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3rd September 2008

Boy you sure know how to make a girl feel homesick!
Hey Wendy Thanks for sending me the blog link. I am so envious - you've been all around some of my most favourite parts of the Cape. Have a blast, and keep the blogs coming! L
24th October 2007

Great Pictures of a Magical Place
Great Pictures. You obviously had as good a time as we did - only a month ago (late September 07) at Cape Tribulation. We didn't see the crocodiles either. A wonderfully magical place. This was part of a memorable holiday in Queensland - from cool Derby in England Bill Grange
23rd September 2007

wow - superb photos AIl x
30th August 2007

Great photos! Glad you enjoyed Oz!
26th July 2007

Beautiful pics, Wend!
Beautiful pics, Wend!
21st April 2007

Love the pics!
Love the pics Wendy! And sounds like you're having fun doing lots of different things in and around Sydney. How are you? Still working? The rat race here has been horrible, so busy and living with my parents with no car SUCKS! Also lost my work mobile within weeks of getting it...Calamity Jane strikes again! Did you catch up with Dee at all? Hope you're doing well - I'd stay out there if I were you! Say hi to the guys if you see them x x x
15th March 2007

Great Post!
Having just returned from Angkor Wat (for the second time in two years) I related to your post. I too am a bit of a temple fiend, and can never get enough of the beauty. The sunrise at Angkor is awesome!
From Blog: Angkor
30th October 2006

Thermal Reserves
Excellent pictures and your report help us decide which reserve to see as we had to choose between the 2!
25th September 2006

Songpan info
Hi Willow. Just wondering what your Songpan advice was. For example how much was the trek per day per person. Did you book in advance or when you arrived? What things did you need. Other question...it sounds like you have been traveling on your own...have you felt safe etc...bar the mad monk scenarios. I am in Chengdu for the next year so any travel advise would be greatly appreciated. I am particularly interested in Tibet...how did you get the permits etc...all info would be greatly appreciated. Not been travelling for a while...like 5 years so about rusty....cheers felicity
1st September 2006

I love your photos, It's brill following your journey, we can see the whole world from out computer?!! ( whens the next flight out? :) )
From Blog: Farewell China!
25th July 2006

I'm so jealous
25th July 2006

Base camp
Well done you, I was uber amazed to see an everest trip.. Keep on treking and sending fab photos back. I think I'd rather swap places.. it's too hot here :)
24th July 2006

Your photos are incredible!
Hi Wendy Sorry its taken so long to get back to you but thanks so much for sendingme through your travel blogs - I love getting them and they brighten up my day at my desk every time. Hope all is well with you and look forward to the next blog!
24th July 2006

Wendy - I have been reading your journals each time they come through. I am soooo insanely jealous. You are an awesome photographer and I love to read about your adventures. Serah and I reckon we wanna jump on the next flight over!!!!! Keep safe. Keep having fun. And keep the journals coming. Love M
19th July 2006

they're so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23rd March 2006

Good morning
hi Wendy really enjoyed reading your latest instalment - really brightened up an otherwise dull and rainy Friday. Hope weather is better down south! See you Monday for final farewell drinkies Ail x
7th September 2005

gorgeous photos
Hi wendy - I am waiting for your next installment .... hurry up girl, stop having so much fun and do some typing :) Love - col
18th July 2005

You Jammy Dodger
Love your blog Wendy - think of us poor saps at GSK form time to time wont you? (though I have to tell you that we'r having a heatwave here - almost due for hosepipe bans any day now! Love Katie x

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