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4th October 2009

Brave ladies!
Whew! What a trek! I admire your guts and especially Shirley's going all that trekking with bad knees. Been there and done that not once but 3 times and it sure isn't easy. Yout pictures are amazing- very interesting angles and views. Thanks.Carolyn
1st October 2009

Beautiful work
Its been a joy going back over your epic journey and your photography is just breath taking, just like the Cusco air!
1st October 2009

Almost there...
Hey Tara, really glad to hear you're enjoying my blogs... I'm just rather bad at keeping up to date with them!!! The next one will be Machu Picchu, promise!
1st October 2009

Where are you?
I've been following your fantastic blogs, and I'd like to read about your Machu Picchu trip. However, here it is almost October and no word. Are you OK?
23rd September 2009

Love the sunsets!
You take some great photos of the sunsets. Love the colours. Happy travels, Dawn
15th September 2009

Bringing back memories!
Hi Wendy - this entry is bringing back so many memories for me - the Colca canyon hike up nearly broke me too, far harder than the Inca trek. It looks like we stayed at the same home-stay on the first night. Love it.
15th September 2009

Colca Canyon
Hey, did the colca canyon a few months ago. The last day is possibly the hardest climb I've ever done. Cool blog.
2nd September 2009

Great descriptive writing
Hi Wendy, I run Rosco's Rocky Road Adventure Rides on motorcycles, out of NZ, through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. I also have a blog, www.mytb.org/rosco-p we have many of the same photos, only mine some times also feature a motocycle or two. I love your descriptive writing and attention to detail. I do my blog on the run, so do appreciate your blog. I just love this area of Boliviaun abrazo, Rosco
2nd September 2009

Love, love, LOVE your blog
Hi there. I don't know you at all but you sure seem like an interesting woman! I'm an avid South American traveller and came across your blog quite by accident. I now find myself completely hooked on your adventuress and your awesome writing. I got a good laugh out of the references to organization, South American style...after three trips to the continent, I'd have to agree!
1st September 2009

Antarctica in June?
I'm heading to south America for a couple of years of traveling and find your blog and photos the BEST! I'm so surprised to see that you cruised Antarctica in June. All the books/sites say it's not possible. Were you really there then, or was there a long time-lapse between travel and blogging.
31st August 2009

Railway stations
Just to let other future visitors to Bundi know, there is a railway station there. Its just outside the town on the south side. I was taken there on the back of a motorbike by our haveli owner . Unfortunately, the Udaipur train goes to Kota, not Bundi.
31st August 2009

Thanks for this wonderful blog! You said all the things I thought the first time I went to Rwanda. I've only been to Kigali, but I will be there next week and plan to do the gorilla trek.
31st August 2009

good read
brings me back to my own weeks in Karnataka though Hambi was rarely touched by foreign visitors then having to stay in rock bottom accomodation by nesecity rather then by choise. Hans/ heraclio on this ide.
26th August 2009

Nice review!
Hey, been reading your blog-entries for a while now, and really like them, highly recommended! Greetings from (currently) Indonesia, Ben
24th August 2009

Hi Wendy, I was wondering if you could help me out. I have been having a difficult time trying to find the right company to travel with to Antarctica. I have been given price quotes of $6000 and I feel that it could be so much less. Would you reccomend the boat and company you went with? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Suzanne
18th August 2009

Antarctica advice
Hi Wendy, great photo's, myself and my new better half are looking to go on a similiar cruise for our honeymoon, can you please let us know which company you went with and any information you think would be useful. Happy travels and all the best Steve and Suzanne
17th August 2009

Great Story
I enjoyed your trip and your writing style. I am headed to SCL and points beyond in 2 weeks.
15th August 2009

Great blog and photos, as usual! :)
15th August 2009

your pictures are absolutely stunning. thanks for sharing. sooo beautiful
30th July 2009

Hello from Atacama
Hey! Love the blog. I'm on here, too. I currently live in the Atacama desert in Caldera. It's a ways from San Pedro (which is where I'm guessing you're going) but I've been there and it's amazing! Enjoy!
29th July 2009

Oh man, these pictures of Valparaiso really bring back some good memories of back in February when I was there. I really loved that city, the graffiti is just amazing. You could walk for days on that hill, down alleyways and never see the same artwork twice.
13th July 2009

Hi Wendy :) You don't know me and I found you by mistake! I am a fellow wander-luster and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I'm currently planning my next trip and found your blog when I was surfing. I have been to South America three times and will be coming back in September 2010....it's such an amazing place to travel. I'm going to follow your blog to see what's up for you. Happy trails!
1st July 2009

Patagonian skies
I love the skies! I'm going to the glaciers in January and can't wait! I'm enjoying your blogs. Happy travels, Dawn
14th June 2009

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