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Asia » Vietnam » Southeast July 9th 2015

Thanks to Air Asia bumping our flight, we now have to fit in 2 days of sighting into one! So, another early morning in order to catch breakfast opening time at 6am. Only 30 minutes to down breakfast before our driver meets us at 6.30am. A shame we couldn't hover around longer as breakfast was served on the top floor, outdoors overlooking the Saigon River. It's the best array of sumptious food I've ever seen, with every kind of tropical fruit, assorted french pastries as well as the usual Western and Asian fare. I simply never knew croissants could taste so good. Upon exiting the restaurant via the lift I notice another 5 star attention to detail, an imprint of the hotel's monogram in the sand where you butt out next to the elevator door. HCMC ... read more
Cu Chi Tunnels
Shooting AK47s

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast July 8th 2015

After an exhausting trip, starting at 2am, we spent a few frustrating hours figuring out how to get out of HCMC Airport. We had to navigate the intracacies of Vietnamese bureauracy with our visa. After being barked at my several officials to get in the right passport line, with each one telling us to go the other. We finally got out of there, just in time to retrieve our luggage from 'lost and found' because we took so long. All that frustration was quickly forgotten when we got to our hotel, The Hotel Majestic, where we thought we have died and gone to heaven. It is old world style complete with parquetry floors, old furniture, antique working phones etc. It's meant to be five star, but in my book it is 6, all for $125 a ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City June 1st 2015

I'm extremely excited to announce our next family adventure. When our children were younger our holidays have always been in 'safe' places. However, this trip is designed to take my sons' travelling experiences beyond the theme park and into the next dimension of independent travel. This will be their first foray into a third world country on a "planes, trains and automobiles" odyssey. It's my first foray into a Communist country and it's ambitious and I'm sure, at times, I'll be despised, but it is a sacrifice I am prepared for in order to teach my sons about the world in which they live. Next month we are about to achieve in two weeks what the American's (and later Australian's), didn't manage in nearly 20 years during the Vietnam War.... an intense advance from HCMC (Saigon), ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pemberton April 13th 2015

Finally, on our last day the weather has eased, it is still drizzling though but I take kids back to the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree again and they go all the way up this time despite the rain. This tree was never used as a look out, but was pegged for tourists in Australia's bicenntenial year in 1988. It is also the only climbable tree that rewards non height fearing visitors with a 360-degree view of old growth Karri forest. We weren't that far from Yeagarup Dunes which is something else on my bucket list and for once, it looked like the rain might hold off all afternoon and the sun is peeping out every now and again and I might get some good pictures there. The track to the Yeagarup Lake is suitable for 2WD. ... read more
Yeagarup Dunes
Yeagarup Dunes

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pemberton April 12th 2015

We all have a well-deserved sleep in which I did not feel guilty about at all after the last two nights. Allen & Libby are leaving today so I went over to say good bye. They were really worried about us when they noticed all but one tent remaining at the site (as I had to stagger the exodus due to drying logistics). I thought they might be concerned because that's the sort of people they are, so I thought I'd explain myself and say good bye. I bid them a safe journey back home and there were hugs all round. Unfortunately, it was still very bleak and inhospitable outside. Our only options for the days' entertainment are to spend more money and consume more calories at the Bakery or a café somewhere, just go driving ... read more
D'Entrecasteaux National Park
D'Entrecasteaux National Park
D'Entrecasteaux National Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pemberton April 11th 2015

This morning is essentially a repeat performance of yesterday morning. The boys' tents were surrounded by a medieval moat, thanks to their trench digging efforts yesterday. The boys and I still managed to remain dry but the ends of their sleeping bags and mattresses were wet again so we spend the morning drying all the gear. Whilst eating breakfast at the camp kitchen, I met God. I didn't recognise him at first with wearing a beanie and tracksuit pants and busy emptying the bins. He seeks shelter in the kitchen also. I actually start chatting to him about the weather, which is most unlike me with being a natural introvert. However, in an act of desperation I ask him, "Do you know what the forecast for next few days is because I don't have internet access ... read more
Weatherboard Loggers Cabin

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pemberton April 10th 2015

At 7.30am I am wide awake waiting for the rain to subside. Those who know me well, realise that I am of no particular religious persuasion, but on this night I am basically praying for a miracle as we are going to need some breathing space to dry out the boys sleeping gear. The sign said "No Vacancies" for the cabins last night so that's not much help right now. The bottom of my air mattress is saturated as is the whole floor despite the ground sheet, so I can only assume the boys' skinny mattresses wouldn't have fared so well either. At 9am my praying worked as the weather finally eased off and we are able to regroup. I go to rouse the boys from their slumber and am horrified to see that Last Born's ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pemberton April 9th 2015

A mother embarks on an adventurous four day mini camping trip and explores a plethora of National Parks in the South West of Western Australia with her intrepid two teenage sons in a bid to keep them off the Xbox and to keep active. A humourous approach to her mishaps into the mundane will delight anyone who dares to read. The car is packed with three two person tents. One each but anyone who has used a two person tent really knows there is only really room for one person. It is an ominous day with the rain well and truly settled in. Highly unusual in this age of global warming. Yet I remained naively optimistic and believed it was just a passing shower as it always is with our meagre 350mm of rainfall pa where ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Wandering July 20th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 18 Contrary to what I said on Day 17, I have decided to add the final day of our road trip to South Australia, but it is written in retrospect upon the insistence of a friend whom I relayed a funny story to about what we saw on the last day. Here goes. Being a short travel day of about 6 hours (if we took the short cut through Hyden) we afford ourselves a bit of a sleep in and are on the road at 0830 hours. Too bad if the short cut doesn’t work out, we’ll just get home a lot later. We are concerned about the state of the road as Norseman had received about 5mm of rain over night. We make our way to the Police Station but ... read more
Wave Rock
Wave Rock
The Territory

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman July 20th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 17 My spouse’s homing instinct is stronger than a prized pigeon. He thinks by sitting in the car 15 minutes before any one else is ready is going to get us to our destination much quicker. At 0600 we are on the road. I am sad about missing a photo opportunity of the Penola windmills which is a conglomeration of different sized windmills in a small area. It was pitch black and even if it wasn’t dark, it was totally overcast making for a very ‘flat’ picture anyway. As the sun rose I glanced quickly over my shoulder to see the pretty purple clouds and during this split second Brendan said he saw a wombat. Unbelievably this is the only wildlife I haven’t ticked off my list and I missed it ... read more
Front Fender Damage During Day Light Hours
Boys With Nullarbor National Park Sign

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