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13th June 2009

Awesome blog
Hi Wendy, I'm grateful and happy that you've been blogging about Antartica. It is on my bucket list. Are there any outfitters that you recommend? I'm considering Gap Adventures. Keep up the travelling - I'm green with envy! Cheers Sue
10th June 2009

Nice Blog
Very nice blog :-) Can I ask the name of the boat you used, how much it cost you and if you arranged it on the spot, or pre-arranged the trip... Cheers for your help. Daz :-)
9th June 2009

Hi wendy, fantastic trip. Your words and photos have inspired me to take this trip early next year...thanks! http://www.mikojo.com
8th June 2009

Hi Wendy
I was in Neko early 2008....remind me of one of the more amazing trip ever done! Great souvenirs...it's like if it was yesterday when I see your pics...
7th June 2009

Great photos
Hi Wendy, loved your words and photos. We are heading down there in December 09 after our Rosco's Rocky Road Expedition on motorcycles to the Patagonia. Looking forward to your next up date. I have a friend that lives in Punta Arenas. Cheers, Rosco
30th May 2009

I found your entry on Buenos Aires very interesting...I am a foreign exchange student with AFS located in La Plata one hour outside of Buenos Aires. I am glad you had the time to see so many of the sites in this extrodinary city. Especially the Cathedrals which are among the best in the world I think. Pensé que tu commentario sobre Buenos Aires era muy interesante. Soy un estudiante intercambio Estados Unidense viviendo en La Plata, un ciudad que es un hora para llegar desde Buenos Aires. Estoy feliz que tenías tiempo para veer tan mucho de los lugares. Sobretodo los catedrals cual son entre los mejores en del mundo pienso.
30th May 2009

Great blog, thanks
I lived in La Boca for 5 months back in 2005 and your writing and photos brought back fond memories. Have prices really gone up that much though? When I was there, everything was like three or four times cheaper than in Europe, food, drink, transport and accommodation included
20th April 2009

Thank you!
I've so enjoyed sharing your Indian adventures. My own (more limited) experiences were in Southern India, which I loved, but your tales brought back memories. The only snag with your last 2 blogs was that the photos didn't display. It happened in my last but one blog too, but they then appeared, which yours haven't. A shame, but I'll check again later to see if they've turned up. Good luck with the next stage of your adventure
4th April 2009

thnx of describing my Ondia so worthly......... so are such a good photographer................. .............each photo tells a history.................
From Blog: Udaipur
4th April 2009

Pictures taken by you are awesome. Seems that you guys are professional photographers. I live in rajasthan but never seen these places so wonderfully captured on camera before.
From Blog: Udaipur
24th March 2009

nice place,
i excited to going a beautiful place....i like it... your sincerly" fadli
20th March 2009

Agra to Jaipur train - same experience as you!
We had exactly the same problem as you with that train...no-one told us though that it is always late so we sat on the station platform for 6 hours waiting for the train to arrive in the freezing cold, watching the times move by an hour every half hour! At least you got out on the bus...maybe we should hae done that too! Enjoy the rest of India.
8th March 2009

Great blog!
I had a month in South India last year, and just happened upon your blog recently when I was completing one of my own. Love reading about what you're doing seeing and experiencing - brings back lots of memories
7th March 2009

Agra and around
I loved the photos from the Taj and Fatephur Sikri, they brought back fond memories of one of my best holidays ever. Enjoy Jaipur's Hawa Mahal and the other sights! PS We had 10cm of snow last night here in Germany
26th February 2009

An awsome place.. very lovely place most of all the Taj Mahal, really hoping that someday ill come to visit that place, with my love one :) thanks for this blogs.. it made remind the people that there still such wonderful place existing.
From Blog: Delhi
25th February 2009

What self restraint!
I really like your blog. Good on you for being able to talk about the other great things in Madhya Pradesh, as opposed to me who giggled like a schoolboy in my blog about Khajuraho. Isn't Orchha great? I couldn't believe it wasn't more famous on the backpacker trail.
16th February 2009

Do you think there is a connection between your upset stomachs and the Maccie D's veggie burgers? te he he... what present did your persistant boyf give you?
14th February 2009

Good story, Good Photos
Hope you are feeling better now. Sad to think you were "chased out of town" by a marriage proposal. Well, maybe next time you can play up an imaginary fiancee who works as intelligence officer in the military, or some guy who earns a living giving sharpshooting lessons. Not sure if that will work , but let's see if that drives them away.
10th February 2009

Fab pictures! I've been to see the border change - it is quite amusing and a bit weird to be segragated!
10th February 2009

Your blog makes for fascinating reading. I really enjoyed it. I visited Amritsar 4 years ago but have never made it to Varanasi. Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)
4th February 2009

ooo, lucky thing, you got to see Shoebill storks in the wild AND lots of white rhino! Brilliant. Your bustrip to nairobi sounds like the stop and searches we had going from Peru to Ecuador so you might get it again!
24th January 2009

Up, close and personal
Hi Wendy Your trip to the mountain gorillas sounds like an awsome experience. Great photos as well Enjoy Uganda
21st December 2008

Nice Spots, Wendy!
Wow! I can't believe the luck you had in the leopard watching!! Remarkable! Glad you got a chance to do that :-) Paul Madsen
16th October 2008

Victoria Falls
Always wanted to go there, at least I have now seen in in 2D. Looks awesome :)
7th September 2008

hi wendy pleased your having a great time thanks for sending me the blog ps you get a good view of whales mating in the moon on the square basildon :(

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