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Diane Pawlak

Why Walk.....Why not.....I love walking....I love being outside....what a way to see things......When asked by a work friend if I would like to walk the Camino De Sandiago "its 800k" my first thought was.... YES.... then common sense set in, because I had had about 12months of and on from work with a bad back....would I be able to walk 800k...would I be able to carry a backpack....then the blogs came flooding though via the internet from my friend and all of a sudden the bad back and carrying a pack just didnt seem a obstacle....I WAS HOOKED....Yes the Walking Women ( Jacqui's TravelBlog name) is still my work friend but has become my black curly hair sister in walking. What an adventure we are going to have. I cant guarantee a hugh amount happening on my travel blog while we travel as internet access may be limited....all will be found out as we walk.
Anyone interested would love to have you on board to follow us

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide September 18th 2012

It is now four months since I have left the Camino..... I have been on a 12 day Greek Island cruise .........have got a new granddaughter.........and returned back to work.... When I finished the Camino we still had the cruise to go on which was pretty exciting and was very much looking forward to it What a contrast....36 days of walking with a 10kg back pack on walking on average 20k's a day ... sleeping with a mixed group of people in a different bed every night in a hot stuffy room most nights....eating bread and cheese and yoghurt on park benches.....walking in rain... wind ...climbing every day .......... To the luxury of a cruise...beds made every day (by a male) towels hung up in the bathroom.....A hugh variety of food laid out for us to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London September 18th 2012

The next morning we packed up went and had breakfast …..the square was very quiet ...no one around....we had toast and coffee and made our way back to the hotel room and picked up our luggage....we were lucky there was a taxi bay very close to where we were staying We got a taxi to the bus terminal.....bus to Acorunda.....bus from Acorunda to airport.. now waiting in the airport to fly to Stansted airport in England.....finished writing postcards to the kids.....flew to Stansted airport …..Jacqui changed all our Euro money to pounds bought a ticket for the bus to London..... Only had to wait 10 min for the bus ...over a hour's drive to London....then the tube to Angel station...walked to Dwayne and Jules from Angel Station....Finally we are here....we have been travelling for about 11 ... read more
Plane to Stanstead Airport.... England
Good bye Spain
Hello England

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 8th 2012

Slept in a bit later...I had a headache all night.....combination of wine beer and lack of water... After showering we went and got some breakfast...wondered around the shops... kept getting drawn back to the square We went to the midday church service mainly to see the Botafumeiro swing.....We saw Tony and Clare which was great....I didn't think we would see them again.....we sat together for the service then Craig from Sydney walked in.....he still had his pack on so guessing he had just made it....He came and sat for awhile then gave his seat up for a old lady....that was the last we saw of him We sat through a hour long service in Spanish and they didn't swing the Botafumeiro......went and spent more time wondering we were a bit lost really.....Jacqui wandered back into the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 8th 2012

Started to walk at about 7am with James and Ange...we only have 20kms to walk....but its our last 20k's....Everything I was doing ...packing my sleeping bag up....putting my knee and ankle brace on...tying up my boots ….packing the backpack...going through the routine I was so aware that it will be the last time....we were both quiet..... We stopped once for breakfast with the multitude of people that are on the track...there is no avoiding them today... It was another warm day, perfect for walking...we had the gum trees again.....since Sarria there has been a ten km mark on the arrows letting us know how much further...its 100km from Sarria to Santiago I got about 5km out of Santiago and all of a sudden it hit me.....when we arrive in this big city ...the ones we don’t ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia September 7th 2012

On the road by 8am after breakfast ...we ate in a restaurant...had a coffee and a croissant....then bought some bread for lunch......the delivery truck came and put some trays of pastries on the counter....I happen to knock one of the pastries on to the floor ….no one saw me....2sec rule counts ..I put it back.... The weather was beautiful possibly the best day yet...for the first time I have started walking without my jacket or raincoat...they are packed in my backpack.....Met the Irish and Texan's and walked off and on with them for the day. Spent most of the day walking through the gum trees again...the last 60km into Santiago there are a lot....they have planted gum and pine forests and there are gum trees haveset seed and are growing everywhere through their natural trees as ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia September 6th 2012

Up and had breakfast and on the road by 8.30...It was a beautiful day the sun was shining....Still seem to be avoiding the big crowds altho every now and again the bars are busy and the roads get crowded but we just walk a bit faster and get ahead....We are quite amused by them trying to avoid the water and mud in their new shoes...they all have small packs and looking very clean and tidy....so they are pretty easy to spot.... We have walked through gum trees most of the day I feel like I am home except for the running water everywhere... We stopped and took of our shoes and soxs and put our feet in a little river on the side of the road.....something I have been wanting to do for a long time.....it ... read more
couple of days to go....looking good...not....

Europe » Spain » Galicia August 31st 2012

Had a pretty good nights sleep....was on the road by 8am......It was drizzly rain just enough to have to wear our raincoats.....stopped about a km down the track for breakfast.....Jacqui ordered something and we ended up getting soggy hot chips and a coffee...couldn't believe it..... we have been eating soggy chips for the last month......Lindsey and Jonathan came in for a coffee and we had a conversation about the wantabe's.....they were feeling the same...its reassuring we aren't alone with our feelings.....walking the extra eight km yesterday has certainly helped us avoid them......not such a crowded road ….. We will walk a extra 3km today to keep in front.....gum trees to day...my favourite trees....I picked a little twig and put in my belt for the day...apparently as we get closer we will be going through a lot ... read more
Jacqui picking flowers

Europe » Spain » Galicia August 30th 2012

We were up by six...had to get our clothes of the line and pack up...we wanted to get on the road before all the extras were up....We had croissants and coffee for breakfast and started walking...we spent the first 2 hrs. walking at a very fast pace and not in a very good frame of mine....we were experiencing for the first time a lot of people on the walk....It was new and it was awful..... We met up with the aussie sisters Carol and Magaret who we had met back along the way and another couple and the first thing they all said...”I know we aren't suppose to be resentful but”....Its good to see that we aren't the only ones feeling like this....We have uninvited guests on our walk.... We walked an extra 8km today knowing ... read more
natural wood carving

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Sarria August 30th 2012

We got up the next morning our clothes were dry that we had hung over the heater...I went and put my soxs and boots on and they were full of ants.....I think they had come up through the floor boards to the heat and thought my boots were a good place to sleep or build a nest....It is the overflow room after all....one good thing someone else had to put up with the snoring man we didn't hear him. We went down to the same pub and had breakfast and set of the two Thomas's were going the short way and we decided to take the longer but not so hilly way.....the book lied ….it was hilly.....it was up and down all day.....a very long day.....still took heaps of photo's and there wasn't much rain...nice change ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia August 28th 2012

We went down stairs and had breakfast then organised to have our pack packs on again.....Jacqui will have had three days with out it and she is feeling a lot better so and I have been two days without it …....me I am just being lazy......We have got so use to the packs now that we aren't even aware of the extra 10kg...they are a part of us....We are now committed to a 30k day..... The day was cold but the sun was shining.......we have a bit of climbing...we weren’t far out of town when we met up with a 35yr old German guy Marcus....he has just broken up with his girl friend and making his way in life...he is going to Vietnam after the walk and then may be to Australia....we stopped and had a ... read more

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