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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Punakaiki January 24th 2011

Still a struggling with a body clock still stuck on Perth time it is difficult to wake at 0700, but we have a long day's driving ahead through the Lewis Pass on on to Punakaiki on the West Coast. Our first stop is the seal colony just out of Kaikoura which we ran out of time for yesterday afternoon. At least the weather is marginally better. I couldn't believe these cute little critters were all over the car park. I have never seen seals so close up. One has to be careful though. They look as harmless as your pet dog but the signs say keep your distance. If they feel threatened they can be savage just like any wild animal. If we had something like this at home the seals would all be protected behind ... read more
Seal at Kaikoura #1
Seal at Kaikoura #3
Picnic at Hamner Springs

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura January 23rd 2011

We were packed and on the road by 0900 hours. Previously I had picked up a brochure about the Riccarton Markets that are held every Sunday and are the biggest in NZ. Riccarton just happens to be on our way so we decided to stop for an hour or so. An older man sitting in his tent advertising palm readings caught my eye so I went in for a 20 minute reading. "you're a very keen traveller, but despite your adventures you lead a very mundane life at home," he prophetised. "your IQ is high and you work well in an office and on computers, but I should give it all up to persue my creative side," he went on to say. What can I say, but I think he was right on the money. I ... read more
Breaching Humpback Whale
6 Metre Swell
Riccarton Markets

Antarctica » Antarctica January 22nd 2011

Slumbering until 0900 hours, momentarily I think we've had an amazing sleep in, until rational thoughts sneak in and I think it's still 0400 Perth time. There will soon be a time when being consciously aware of two different time zones will wear off. I'm glad I didn't organise anything today except to get our hire car, do some food shopping and go to Antarctica. I jumped into the shower and ready to take on the day I simply couldn't wait to pick up the hire car. The kids and hubby were still slumbering when I left. The hire car place has a dial up service for the shuttle bus to their depot. If it wasn't raining I would've walked back to the terminal, but it was so I got the hotel's shuttle bus back to ... read more
Kids at Antarctic Centre
Little Blue Penguin
Christchurch Botanical Gardens

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch January 21st 2011

Departing Perth at 0805 hours and arriving in Sydney at 1530 hours, I entertained an idea that we should spend our 4 hour transit time constructively by taking the kids to see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge (we have already seen it several times), my husband who doesn't like to take risks, decided we might miss our plane. "Might miss the plane" has happened to me so many times that I quite enjoy the adrenalin rush and am proud to say that I have never missed a flight yet. However, as anyone in a relationship knows, one must compromise, so the next 4 hours is a protracted affair. It takes a whole hour just to get the International Terminal and once there, as always, it's a challenge to keep oneself entertained. After spending ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund November 16th 2006

Some of the best preserved examples of German colonial architecture in the world are a striking feature of Swakopmund. This desert oasis clings to the western edge of southern Africa as the last bastion of German heritage. Along a spotless, peaceful beach dotted with palms and quaint villas, I meander through well watered green parks toward the centre of town. Picturesque Woermannhaus is a landmark on Swakopmund’s skyline. Built in 1896 the tower served as a water tower and navigation point for the ships of the Woermann Line. A short climb up the stairs is worth it. Panoramic views sweep from the jetty jutting out into the Atlantic, past the town and into the desert. I notice a large suburb nestled between the main part of town near the beach and the desert. With a population ... read more
View of Atlantic Ocean
View of Swakopmund

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls November 4th 2006

Zimabawe is a beautiful nation which has the capacity to be self sufficient. However, under the rule of its current dictator, Robert Mugabe, who lines his owns pockets with extorted wealth, the supermarket shelves are empty and his countrymen and women are forced to eat scraps from rubbish dumps just to survive. Meanwhile rich government officials act as the mafia to local businesses. This is why I don't condone travel to Zimbabwe with the current situation. Inflation at this time was around 2000%, but now (2009) it is about 100 times that and typhoid fever is rife with no medicines the treat the masses. Despite this, my tour started in Victoria Falls, rather than in Livingstone, a couple of kilometres away across the Zambezi in Zambia, which would have been preferable. One can be forgiven for ... read more
Walk With Lions #1
Walk With Lions #2
Elephant Poo

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa September 9th 1993

Zanzibar, a small island off the coast of Tanzania, had captured my imagination ever since learning about the exotic spice island in my history class. As if the prospect of going to this tropical paradise wasn't enough to feed my fantasy, an opportunity to travel there by traditional motorized, cargo dhow boat was more than I could resist. Eager to escape the stinking cesspool of Mombasa my travelling companions, Pamela, another Aussie, Will, from the UK and I arrive early at the dock for our voyage. ‘Excuse me, which boat is going to Zanzibar today?’ Pamela asks a grimy African wearing a well worn grease stained T-shirt who stares at us blankly. Appallingly, Pamela points at all the boats and yells ‘Zanzibar, Zanzibar’ as if he is deaf. After much gesticulating with his peers, we find ... read more

Africa » Malawi September 6th 1993

With Zimbabwe being our final destination, the route via Malawi and Mozambique is the only safe option due to political instability in Zambia some 15 years ago. The mysteriously named ‘”Express” train takes 22 hours from Dar Es Salaam to Mbeya, the last stop before it enters Zambia. At Mbeya my compatriot, Pamela and I are still about 30 kilometers from the border and we discover there is no public transport. It is no time to be shrinking violets so we muscle our way onto the back of an enterprising man’s utility. He is quick to recognise the supply and demand dilemma to the captive consumers and demands a fee of USD$5.50 in Tanzanian Shillings, an exorbitant amount considering we paid the equivalent to travel the last 840km. We succumb to the extortion and manage to ... read more

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