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28th July 2019
Cathedral Square

Moscow Cathedrals
I have posted some of your pics in TB's "Cathedrals, grand churches, mosques & places of public worship" thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out.
From Blog: Moscow
25th July 2019

We are heading there in one month and pretty excited. I note your advice re frequent body scanning. Can you advise me whether there were restrictions in taking photos in the sites and museums you visited?
From Blog: Moscow
26th July 2019

Photo's in Moscow
Hey, It's a great city - just too much to do! The Cathedral Square and Armory I think were both no photo's inside - they also have very strict no big bag policies as well. If you're thinking of doing either of those I'd recommend getting tickets online beforehand - they release a limited number I think about 17 days before. On the day you just go to a seperate desk to pick them up - the one with no queue. On the day you might be queuing for an hour if you didn't pre-book. For other museums and sites, including churches, it tended to me just no flash.
From Blog: Moscow
16th July 2019

Tibet Shambhala Adventure
Good Blog! Thanks for sharing your detailed itinerary for visiting Gokyo Lakes.
6th May 2015

Bhaktapur the wonderfull city as it was
Thank you for putting this Travelblog on top again. Fritz Bernhard
22nd May 2014

You're there!
Hi Wendy, very pleased to see you're back out doing what you love best! Please get in touch, we have some news for you!
30th April 2014

A cool day in Chitwan
Seems to be consistently hot in Chitwan. Your blog brought back some great memories. We loved the Rhinos. Laughed at your description of the jungle walk.
20th April 2014

Hey wend........loving the reading you are supplying, it sounds grand and your enjoyment is apparent. Photos lush but need a picture of you hon, in situ :) xx
27th March 2014

Fab photos and adventures!
So glad to see you're out traveling again. I followed you in 2010 in South America when I began traveling down here. I love it that you're doing the circuit alone, and that you stayed in that last village to appreciate the scenery and rest--something one can't do on a tour. Happy trekking!
16th March 2014

hi wendy hope your having a wonderfull time thanks for the blog wish I was adventurous as you are
17th October 2011

Kolkata Travel Guide
This post gives the light in which we can observe the reality. that is very nice 1 and gives in depth data. thanks for this nice post.
5th June 2011

Ahh... the views.
Lovely images and I can see it is a good idea to keep Sikkim on the to-do list. We chose between it and Ladakh, which is pretty much the same experience but without trees. In our limited experience of India we sadly came to the same conclusion, a bit of aggression (or assertiveness as you put it) seems to be the way to go, unfortunately.
25th February 2011
Not my idea of a 'bridge'

Safari reference
Some brilliant pictures here, especially the scene
9th November 2010
Trilobite beetle

Omg a real trilobite!!!!!!!!
21st September 2010

Amazing experience
Hi wendy, i just accidentally bumped into your blog when i was searching for some write ups on Antartica. You have travelled so much , over 120 blogs and more than 3000 snaps, most of them are just superb. I dont have time to read all of them but surely shall read one by one when ever i find time. I am from India and have visited some places in my country. Do visit my blog and share your views. Ramz.
22nd August 2010

I almost cry when I see your pictures of my beloved Valparaiso, I recognize many of the streets you took photos of. I live in Sweden but my family and my heart is in Chile. Wonderful pictures, I hope you enjoy and see all of the beauty that Chile has to offer!
13th August 2010
The monastery at Kalimpong

beautiful photo
this is a great photo and hopefully will aome and see this wonderful place
11th August 2010

Where are you now?
Hi Wendy, Haven't rec'd any updates on your travels in a quite a while. Was wondering if you're still on your travels? -Di
17th March 2010

Kolkata Travel Guide
India is an incredible Country. You can find some things only in kolkata not other places. like rickshaw pull by man, trum, under ground metro rail.Thank you for visiting India.
17th January 2010

Blog of the year 2009, for the C and S America/writing category
Check this out. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Forum/Threads/22180-1.html
28th November 2009

love your pics!! we stayed in Hampi 12 years ago, i healed from double inner ear infections, and had an incredible massage by Mena, am returning with our 2 girls (10 &8) and my hubbies parents next month!! it's the journey that matters for each of us, and what a great place to look around at another culture day by day.
5th October 2009

Great blog!!
Really enjoyed looking at your fantastic photos. It brings back some good memories for us. Thank you :). Your pictures are a cut above the rest.

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