Will Abney's Guestbook

14th March 2015

A good night's sleep!???
Sorry about that dead battery but we were very envious of that good night's sleep on the way over. We've never had one of those. How'd you manage?
13th March 2015

a good start!
enjoyed your first report...looking forward to updates as you enjoy your "holiday".... Best wishes for good weather, safe travel, and new experiences!
10th March 2015

Will, you are amazing!I have never known a more industrious, productive, gregarious, and at the same time happy, positive, and warm person! We have benefitted from knowing you....and now look forward to your interesting and insightful commentary on your journeys. Best wishes...and Godspeed.
3rd March 2015

The only other thing I can think of that I might want to do there is visit the Hygiene Museum. : ) Besides, it is much more fun to think about Dresden than student papers! You also might want to see what Air Malta can do. Air Malta frequently codeshares with British Airways. (Also, the Maltese beer on board is tasty, but skip the Kinnie!)

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