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11th September 2015

Divide & Conquer
May your paths continue to lead you to life's stories Sean. You strike me as a couple that step forward with optimism and confidence in all you do. When we first started discovering the many faces of China we jokingly did it as "David Hoo Tours...Your Travel Experts with Minimum Experience and Maximum Optimism." That mantra took us to amazing adventures across the world. Now we can't claim Minimum Experience but we can claim "We can do anything we set our minds to" and we now live by that. Enjoy your future Sean & Erin...and make sure it is a blast!
22nd September 2015

Hi Dave... so good to hear from you and I apologize for the delay in responding... it has been a busy month! We are definitely keeping busy, having fun and enjoying the experiences. We too prefer a minimalistic way of life and ultimately know that none of the successes mean a thing without our health and happiness, things we definitely do not take for granted! We will continue to post as we get back on track here and will of course keep in touch and continue to read of your journeys as well! Cheers! -Sean
15th July 2015

Ghosts, Jealousy & other Bugs
Another delightful blog from the Enlightened Ones. I've traveled through China several times since 2002 and seen China's frantic building spree in action...from a whole city block demolished and all debris removed in 5 days in a Beijing blizzard to an Expressway in Yunnan that was here when we drove past in the morning that had lengthened to there by afternoon. The empty city phenomenon is fascinating yet it seems to work. Its the old adage of if you build it they will come. Time will tell if the debt can be sustained. And regarding eating peanuts in bed...I'm with Sean. He's happy you see it as jealousy...but he and I know what it really is!!!
13th July 2015

I'm jealous too
Wonderful post Erin - you had me laughing out loud. I must admit that I am with Sean regarding the toe socks. If you would be able to bring 3 pairs back (one for me and one each for Rae and Haley) my jealousy could be contained and I could let go of any other issues ;) I would like a flame thrower (for Michael's part of the house - I hope he can't see this if he reads your post) but will have to just dream about that particular item. Can't wait to see you and Sean soon in person. Safe travels.
14th July 2015

I will look for my sock guy today...
Hi Cheri! You wouldn't believe the number of requests for toe socks I have gotten since posting...I will have to check to see if my toe sock guy is still in town...its the end of the school year and this place is like a ghost town..but if I can find him, I will bring some back:) Looking forward to seeing you and the family soon!!!
6th July 2015

Thanks for letting me know. I have not accessed this section so now on my list for next time. Extra special when you can trek in from a village and access unrenovated sections too...especially when its just you up there!
2nd July 2015
Stretching into the distance

Looks like you accessed one of the more spectacular parts of the Great Wall. Am I correct if my guess is it be Simatai Great Wall?
3rd July 2015
Stretching into the distance

Hi Dave, This is actually the Jiànkòu section of the wall in the Huairou district. It was exceptionally beautiful and rugged... well worth the trek away from the crowds!
20th June 2015

Ode to wandering spirits
I get it. Thank you.
6th June 2015

Cheers to the next adventures
A unique video...for a story unique...may the future be that of your dreams...and your dreams come true!
From Blog: Long Road Home
5th June 2015

Fast road home
The video might be called Long Road Home but it sure feels like it went by pretty fast! (Great song choice, by the way) It has been quite an adventure from start to finish and I am so happy that you have each other to share it with. I love the video idea and seeing all the pictures. Enjoy the last part of this journey and looking forward to seeing you when you get back.
From Blog: Long Road Home
4th June 2015

An extraordinary city that expresses the many faces of China and ancient Chinese culture. Surrounded by hills that aren't hills but are tombs. I've been there several times and each experience was so so different...even the entrance to the terracotta warriors had dramatically changed from my first to my second visit! The food tastes fantastic I agree...but when you can also taste the pollution...definitely a serious issue.
4th June 2015

Indeed the changes are many! Erin was there many years ago and said the same thing about visiting the Terracotta Soldiers... when she first went, it was still a dirt path that led to the site... no stores, no huge fancy granite entrances, no capitalism. How things change! And yes, we also ate the pollution, though in China it is hard to escape! I hope if/when we visit China in years to come, rather than seeing these issues escalate, we will see gradual improvements... too optimistic? Time will tell!
30th May 2015
Gate to X'ian

Gate to wonders and infinite possibilities!
In your short stay, you encountered wonders that are not around most of our corners--the eastern terminus of the Silk Road, the famed terracotta warriors (I saw a dozen in Barcelona, but your "as far as the eye could see" was something else), the blend of Chinese and Muslim cultures, giant taffy pounders, beer in the Muslim quarter and barbeque for a hungry Canadian, thousand-year old towers and an intact city wall. How fabulous that you're exploring these wonders and sharing them with us!
31st May 2015
Gate to X'ian

Hi Tara, Yes, it is pretty incredible to see so many things knowing how history has changed and changes... one never knows when the things that we are experiencing now will be gone or vastly different. Our global community is evolving so fast that the "here today, gone tomorrow" cliche is often - and sometimes unfortunately - too true.
31st May 2015
Gate to X'ian

Hi Tara, Yes, it is pretty incredible to see so many things knowing how history has changed and changes... one never knows when the things that we are experiencing now will be gone or vastly different. Our global community is evolving so fast that the "here today, gone tomorrow" cliche is often - and sometimes unfortunately - too true.
29th May 2015

Still smiling
After two totally frustrating days of trying to upload the simplest file only to be told it wasn't clear enough making it unacceptable, along comes your latest blog adventure. It couldn't have come at a better time. I was once again taken along with you and Erin on your adventure, appreciating all of the sites and smells along the way but couldn't stop laughing when you spoke about your passion with food, one of many wonderful virtues you have. You helped make me realize what I had been frustrated with is so insignificant in the larger scheme of things. Thanks for that. Still smiling with Love for you both! Mom
18th May 2015

"Don't cry for me for I have lived" Bubbie
I'm not sure if you realize how many people you touch with your words. Immediately after your blogs get posted, my phone starts ,"did you read their latest blog"? This one really hit home and I've gotta tell you, you made your mother cry! Daddy saw me upset and got so worried not knowing what happened. It didn't take long for him to go for a Kleenex too. Thanks for the little push to get back on track. We had a great dinner with friends & talked about our bucket list of places we want to explore. I know for sure, for us, it's not just talk- we will make it happen and keep it Real. Love you!
17th May 2015

Change continued
If you got my last e-mail, can you tell it wasn't finished? (lol) I hit the button too fast. I think I left off saying ....so we would never regret what we did not do. I am going to cut an paste this into a word document so it is front of me all the time. That will remind me to let the everyday routine go and focus on what we want to do. Thanks guys. You are just tooooo profound!!! xxoo
17th May 2015

Hi, your new post is so melancholy! We dropped Haley off at the airport yesterday to start her summer adventure in Vancouver where she will be interning at an animation studio until August. She went with one of her school roommates (she is interning in the same place) and your post summed up how I was feeling! Rae is living downtown with her boyfriend, Haley is in Vancouver and I know it won't be long until Michael is on his way. And of course since my car accident last week I have been feeling like life is fleeting and you have to make the most of it. Enjoy your time in China and all your endeavours. Enjoy being together and savour the moments.
12th May 2015

When to speak...when its better not to
I hear your dilemma Erin. But when you can do nought to change perceptions...and to do so may create more trouble than its worth...is it not better to say "Interesting" and pour another cup of tea? You are an alien in the Middle Kingdom after all!
12th May 2015

I believe that benevolent dictatorship were the norm for Asian political systems...
in China, before 220 BC, the Emperor was responsible to Sheng Di for how he governed and the outcome for his people. He was the steward.

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