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10th May 2015

You'll be pleased to know that in English, jaffa is also called...
...jaffa/ jaffas. : )
4th May 2015

It was the best of times...it was the worst of times...
Hello there world traveller in Romania! I am sooo glad today is a holiday here and a day of rest because Lord knows I need it! Although you might need it even more all the places you're going to! I continue to love reading your blog..the mundane and the museums! I can't believe I'll be seeing you in a couple weeks...it seems so Surreal! I know the Adidas messenger bad you speak ofand have seen it at westfield recently so I am gonna try and go soon to check they still have it and pick it up. This past weekend we had colour conference which is the women's conference our church put on every year and what Joyce Meyer, beth Moore, dawnchere wilkerson and many more speaking into our lives. So that was from Thurs evening to sat..and they were at church Sunday so I was there all day! I went to 4 of the 5 services...being all spiritual and whatnot..hahahah. Anyway..now I'm in bed!! Meanwhile...you're navigating the mean...oknot so mean streets of Romania!! Hahah! I have a friend in craiova and I hope to visit her one of these days. I've met quite a few Romania in London and they all say...Nooo..go to the mountains..hahahah! I'm glad you're time is fruitful there...and that you're discovering even more who you are....I love what you said...sometimes you can't always be where others to...or where others want you to be...that really struck a chord..especially in my time in London...missing weddings..births..and deaths....and at times that Sucks....but that's life. I love that you're out living your life...not watchin it pass in wishes and dreams......I so can't wait to see yoU! Please....keep stretching.....and watch those feeeeet!! Sending my love and prayers!
4th May 2015

Less than 2 weeks!
Girl, I can understand that worn-out feeling, though for different reasons, as you mention. And we'll be in Pisa in less than 12 days now! You take care of yourself, too, and I'm going to focus on the here and now, not on what I may or may not be missing elsewhere - that's all I can do.
2nd May 2015

Watch the first episode of Louie on Netflix when you get the chance
Part of the episode deals with your very last paragraph, in phrasing that is sometimes very similar. You'll appreciate it. Despite your limited screen time, you've also inspired me to go back and watch some South Park.
2nd May 2015

glad I could inspire you! And I'll check out Louie too
30th April 2015

Tower of Babies!
Hey, Good blog. We live in an AirBnb apartment about three blocks from Zizkov television tower right now. From the kitchen window we can see the tower when it is lit at night. I hope we don't have nightmares forever after our month here...Enjoy your stay!
23rd April 2015

I'm so happy I can comment now!! I just had to change the view to side view for that button to show..I know..desk view never worked....only half way through your trip and I figured out how to share my thoughts with you! Yes! Hahahaha! Anyway...I love your blogs! Makes me feel like I'm there! Right...on to the next one!
23rd April 2015

That good?!
Really?! That good? The hot chocolate is thaaat good?! Now I wish I could try it!! Don't you remember how we had to get some more to go..it was that good! I've figured out that little orange button under here that is hidden on my phone (seriously..all I see is the top of the orange and no words bit I'm hoping it says 'publish' or something similar under here....stupid phone)
23rd April 2015

You did it! Comment successfully submitted! And yes, it really was pretty amazing. If I could've afforded it, I would've gone back for a cup to go, too.
19th April 2015

Looking forward to having you around for a bit!
I got some Vanilla Coke for you and am doing a bit of straightening up tonight and tomorrow. If I've got the time, I may try to make some sweet tea. Let me know when and where you will be arriving!
16th April 2015
Just loved the name of this street

You mean a "picsa." "Cs" = /t͡ʃ/ : )
16th April 2015
Just loved the name of this street

Lots of cities have a street named after Kiss Józsi
He was a World War I flying ace. A kiss is a "puszi" (and the Hungarian "sz" is the IPA /s/ sound!).
16th April 2015
Just loved the name of this street

oh, the kalte Muschi...
I'll be on the lookout for those streets now in the remnants of the Austro-Hungarian Empire!
14th April 2015

Gyékényes is awful!
I love the rainbow Budapest sign! It honestly doesn't get much worse than those awful two-car trains. I considered writing you a warning about the train station in Gyékenyés but it sounded like you were just going to float through! Sorry. : ( Gyékényes is probably the worst train station I have ever been to anywhere in the world. I got stuck there for two hours in sub-zero temperatures once and they wouldn't turn on the heat in the waiting room. The bufé was closed and there weren't vending machines anywhere. The whole train station smelled like gasoline, too. They were supposed to do away with those passport controls a while ago, but apparently they haven't. They were much more hardcore there than at the old border crossing with the Czech Republic. Keep me updated with the route you're going to take to get to Jeeenor. Katie will also be coming on the 22nd and 23rd.
15th April 2015

'Tis what it is
Glad to hear that Mrs. Cunningham will be joining us!
1st April 2015

Andorra looks beautiful! Sad but true: until two or three years ago, there were no public laundromats (laundromat: "mosómata") in Bp.
5th April 2015

Laundry in Ljubljana
I think I've found a place to do cheap laundry in Slovenia when I get there on Thursday or Friday! If so, I think I can hold out until I get to your place!
22nd March 2015

On the road
Sounds like you have a great adventure ahead. Looking forward to reading about it.
22nd March 2015

I'm 11 days in, 67 more to go. If it keeps going like it has, this will be epic!
19th March 2015

Can you do some walking?
It looks like a good place to do the good old English pastime of walking! Also, if you get an extra Manx coin, could you please save it for me? My best friend's dad loves bragging to his coin club when he gets international coins and no one there has brought in coins from the Isle of Man yet. I would also be happy to trade you for a coin from my international stash. Otherwise, if you really like it there, Francis Boutle has a "Lesser Known Languages of Europe" series and the second volume is on Manx literature. The Channel Islands volume is really good, so it might be worth it to look for the Manx one.
19th March 2015

Extra coin, no problem
The bank lady actually gave me an extra penny, so I can definitely bring that. I'll keep an eye out for that book, since I'm always interested in language-type things, of course. And walking, well, I've done quite a bit of that today and plan on doing quite a bit over the next couple of days, too.
18th March 2015

St Albans' Waffle House and Billy Elliot
Two of my favourite things :-)
17th March 2015

We wish we were there . . .
Your travelogue is fascinating . . . I want to go to Lews! Now about that foot. Doug says it may be plantar fascitis so google your pain amd see. He now has very supportive tennis shoes that really work. The shoe store put him in those. Good luck with this!

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