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Kayde and Kevin

A couple from Austin, Texas starting off our travels with a delayed honeymoon to Thailand.

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui August 9th 2012

For our last blog from Thailand, we decided to make a few lists of what we will miss and won't miss from Thailand. Things we will miss The kindness of the Thai people. Everyone here is so nice. Great and cheap food everywhere, including fruit. The scenery. Thailand is a place of beautiful landscapes. An $8 scooter rental for a day. Ang Thong National Marine Park People watching The respect people have for the King and Queen. Everyone here adores them. Things we won't miss The traffic laws that are nonexistant The smell. Everything smells kind of musty. No A/C anywhere except hotel rooms, shopping malls and 7/11 convenient stores Europeans in bikinis and speedos. Everyone trying to sell you a suit, taxi, tuk tuk, and knock off clothing. Things Thailand makes us app... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui August 8th 2012

Today was what we would probably consider the laziest day we have in Thailand. With nothing planned, we woke up, took our time, and finally made it down to breakfast. We then had to figure out what to do. Kayde had been saying all along that she wanted a manicure and pedicure, so I decided that was what was going to happen today. We took off walking down the sreet in Lamai looking for a "reputable" shop to work on her. She said she wanted some place that looked like it would be in America. After about 20 minutes, we came across a place that looked like it had been placed here straight off American soil. It wasn't open until noon, so we took a break at the local McDonald's, where we had some fries and ... read more

The 100 Degrees East Diving Team had a personal transport pick us up at the hotel this morning at around 8:45. The driver was right on time and we were on our way. Like most taxi/trasports, he drives on both sides of the road, completely disregarding traffic laws. It leads to some tense moments, but you get there quickly. Once we got to the dive shop, we had to fill out the usual liability release paperwork saying that if we died it wasn't their fault. Typical stuff. We waited for about 30 minutes for everyone to show up, and then we were off! The boat ride takes about an hour, and the first item on the agenda was a snorkeling outing next to a huge rock island. They gave each of us goggles, a snorkle, and ... read more
Island 2
Emerald Lake
View from Emerald Lake

Asia August 6th 2012

What a day. We woke up this morning and after breakfast, headed straight to rent another scooter for the day. Scooters really are the lifeblood of this island. Everyone and everything seems to travel on one. We took off for Namuang Safari Park, where we were determined to ride an elephant. Here on Samui they call it Elephant Trekking. Luckily for us, this place appears to be a major tourist attraction, so there were several road signs in English pointing the way. We chug our little scooter up the side of a mountain and find a little, open hut selling the elephant tours. We sign up, but there are many people in front of us so we ended up having to wait about an hour until our turn. In the meantime, there is a waterfall approximately ... read more
Namuang Waterfall 1
Namuang Waterfall 1

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui August 5th 2012

The day started off with a walk down the beach. We wanted to see the Grandmother and Grandfather rocks which are at the end of Lamai beach and we wanted to go in the morning since it is much cooler. We started walking and little did we know the end of the beach was about 2 miles away. It didn't look that far from where we started, but it really was and walking in sand made it seem even further. We finally made it to the end of the beach expecting to see these famous rocks, but we found out that we were not able to get to them unless we made a long swim around or went up into town and around the large cliffs we ran into. Since we did not have any shoes ... read more
Granite Rocks on Lamai Beach
Food Stand
Food Stand Grill

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui August 4th 2012

Today started like most, with the free breakfast at the hotel and a lot of people watching. People watching is so much better here than in America, just because of all of the different cultures you see. After breakfast, we went up to the front desk and rented a scooter for the day. A 24 hour rental only costs 250 baht, which is about $8. We knew we wanted to go to Bophut beach because that was where the kayaking/snorkeling company we wanted to book with was located. There is a main road that wraps around the entire island, so we took off north knowing that the road runs right into Bophut beach. After about a 20 minute ride, we arrive in Bophut, but have no idea how to read the street signs that point to ... read more
Big Buddha
View from Restaurant

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui August 3rd 2012

We started out the day the way any beach vacation should start......laying on the beach. The hotel has lounge chairs set up with umbrellas over each one. I was up at about 6:30 so I went out and sat in the front row, dead center set of loungers. Kayde was up not too long after and met me out there. One thing about Ko Samui, there is no shortage of stray animals. We had a little dog friend spend about 3 hours underneath our lounge chairs this morning. It must have like the music I had playing on my phone. Who knew that Thai dogs like old country? We layed around until about noon and started to get hungry. There is a Thai man that sets up a little stand in the middle of the beach ... read more
Mr. Jack
Lamai Beach
Dinner on the Beach

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui August 2nd 2012

We said goodbye to Bangkok this morning and jumped in a taxi to head to the airport. We both started laughing when the taxi driver changed the station and Taylor Swift was playing. Even in Thailand, we can't get away from Taylor Swift. The cab ride ended with some Michael Jackson. To say the least, it was an entertaining ride. While waiting to check in, we had a Bangkok Airways lady come up to us and ask us which flight we were on. We were at the airport a little early, and she said they had room on a flight that was leaving an hour and a half earlier if we wanted to jump on it. We did, but that just started a string of problems. First, the plane was delayed 30 minutes. Then, once we ... read more
Ko Samui Airport
Streets of Ko Samui
Our Villa

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 1st 2012

So on our last full day in Bangkok, we decided to tone it down and try to relax some. I suggested a Thai massage, which I had previously heard of, but not exactly sure what it entailed. The description talks about yoga like moves to help stretch and relax the body. Kevin has never gotten a massage to begin with so of course he was a bit apprehensive, but he was willing to try it out with me. It turns out his apprehension was right on. We were proactive and looked up a highly rated spa around us and found one called Urban Retreat. It ended up being only a 10 minute walk down Suhkumvit (the large road next to our hotel). Once inside the spa we were each offered cold water and slippers to put ... read more
Fish Spa
Fish Spa

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 31st 2012

We started out the day experiencing our first scammer on the street. This nice, sweet old lady came up to us outside the shopping mall and started talking to us. She knew English (somewhat), and told us she was a school teacher. She told us of a shop that sold cheap clothing and souvenirs, and she even hailed a tuk tuk (little 3 wheeled taxis) and negotiated the price to get us there. So, off we go to this shop. Once we get there, all we see is tourists being dropped off by tuk tuk's. Inside is the most useless Thai junk. We learned very quickly not to trust the people who approach you on the street. After we left the junk shop, we headed to the big shopping mall again (which the old lady had ... read more
Grand Palace
Reclining Buddha
River Ferry Ride

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