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10th July 2014

I have enjoyed reading all your blogs...
and your pictures are fantastic...they give me a better sense of the journey. I can't believe that you didn't have any issues with your feet as every other blog written by pilgrims has mentioned the blisters. I would love to walk the Camino in the near future, but am afraid I won't be able to do it physically...I'm 64 and broke my ankle last year...doesn't hurt now but not sure if walking 800 km would affect it. I would love to hear about your cruise...so please blog even though it's been a couple of years.
4th July 2014

Angie and I love your blog.
thank you for all those neat photo's
19th September 2012

Well done, I have enoyed reading of your journey with your work mate. It is something that I will never able to do. Allen is working in Eygpt working with the Army as an Observer. He has two weeks leave and met his fiancee in Italy. They "did" Rome and Pompeii and then went to Venice were they were married on September 7th. Keep up the good work . Love Mary xx
16th August 2012

Cold n foggy
Wow Dianne that looks just like the weather we have had up in the hills today. Beautiful scenery though.x
12th August 2012

I can see why you want to go back, such beautiful country side, great photographs.
27th July 2012

Simple pleasures eh.... a bush to wee behind and a dry tissue for nose blowing ( AND the shower at the end of the day's walk- I think I'm going to miss that in bushwalking) .... and I agree that music really helped towards the end of the longer tougher days .... and geez just to SIT DOWN for a little while, stop, eat, drink - then head off again.... mind you there was that little matter of actually getting up from sitting down - that was SO hard sometimes :-) no dignity in having to get on all fours to get up ! I used to be SO much more springy ! lol
1st July 2012

di next time i ask u for tea i will make u a bread roll sorry stick for tea
29th June 2012

Yikes !
I'm loving reading your blog because it triggers my memories too.... but Diane...... THAT picture of me...... you COULD have reassured people I wasn't doing an outdoor crap - 'Cos that's what it looks like !!!!! Sheeesh ..... lol
29th June 2012

Am sure it was just a wee..... any way have left up to people to work out what you are up to ...could be you are looking at flowers ....lol
29th June 2012
Jacqui keeping warm in the one robe in the room

Hi guys ....Wehad an amazing holiday. I hope you are enjoying reading about it...I am enjoying writing my blogs...Hope all is well
13th June 2012

Loving the extra pics..... course I think all the REALLY good ones might be mine :-D
10th June 2012

I am LOVING reading your blog.....it's great because it refreshes MY memories too and you have really good detail written there ....not that I ever forget anything :-/ lol Nice job with the pics also, must have taken you a while if you load them one by one !
29th April 2012

Pilgrim Walk
Thanks for the news of your very exciting walk. Allen is currently serving with the UN Peacekeeping Force in Egypt. His emails seem to correspond with yours. We are seeing two different angles of the world each week. Keep up the good work but above all, keep safe, well and happy. Love Mary xox
26th April 2012

Who are you sleeping with????
Mum you are classic! who have you been sleeping with all this time??? ;) Good to see more updates, keep them coming. Love you Dwayne
16th April 2012

keep walking
nice to hear from you hope everything going as planned.The trip looks good .Good luck and many adventures in the future.
2nd April 2012

hi girls.
I'm excited and i hope you stay safe x x x x x
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