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North America » United States » California » Buena Park July 24th 2012

Nothing could contain my excitement for the 5.30 wake up for our big day at DCA. First thing on the schedule was California Screamin’ which we went on twice without waiting. Next it was Mickey's Gondola which I still managed to scream on. California Soarin’ has to be my complete favourite of all time. It really really made you think you were astral travelling over everything, the ocean, the hills etc. I’d say feel like in a helicopter also but a helicopter is noisy and this wasn’t. Even soarin’ over the orange orchards they pump an orange scent into the room. Then when you are over people skiing in the Sierra Nevada you can smell pine trees. You really think you are there including when you look down. We got advice on the best seats and ... read more
Kids on California Sceamin'
Me & Dog from "Up"

North America » United States » California » Buena Park July 23rd 2012

There was a 12 O’clock check out so we decided to go to the Super Market across the road to get supplies for the long transit in China. Easier said than done. Once again it was a few hours before we managed to extricate ourselves from this little Mexican beauty. We felt like we had been on holiday to Mexico after leaving. Mexican music was pumping out o the PA. There were rows and rows of different types of tortillas, tacos, etc. The where tonnes and tonnes of differnts types of meat in the deli dept. All the veges and fruit were beautifully stacked. If only I had my camera with me! And of course after going through the check out, the girl always askes if we found every OK and is exceptially cheery. I was ... read more
There is No Highland and How to Get Through the Traffic
Kids at the Pacific Ocean
Lunch With the Homeless People

We couldn’t wake up early enough so weren’t on the road to Sequoia until about midday as we also got stuck in yet another gift store. I wanted to go the King’s Canyon as we missed out on that last time. The drive in there was very long, very steep, and very windy. Even Bobby started to feel woozy. It was a lovely drive, but a little disappointing after all the effort we went to. The drive into Yosemite was more spectacular than that, and we had wasted a lot of time and petrol getting there and back. As it was we only just made it to the General Sherman Tree by about 5.30pm after a quick visit to the visitors centre. We were too late for the Big Forest Drive, which is only reachable by ... read more
World's Largest Tree
Sequoia NP
Sequoia Trees

We left for the Yosemite Valley today and I could not believe how busy and unsatisfying it was. Only the Lower Yosemite Falls were trickling, and even then I over heard someone saying they especially pump it up there for the tourists. We went to the Ansell Adams Gallery which was great and I bought a book. After taking one trail to the lower falls which was very disappointing and managing to spend a lot of time in gift shops looking at presentations and exhibits, we got a shuttle bus to the main parking lot to get our car to drive to Yosemite Tunnel View and the Dome Look Out Point. There was no rhyme or reason to the parking here, and people just seem to park all higgedly piggedly. The signs were very confusing as ... read more
Kids at Yosemite NP
Yosemite NP
Yosemite Valley

We left in time to make the gate opening the Ghost Town at 9am. It was probably better in the morning to take pictures anyway as most of the interesting buildings were facing east. It was a photographer’s delight. Not long after we got the park which was spread over a very large area, Bobby decided to go off exploring on his own. For at least an hour I had no idea if he was at the bottom of a disused mine shaft or kidnapped. Probably a disused mine shaft as he has an unusual obsession which this. I had a ball photographing everything, as it was a total photographer’s delight. The kids got a Junior California Ranger’s Badge for answering a few questions about the park. The visit however, was very much soured by the ... read more
No Nanny State
Gotta Love That Grizzly Gas
Inside Virginia Creek Settlement

North America » United States » California » Bridgeport July 19th 2012

I set the alarm for 5.30pm and we missed sunrise over the Mesquite Dunes, but to be honest the dunes weren’t that spectacular. It would’ve been better at sunset anyway which we missed because of spending way too much time in the shops! Next stop was Zabriske Point which was like a moon scape. Already at 6.30am it was getting hot. We passed through Furnace Creek which has the highest recorded temperature of 56 degrees Celsius on 15 July 1972. Yes we are here in summer as well. What were we thinking! It’s only parts of the valley that are below sea level that is stinking hot, the minute you rise above it, things cool down considerably to mere 35 degrees at night. Then we went to Bad Water, but I think the Devil’s Golf Course ... read more
The Closest the Kids Got to a Black Bear
Hoover Dam Bridge
Lake Mead

We never did end up doing any gambling. Erika managed to do a bit until she got told off because the kids were with her. She gave us a gambling voucher to use but we simply ran out of time to use it. I was surprised to see that kids were allowed in gaming areas as long as you don’t gamble while they watch. We slept in which put us behind for the day’s activities, but we really really needed it. We stopped off at Walmart on once again got stuck in there just marvelling at all the stuff. Not only is it a variety store but a grocery store, with a MacDonalds inside the shops as well. We got more clothes and groceries, and before we knew over 2 hours had gone and we hadn’t ... read more
The Closest the Kids Got to Seeing a Black Bearr
Bridge Over Hoover Dam
Lake Mead

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas July 17th 2012

We kind of got a bit of a sleep in as it wasn’t till 10am till we got going after eating a simple BYO brekky in the room. Erika had already left as she didn’t look at my itinerary dates properly. I was disappointed that we didn’t get to say good bye. Brendan said he thought I was asleep, but I wasn’t. The kids were asleep and they too were disappointed as they got along really well. We stood in the queue to get cheap tickets for a show tonight. We stood there for over an hour an ended up getting Cirque Du Soleil Mystere tickets. We ended up also getting a buffet meal at Harrahs as well for a few dollars off. The guys said lunch is cheaper if we get there before 3pm and ... read more
Pool Scenery
Cirque Du Soleil

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas July 16th 2012

Erika’s kids wanted to see M&M factory but wasn’t one just a massive store with consumerism at its most disgusting. Basically there was nothing you couldn’t buy without M&Ms on it i.e. calculators. Rows and rows of different colour dispensers. The kids spend forever in there and all I wanted to do was go to the titanic/bodies exhibit and head up to Circus Circus and do the things I had picked out so we’d have time for shopping tomorrow. As it turned out her kids wanted to go to ride the roller coaster at New York New York, when Bobby wanting to go the one at Stratosphere which was a long way north of the strip. So as usual Brendan couldn’t say no and just head straight for the Luxor for the exhibitions. Our compromise was ... read more
Bobby in front of Titanic Exhibition in side Luxor
Inside Luxor Casino
Quick Trip to Paris (Casino)

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas July 15th 2012

Erika was convinced that we’d see Bison this morning if we’d went back into the park this morning. I was convinced that we were already too late for wildlife as by the time we took the hour’s drive in it would be about 9am. I didn’t object as one, I’d kick myself if the Bison were there and we didn’t go and two, it was quite close to Point Imperial look out over the Canyon which I wanted to take better pix of now that the weather was perfect. We didn’t see the Bison just loads of Bison poo on the road. However, it was lovely just to take in the beautiful vista of driving in and out of the Kaibib National Forest. The kids went with Erika for the 5 hour trip to Las Vegas ... read more
Native American Indian
Utah Scenery
We're in Mormon Country Now!

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