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8th October 2019
Players warming up before the game

College Football
You've been getting around to some great stadiums.
8th October 2019
Players warming up before the game

College Football
You've been getting around to some great stadiums.
3rd October 2019

Home Teams
Sounds like these teams should pay you to attend!
19th September 2019
Now let's all sing "Country Roads"

Nice shot
Love college ball.
1st September 2019
Dusk at Spartan Stadium

Nice view
The joys of college football.
16th March 2019
Art Deco in South Beach

South Beach
Amazing architecture.
15th March 2019

Architecture and more
Looks like you are having a great time. Strange having the St. Patrick's celebration a week early.
15th March 2019

Faithful readers
I think you would have enjoyed it more if you went to a game that you cared a bit about the team. Glad you gave it a try.
15th March 2019

Florida in spring
Glad you are checking out all the Florida sporting opportunities.
From Blog: Heading South
30th December 2017

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30th July 2016
Parliament building in Ottawa

Nice architecture
From Blog: A Capital Affair
28th July 2016
View of Frontenac and the upper city from the lower areas of Quebec City

Quaint Canada
One of our favorite cities.
24th July 2016
I loved the trees atop the "islands"

New Brunswick
23rd July 2016
Please take this away, McDonald's. You're better than this.

No, no
So many lobster rolls so little time. There are things McDonald's should not considered....and this is one of them.
21st July 2016
Trolley bus in Hershey, PA

Hershey PA
We've always wanted to go to Hershey but haven't made it yet. Nice info
19th July 2016
Monticello from the West Lawn

Full of history. Wish the walls could talk.
18th November 2015
Polk introduced postage stamps in America

Bowling Green
Lots of history
18th November 2015
each "chair" represents a victim of the OKC bombing

Oklahoma City
Dave is working in OKC. Too bad we didn't know you were heading that way you could have met.
18th November 2015
I almost got under the big flag in the student section

Nice photo
Looks like lots of fun.
18th November 2015

Mobile devices
I had to chuckle that you were worried about your Texas shirt and yet everyone was probably too involed in electronic devices to notice...except one who didn't seem to care. Entertaining.
25th October 2015
Tallying up the college swag I accumulated on the trip

Two Weeks
Dave would love to take this trip. You've planted the seed.
From Blog: The Home Stretch
25th October 2015

We grew up in Ohio. Dave is an Ohio State graduate. Bowling Green is a nice stadium. Enjoying your trip. Great stuff.
21st October 2015

Your postings are inspiring! Travel to Pure Michigan #theperfectspotpuremichigan
WILLIAM! i love reading your posts, they are very inspiring and reminds me why traveling is such a good thing to do. The world is meant to be seen so go out and see it :) Thanks for sharing all of this information. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is also try new foods as well. The world has so many different types of food and we should go out of our comfort zone and try new things! Michigan has many great food places that i really enjoy! You should definitely take a trip sometime. Thanks for the info :) Kelly Whiteside http://bit.ly/1OjWidS
21st October 2015
Prairie Tallgrass in Iowa


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