted that all of us stay in the car. I don't recall what the cause was, but he was under the car trying to get the chain on the inside of the wheel when the car slipped off the jack and pinned him underneath. Total panic set in with Mother sure that he had been mortally wounded. She jumped out of the car which only caused the car to settle further. Somehow these two women and three of us kids, were able to lift the car enough for him to get out. He finished putting on the chains and we continued on our trip up into the mountains, ending up on a dirt road that was so snow covered that you couldn't see a road. Finally, Betsy announced "this is the end". We saw nothing and were sure there was some mistake. She said that is as far as the road went, that you had to walk the rest of the way. Daddy insisted on getting her "all the way home" and left us in the car with the admonition that we could run the heater some but not so much that we ran down the battery or used up the gas. After what seemed like hours but was probably much less, Daddy came back, got in the car, looked at Mother and shook his head, started up the car and drove home singing Christmas carols. He may have told Mother what he encountered but we never knew. He went back to pick her up after New Years and she spent a lot more time at our house after that. There was a girl named Mary Ellen Lankford in my class at school who brought a small piece of cornbread for lunch if anything. We all shared our food as kids are inclined to do. ne day somebody said to her "you must really like cornbread" but she just lowered her head and said nothing. Later in the day, she told me that her mother cooked whatever they had and fed her father and 3 brothers and if there was anything left, she and her mother could eat. If there was anything left after that, she was allowed to bring it for lunch. I told Mother when I got home and from the next day on, my lunch included something to share with Mary Ellen.
28th October 2020

sacred memories
Great story (stories) Buddy. I loved the old pictures - your beautiful Mom with the watercress, your parents and young family. I wanted to call my Mom and share with her the story of your parents square dancing. She would have loved that. Thank you for sharing your experience of looking back at your roots with gratitude.
27th October 2020

You did go home again...
and took us with you! What a wonderful blog! It almost brought me to tears. Thanks so much for sharing. Perhaps you will inspire others to return to their childhood homes during this Covid shutdown.
27th October 2020

Love your travel blogs. You are a gifted writer, Buddy. "And maybe that is what going home means, a return to the memory haunts of a far away time and place. Perhaps you can't take anyone else there, but just maybe you can go home again. And with luck it is a happy place like this area is for me. It can be a solitary pursuit, but for a time can give great pleasure."
15th May 2020

A friend of mine obtained a swamp kauri slab...
which he made into a table top. As you say, the result was stunning...almost like a tiger eye in shimmering golds.
29th February 2020

Great Reading
Enjoy reading....stay away for the Corona's...I bought 3 boxes (30) of N95's about 1 month ago...for friends and family....wish I hadn't traded my AR=15s away.
8th October 2019

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12th September 2018

I remember Gracie. The back yard/park area along the marsh looked like a swimming pool. The roof of the field house that was being used as a shelter blew off. But I don't remember Jody Reynolds. Good luck with this one, whatever it does.
5th May 2018

Smell of money
Every time we smelled the fertilizer plant, Daddy would say, "Nevermin, that's the smell of money."
3rd May 2018

Looking forward
So looking forward to your comments about being back in the Charleston area! Sounds like you are moved in and things are good! Tell everyone hello!
3rd May 2018

Good for you
Maybe carthetic. I grew up in a small town in north Alabama. Don’t know if I could go back there.
5th October 2017
All decked out for panga ride

I obviously didn't get the hat memo. Nice pics!
5th October 2017

peaceful abode
Oh wow. I have been waiting for this post. Also amazing to be around animals that have no fear of humans. I remember being charged by a very large sea lion after he showed his teeth and hissed while we were swimming in SF Bay. Very scary. But to have one be calm and playful must be truly magic.

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